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Neighbor Might Be Foreclosing?

We have all seen it, in fact, according to Dave Ramsey, 70-80% of our neighbors are living paycheck to paycheck. We look good, but are broke he says. Not pretty to hear....I know.
So, what to do? Dave Ramsey recommends tying up no more than 25% of your monthly income into your house note. Also, have an emergency fund. Sometimes it can be a pregnancy, a car loan, a tragedy in the family, at some point in an 8-10 year time span, most of us will experience an emergency. As a Realtor I have helped a lot of clients, and also taught classes to other Real Estate Agent's on the topic of Pre Foreclosure, or "short sales" as we call it in our Profession.
They are definitely a ministry on my part. Many times we are successful if contacted early enough in the process at saving people from foreclosure, and helping them get out fairly unscathed. It is an emotional&low point in one's life when they are going through this, and thus, logical decisions are difficult at best. We seek to ease that difficulty by selling the property BEFORE they even get to the point with the bank where they are calling the loan due, sending notices of foreclosure. Even if there is no money in the bank, and you don't stand to earn a dollar from the sell of your house, it can save you from future credit issues down the line. In three years when your back on your feet, or your friend is back on their feet and wants to buy again, there is that ugly foreclosure rearing its head again for another 4 years or more, depending on how long the bank continues to update the foreclosure information.

That is where we can come in and help. We can come in and help sell the home and even negotiate for help sometimes with the move out expenses (boxes, a U-haul). Our services are completely confidential similar to an attorney-client privilege. No embarrassment. No shame.

We seek to make selling your Castle Hills Home a painless and smooth process! Do you know someone who might need to make a move up or down? Let us come with solutions and provide relief today!

Nicole Arenas, Realtor
Cell: 214-991-9507
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