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By Craig Bailey | Home Seller in Las Vegas, NV

The Right Las Vegas Home But With Interfering Neighbors

You are on a delightful scenario, taking rest in a relaxing place that soothes your senses. It is really a wonderful experience that you found the perfect home in Las Vegas Homes. Finding the home that you really want is a hurdle. It is difficult because you have lots of things to consider. Once you have found your dream home, you want to move there immediately. The dream home that you only imagine is now right next to you. At this point, you are already prepared to move.  Welcome to your new neighborhood. Being in the home that was the product of your hardworking is like a prize. The Las Vegas Homes that you chose match your needs as well. You feel contented in the choice that you picked.

Suddenly, as you look at other homes through the window of your new home, you noticed some new neighbors. Everything is seems to be fine. However, these neighbors are like talking about you as they gaze. Sometimes when you go outside of your home, you observe your neighbors staring at your every move. Those neighbors seem to watch whatever you say or do. It appears that they are waiting for the latest news about you. Well, those peeping Toms seem to invade your privacy and personal life. They get on your nerves because they disrupt your peace of mind.  For nosy neighbors, your life is like a reality-show. They must be updated of the news about you. Your suspicion is right, they know the time you get or when you move out of the home. Almost everything that you changed in your home makes them curious. Watching your moves is like an entertainment for them. They do not also mind whether you already found out or not that they are spying on you.

Do not think that you are the most unfortunate person to have those nosy neighbors. Actually, in every neighborhood there are at least one or two neighbors who are meddlesome. Worry a lot? Well, there are still ways on how to deal with them.

·         Pay no heed to their behavior. Continue to accomplish what you must do and ignore their schemes. Worrying cannot make you productive so do not let their stance interrupt you.

·         When you are doing something, they give attention to you. So, act as if you do nothing when you notice they are watching you.

·         Nosy neighbors are always interested on your activities. Move to another part of the home which they cannot see your activities. This will make them tired of waiting till you come up.

·         Make sure that you will lock your door when you are going to leave your home for a vacation. If you already came back and believe that somebody enters your home, report it immediately to the police.

·         Make moves to irritate them as well. Flash light outside when they are still watching you.

·         Put fences around your home so it will be difficult for them to peek on you. Always make sure to close your home to avoid them steal a look on you.

·         Wave at your snooping neighbors every time that you will see them. Greet them briskly. Annoyed them by always borrowing something from them. They might feel indifferent and start hiding on you.

Nosy neighbors are inevitable in every neighborhood. The challenge for you is how to deal with this problem. Remember, they are your neighbors and there is always a chance you will encounter them. Be strong and do something to make them uninterested on you.  Do not let them disturb your happy life in Las Vegas Homes.    


By Paige Mullins,  Fri Jun 3 2011, 09:08
In this kind of situation, I normally approach them, tell them directly the wall are really not that thick, I usually go to bed by 10PM and if its okay to lower the volume after that hour. But being polite as possible.

By Flowerguru,  Sat Jun 4 2011, 12:00
I have neighbors who are always sitting on their patio smoking or sunning their pot bellies with their pants unbuttoned and unzipped. This is behavior I have never witnessed in all of my 35 years of life. They do not have consideration for themselves, let alone neighbors who MUST pass them by to get to their own condo. Not everyone has the time or inclination to say more than a quick hello if anything to them. Despite this reality, they FORCE people into conversations when it is not desired on a routine basis. Further, the lady in the couple always asks me where are you off to, what are you doing, where have you been and I get very annoyed because I don't even know her name and she acts both nosy and motherly despite the fact that I've told her I'm busy and prefer to keep to myself and the fact that it's obvious that I am a grown woman and she is not my mother. I have to live near them for a while longer but it's angering me to keep dealing with this. Maybe if I constantly ask her for things, she will hide from me!
By Hailey Nichols,  Fri Jun 10 2011, 06:34
There is obviously a lot to consider about this. But I think you made some good points in discussing the topic.

By Katelyn Dunn,  Fri Jun 10 2011, 09:52
I think this is a great topic to discuss. Since i myself is in this kind of situation right now. Already tried it in a diplomatic way, but there's still not much of a change. Once in a while they're not that annoying, but I guess some people are like that.


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