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By Craig Bailey | Home Seller in Las Vegas, NV

The Right Time to Plant a Vegetable Garden in Las Vegas Homes

When you plant your vegetable garden counts on various factors like your location and climate, your specific spring weather pattern, and the type of plants that you intend to grow.

If you examine vegetable seed packets, or directions on planting most vulnerable annuals, you will discover that it advises that you wait until the soil has warmed, and there is no danger of frost. Seeds and vegetables plants like warmth, moisture, and moderate temperatures. Plants started from seeds, such as green beans, peppers, squash and cucumbers, when planted in cold, damp soil, will not germinate, and sometimes, they will rot before they have a chance to grow in Las Vegas homes.

In northern areas, it is generally safe to plant your vegetable plants and seeds by mid May, however, temperatures alter from year to year, and you may get an early spring when ground temperatures warm sufficiently to start your garden earlier.

Tough vegetables such as asparagus, broccoli, cabbage, garlic, kale, onions, peas, radishes, rhubarb, turnips, and spinach can be sowed several weeks before the last frost. Potatoes, carrots, lettuce, beets and radishes are also less vulnerable to the cold temperature. The principle for potato planting in the past was either that you planted them just about Good Friday or St. Patrick’s Day. While it may not be feasible to plant them quite that early, they can still be sowed a month or more prior to your other vegetables. Since they do take a while to grow, this gives them sufficient time through the growing season.

Lettuce and radishes actually is suitable in the very early, cooler days of spring, and will turn hard and bitter in the heat of summer. So, planting these ahead of time gives them time to grow in cooler temperatures.

Tomato plants, peppers, squash, and other vines require warm temperature to thrive. Planting them too soon will stunt their maturation, if not wipe them out totally. Beans, tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, and melons are all part of the group of vegetables that do best when the temperature is above 65 degrees.

Planting is not an accurate science, and no two years will provide homeowners of Las Vegas homes an identical weather and temperature conditions. By checking estimate dates for planting from the hardiness of your plant and the zone guide you can determine on when to plant, however, after you have planted a garden for a few years, you will find that it is pretty practically up to Mother Nature to let you know when the time is right.


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