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By Cristine L Masson | Agent in 85331
  • What are you making room for ?

    Posted Under: Remodel & Renovate in Scottsdale, Design & Decor in Scottsdale  |  September 7, 2011 7:55 AM  |  421 views  |  No comments

    Clutter in any part of your life does not allow for 'new' things to come in......Need some motivation to clear the clutter? Begin thinking about what you want more of in your life. It has been my personal experience that if you want something (or someone) to come into your life, you have to make room for it/them. There's a universal law that says nature abhors a vacuum (if there is a gap, something will fill it). For example, if you want to have more clients, create physical space in your filing cabinet by removing folders of inactive clients (see how, below). If you want to attract a mate, start clearing space in your closet to accommodate their wardrobe. Aim to clear one-third of the space in your filing cabinet and/or closet and watch what shows up for you as nature takes its course.

    Decluttering the filing cabinet:
    By setting a timer at the onset of this or any 'decluttering' project you will find that the job can be accomplished faster and less painfully as you are giving yourself 'permission' to stop once the buzzer sounds or to reset and committ to another few minutes or hour depending on time and mood.
    1. Spend the first 15 minutes of your day pulling and discarding files that are no longer current or relevant.
    2. Start at the front of your filing cabinet and place a color file folder vertically as a marker to indicate where you left off each day.
    3. Keep the recycling bin nearby for the discarded paperwork, or if it is of a confidential nature, toss into boxes and have a shredding company pick them up when you are done / or have the children help by shredding as you go.
    4. File owners manuals/warranties/receipts etc by year purchased then recheck every other year to see if any of it can be purged (even owners manuals can be searched and saved in pdf format) woohoo!

    Remember that the internet has made so much paper rather pointless as most anything informational can be found virtually. Your recycle bin will be filled in no time (making the environment a better place) and you will find that 'new' space was made ..... don't forget to think about how you need to retrieve things can be much different than anyone else's style .....some are more visual so make sure you procure a label maker to help identify where things are and where they need to be returned to.... if you are not a visual person then simply filing things away without labeling may work for you. Either way try to 'rid' yourself of 33% (1/3) during the first sort and you may wish to revisit a few weeks later to see if there were things you could not 'part' with the first time that now seem easier to 'let go' ...

    Happy De-Cluttering and welcoming the new into your life!
  • PACKRATS a problem? If you live in AZ the answer is YES!....

    Posted Under: Remodel & Renovate in Scottsdale, Going Green in Scottsdale  |  June 8, 2011 8:07 AM  |  571 views  |  No comments
    http://mrpackrat.net/Packrats.htm has to be one of the most informative sites to explain how they think, where they can and will get into and how to prevent damage from these critters.  Although I love the wildlife here in AZ, nothing better than listening to the coyotes at night, I am not willing to risk my family's health (rat droppings) and replace wiring around the home. 
    Here is one of the categories they cover:

    Doing it Right – Step by Step

    1. Inspection

    Determine the buffer zone. Locate existing nests and potential nesting sites in the area. 


    Experience makes a difference. There is no cost or obligation for an inspection by Tucson’s expert - Mr. Pack Rat.


    2. Live Trap at the nest sites

    Nests should never be disturbed until the resident rat is caught and removed. A displaced pack rat must have shelter and may seek a car or your house for its new home. 


    Mr. Pack Rat is licensed by AZ Game & Fish to live trap pack rats and other nuisance animals – landscapers and typical exterminators are not.


    3. Treat the Nest

    Once the resident pack rat is removed, the parasites and other pests living in the nest may move outwards if the nest is not promptly treated. 


    Mr Pack Rat is also licensed and certified by the AZ Structural Pest Control Commission to apply pesticides. Mr. Pack Rat uses only natural materials to treat nests.


    4. Remove the Nest

    Within 24 hours of removing the resident rat the nest needs to be completely removed before another rat moves in. Proper thinning and trimming needs to be done in the immediate area to prevent new nesting. All debris should be removed. In some cases physical exclusion is needed to keep rats out. 


    Again, experience counts! Mr. Pack Rat knows how to do the job right so that the rats won’t be back!


    5. Prevention

    Pack rats need a sheltered area to feel secure enough to start a new nest. Deny them protection and they will move on. Refer to the Pack Rat Prevention Tips section for details. Homeowners in high risk areas may also want to consider Mr. Pack Rat’s “rat-proofing” to protect their home, garage, pool heater, spa and out buildings. 


    Mr. Pack Rat provides prevention recommendations with each free inspection and also offers Deter-Scape, a natural landscaping nuisance wildlife prevention service.

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