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By Crystal Clark | Agent in Atlanta, GA
  • Castleberry Hill Loft Pre-Auction OPEN HOUSE 11/14 - 11a-4p - Join Me!

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Atlanta, Foreclosure in Atlanta, In My Neighborhood in Atlanta  |  November 13, 2010 6:27 AM  |  2,163 views  |  No comments

    Join me for a "Pre-Auction" OPEN HOUSE for this authentic, industrial loft in the heart of Castleberry Hill ~ Minutes from 255 Tapas & Lounge, Slice, No Mas, art galleries and much more!

    Bidding begins at ONLY $29,000 for this 1 Bedroom Loft.  Click below for more details.

    For more information, Contact Crystal Clark directly at 404.992.1943 -OR- via email at Crystal@ATLRealEstateGuru.com. 

  • Kids Event at Lowes Atlanta Hotel

    Posted Under: General Area in Atlanta, Entertainment & Nightlife in Atlanta, In My Neighborhood in Atlanta  |  November 10, 2010 9:28 AM  |  2,255 views  |  No comments

    This sounds like it would be great to bring Lex to.  Unfortunately, as a "tween" it's becoming harder and harder to drag her along to events I think she'd enjoy.  This stage of individualism is KILLING me!  If you have children that will willingly let you cart them around town check it out!

  • Forget what you hear on the news...THIS is what's really happening in Atlanta real estate!

    Posted Under: Market Conditions in Atlanta, Home Buying in Atlanta, Home Selling in Atlanta  |  November 9, 2010 10:07 AM  |  2,150 views  |  No comments

    "How have Atlanta home sales been affected by the slower market I hear about on the news?"

    "What is the market like in my price range?"

    These are good questions and ones to which you should know the answers before buying or selling a home. The market can be affected quite differently in various parts of Metro Atlanta and in different price ranges. I constantly track the market in order to better advise my clients on how to achieve their real estate goals. I believe you deserve to know the whole story before making an all-important real estate decision.

    View the chart below to see what happened in the 3rd Quarter here in Metro Atlanta. 

    To find out how your neighborhood compares to the overall Atlanta market, CALL ME TODAY for more personalized information.  Feel free to call Crystal Clark at 404.992.1943 or send an email to HomeValues@ATLRealEstateGuru.com.  You can search metro area homes for sale at http://www.atlrealestateguru.com/.

  • USDA Loans Return in Metro Atlanta...

    Posted Under: General Area in Atlanta, Home Buying in Atlanta, Financing in Atlanta  |  November 4, 2010 11:37 AM  |  2,323 views  |  No comments
    Their back (an no, we're NOT talking about cuts of meat) and available in the Atlanta Metro Area.  Let me know if you'd like more information on this type of home loan and I can refer you to reputable lenders that have experience with USDA Loans!
    USDA Loans Return
  • Join Me @

    Posted Under: General Area in Atlanta, Entertainment & Nightlife in Atlanta, In My Neighborhood in Atlanta  |  October 21, 2010 7:53 AM  |  2,327 views  |  No comments

    This looks amazingly FUN!  My shih-poo (that's shih-tzu & poodle mix for those of you not up on your "designer" breed dogs) Leila is sure to steal the show!  I had to come back into this post to add that my daughter ABSOLUTELY HATES when I dress Leila up so she's sure not to be happy but oh well.  What is it worth having the cutest little doggie and not being able to dress her up? 

    I just spoke to a friend who is going to join me and bring her dog Sarah. Sarah is Lopsa-Opsa (or however you spell that) and quite a bit larger than Leila (only 5lbs). We've decided that we're going to bring them both in themed costumes.  This year's theme is going to be "The Pricess and the Frog".  Guess who's going to be the princess?  Yep!  Leila!!!  See ya there!!!

  • FREE Money to Buy A House in Atlanta - Opportunity Downpayment Assistance Program

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Atlanta, Financing in Atlanta, In My Neighborhood in Atlanta  |  October 14, 2010 1:56 PM  |  670 views  |  No comments

    There are SOOOOO many homes available for sale (in Atlanta) that the simple principle of supply & demand is really having its way with the real estate market.  Because the supply is so plentiful, it's keeping pricing fairly low (even in some of our more prestigious neighborhoods).  That's GREAT news if your a First Time Homebuyer or an investor for that matter!

    However, many people are scared to buy a home or think that they cannot afford the house itself, the downpayment or even closing costs.  I'm here to tell you that there are several programs locally that will give you FREE money to buy a home.  The "Opportunity Downpayment Assistance Program" (ODAP) is one such program.

    What is ODAP?

    The “Opportunity Downpayment Assistance Program (ODAP)” provides homebuyers with downpayment assistance of 10% of the sales price at 0% interest rate as a "soft" second mortgage. The first mortgage* has to be secured by a participating lender and must be Convntional, FHA, or VA, 30-year fixed rate loan.

    The property you purchase:

    • MUST be located in the city limits of Atlanta
    • Maximum purchase price limit can not exceed $252,890
    • Single family detached homes, townhomes, and condominiums are okay
    • MUST be owner occupied

    There are income limits to participate in the program:

    • 1-2 person household: $71,700
    • 3+ household: $82,455

    Want additional information on how you can get started on the path to homeownership?  Contact Crystal Clark at: 404.992.1943 -OR- via email at: Crystal@ATLRealEstateGuru.com for additional information. 

    *1st Mortgage interest rate can not exceed the maximum monthly rate posted on ADA’s website.

  • Inspiring: Whine NO More!

    Posted Under: Quality of Life in Atlanta, Market Conditions in Atlanta, Agent2Agent in Atlanta  |  October 7, 2010 7:47 AM  |  633 views  |  No comments

    Recently I received the following email and it was so inspiring to me, I thought I'd share it with the rest of the world!  Regardless of what you do as far as your profession is concerned this can be applicable.

    One thing that has become ever-so-clear to me is that winners never whine, and whiners never win.

    What if you made a new rule to “whine no more!”? What if you made that a rule from now on and actually stuck to it? That would mean that every time someone (including you) whines about anything, or blames anything or anyone, or comes up with an excuse for not “being able” to do/get/have what they want, you have to think of how you could use those excuses as leverage for success, rather than a reason for not succeeding. For the best in the business, the market doesn’t determine their success; it determines their strategy. And so it should be for me and for you.

    Many people feel justified by blaming their lack of success on the challenges created by the market or state of the economy. Remember, there’s “no bottom” and that people determine their own bottom. In other words, “Why don’t you decide that you’ve hit your bottom, rather than waiting for everyone else to hit theirs?” The fact of the matter is that you have the power to move in any direction you choose. You can go with the flow or you can swim upstream. Waiting, like most everyone else, for the market to determine the bottom will get you the results that most everyone else gets…and those results are average at best. However, you can declare that you’ve hit your bottom well before the market or the economy does, and you can get a head start on all of the people who are waiting for the weatherman to tell them what their forecast is. You can be rich in profit and poor in excuses or you can be rich in excuses and poor in profit. It’s your choice.

    How committed do you think you are? If being committed to succeeding was a crime, would there be enough evidence to convict you? It’s an interesting question. What’s interesting to me is how easy many people seem to think the road to success is supposed to be for them. “Well, sure I want to succeed, but I never thought it was going to be THIS hard!” The truth is that none of us know how hard it has to be. And while we want to hope for the best, preparing a strategy to avoid the worst better be more than just lip service. Mark Willis recently said, “I’ve never been in a business where I didn’t have to prove my level of commitment to succeed.”

    I've decided that I have hit my personal "bottom" and now there's no where to go but up.  I'm going to work harder and smarter to be the best real estate agent in Atlanta!  So, if you're thinking of buying or selling a house in Atlanta, work with Crystal Clark who is going to work hardest for YOU!

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