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By Cindy Rosen | Agent in Pine Bush, NY
  • Hudson Valley Farms

    Posted Under: Home Buying  |  August 10, 2012 5:20 AM  |  73 views  |  No comments

    I cannot help but to mention some wonderful news about the Hudson Valley, NY.  In the last 10 years we have had a terrific resurgence of small family farms focusing on sustainability and organics.  I am in my car everyday meeting with clients, showing homes and playing tour guide.  When I am out I usually can come across a Farmers Market, stocked with yummy locally grown fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats, breads, deserts, and even pickles!  I literally never have to go to a grocery store for my food.

    We have many grass fed meat farms, raw milk farms, goat cheese farms and local coops providing an abundance of healthy choices for our localvore needs.  I have met many people from Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens expressing the need to move from the city and get an acre or two so they can have their own garden or grow some fruit trees.  Well if they can grow a garden on a rooftop in Manhattan imagine what they could do with that acre or two!  I am so excited about the local farm movement here in the Hudson Valley and want to reach out and say thanks to all our local farmers and farmers in the making.  Thank you for the yummy foods you provide for me and my family!

  • Picture This!

    Posted Under: Home Buying  |  August 10, 2012 5:18 AM  |  69 views  |  2 comments

    Sellers need to know that photos are probably the most important tool for marketing your home.  In the on-line world, which is probably about 95% of the market you will have 2 seconds to get a buyers attention.  Two seconds to entice a buyer to look closer at your property.  The pictures should be spectacular!  Showing off the best features of the home in a light that would make a person want to see the it in person. So when your agent pulls out the cell phone to take pictures that’s when you should question whether this agent takes his/hers job seriously.  Every agent should own a professional camera and take the best picture they can.

    Sellers check on the  your agents marketing.  Ask to see what is written and posted on the MLS.  Check Trulia.com, and any other marketing they are doing.  Make sure your agent updates the photos with the different seasons.  Nothing looks worse than to see snow and no leaves on the trees in the pictures during the middle of summer.  Make your agent into a very transparent agent by interacting in the process.  Make sure your home shows all its glories.   Agents need to be held accountable!


  • Overreaching can be overwelming!

    Posted Under: Home Buying  |  August 10, 2012 5:15 AM  |  65 views  |  No comments

    I recently experienced a very annoying situation in the same week.  Last week I had two separate buyers ask to see two separate properties.  Each one, the Listing Agent had to be there to present the property.  I really have no problem with this but both these agents were all over my clients.  Now I am not a very insecure person and feel very confident that my clients are my clients but the overreach was overwhelming for my clients.

    Listing Agents need to state the highlights of the home and step aside to let the buyers agent show the home.  Buyers do not need a hovering, over aggressive agent pushing themselves in between the buyers agent and their client.  The listing agent really should not be talking with my client other than a bit of small talk and highlights about the property.  My clients needless to say were very taken back and turned off to the property because of the listing agents actions.  Sellers need to let the buyers do their job without interference from their agents.

  • Market Mania!

    Posted Under: Home Buying  |  August 10, 2012 5:11 AM  |  67 views  |  No comments
    Heads up this Spring and Summer has been the busiest in 4 years.  Prices are up and sales are up.  Inventory is low and buyers are abundant!  I have experienced a huge surge in the market within the last 3 weeks.  There are multiple bids on homes and pricing wars.  People from the city, Europe and relocators.  Interest rates are anywhere between 3.6% to 3.8% for qualified buyers.  If you wanted to sell your home, now is the time to list.  List before interest rates rise and while we have the surge.  If you want to buy, buy now before interest rates rise and before we move to a possible sellers market.

  • Preapproval or Prequalification?

    Posted Under: Home Buying  |  August 10, 2012 5:09 AM  |  66 views  |  No comments

    Typically before beginning your search for a home, a buyer should go to their bank and be preapproved or prequalified.  When you find a home you like, the buyers agent must submit a signed binder, agency disclosure and notice from your bank of a prequalification or preapproval.  If you are not prepared you run the risk of losing the property to another buyer.

    What’s the difference between the two? Prequalification will not be a strong as Preapproval.  Prequalification is basically word of mouth to the banker of what  your income is, your credit score is generally pulled and total assets, including what you have for a down payment.  Preapproval is based on documentation of income (w2 or 1099′s), pay stubs, IRA’s, 401k’s and assets to buy and take care of a home.  With the market heating up it is always best to have a preapproval ready for an offer.


  • Scales are Tipping!

    Posted Under: Home Buying  |  August 10, 2012 5:05 AM  |  69 views  |  No comments
    Buyers beware!  The housing market is quickly changing into a seller’s market.  Seller’s being so frustrated by low ball offers had pulled their homes off the market, housing starts were the lowest last August ever recorded and with the banks running through bankruptcies and short sales, has left the market very short on quality homes.  Just this week I have had two offers submitted competing against multiple offers.  It’s a big wake up call for buyer’s.  Buyer’s if you see a home you like do not hesitate and do not low ball you will more than likely lose the home!
  • Appraisals issues and FHA & VA

    Posted Under: Home Buying  |  August 10, 2012 5:04 AM  |  70 views  |  No comments
    FHA & VA loans are widely popular because of the small down payment that’s required.  The problem lies with the bank and appraisals.  Since the amount of the loan will be higher the property runs the risk of not meeting the appraised value.  VA is a terrific perk for our Vets however with no money down it exasperates the problem even more.  First time  users for VA  loans have a guarantee fee of 2.15% which can be rolled into the loan adding to the mortgage, hence raising the price of the mortgage while creating a  risk that the property will not appraise.  Multiple users of VA have a 3.3% guarantee fee making matters even worse.  Many people are finding out that in order to use these loans they will have to come out of pocket for the difference between the appraised value of the property and the loan amount.
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