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By Cindy "B" Rosato | Agent in Rochester, NY
  • First Time Homebuyer Search 101

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Rochester  |  June 16, 2010 6:40 AM  |  1,298 views  |  No comments

    As more and more people flock to purchase their first piece of the American Dream, they are faced with many daunting issues never anticipated.  This blog will guide you through the process, and offer insight designed to make your search a success.  I hope you find part 101A helpful…


    The first step is to choose a Realtor to represent you.  Ideally, your choice should be available on a fulltime basis.  Many friends, family, and/or acquaintances may have a real estate license, and “dabble” in home sales.  Try and remember; most of us don’t utilize doctors, lawyers, financial experts, and airline pilots that just “dabble” in their field.  The largest initial purchase of your lifetime calls for a full-time professional.  To find the right agent, visit open houses and get a feel for the host agents.  Asking people you know and respect for names of agents they have dealt with is another option.  Many real estate “pro’s” and journalists suggest contacting a company whose signs dominate the area.  Keep in mind that method does not always work.  There is no guarantee you won’t be directed to the “next up” agent from the front desk.  Also keep in mind, real estate agents represent clients more so than companies.  Company name alone will not guarantee success.  An agent that does not deliver during the home search, can cause you to miss out on the home of your dreams…


    After choosing your Realtor, the next step is finding the proper lending institution.  I suggest this step second, as your Realtor should be a key source of a bank referral.  Many buyers automatically head to the bank they utilize for checking and savings account.  Or, they see a commercial on TV, or online.  All homes in this day and age are purchased with the same U.S. currency in our country.  All banks provide this U.S. currency to buyers.  Not all banks offer the same level of customer service when it comes to mortgages, and this fact can sink your dream purchase before it floats.  Just because Ned at Bank XYZ smiles and gets you through the drive through quickly on payday, don’t assume Zelda in the mortgage department will be as competent.  This is where your Realtor comes into play; being fulltime, they usually know which loan officers provide the best customer service.  A loan officer that is non-responsive or not on top of the process can cause you to miss important deadlines, cost you unexpected additional fees at closing, or worst of all, not deliver the promised mortgage.  These three mistakes, among many others, can cause you to lose the home of you’re your dreams... Anthony Scorsone, Associate Broker, Realtor, CBR, SFR For Team Cindy B! AnthonyScorsone1@gmail.com

    For more information, visit www.teamcindyb.com!
  • Mt. Kili Climb-The after thoughts!

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Rochester  |  March 16, 2010 8:29 AM  |  1,294 views  |  No comments

    "Huge changes can happen one step at a time.

    I just returned from a trip in a life time.  It’s funny how life teaches you amazing lessons in the strangest places.

    I just climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for Hope Lodge, a facility in Rochester to provide a home away from home for cancer patients and transplant recipients as they go through treatment.  It was the hardest thing physically and mentally that I have ever done.  While I was climbing to the summit in the middle of the night, I stopped dead in my tracks and cried that I just could not go any farther.  My legs were burning, everything ached and I just wanted to give up. My guide, Yusef, told me he could not leave me there- we were too far along and that the only option was to keep going! Exhausted and in tears and frankly a bit terrified, I literally watched and followed his every step.  After watching his very small steps for God only knows how long I looked up and I realized I was steps away from the summit and I was watching the sun rise at 19000 feet up! Simply Breath Taking!

    Now that I am home and have some time to reflect I see just how those tiny small steps got me to the top and how that process really can be applied to anything:  even Real Estate.

    If you are thinking of buying a house, preparing takes small steps.  Where to start? 

    1.  Talk with a professional to understand what goes into buying a house. 

    2.  Master your finances; know exactly what comes in and what comes out. 

    3.  Repeat step one to track your progress.  Like my guide up the mountain, your real estate professional will be your guide to lead you through every small step it takes to finally get to your goal…a beautiful place you can call home!" Ginny Napier, Buyers Agent

    For more Information visit www.teamcindyb.com

  • Mt. Kili Climb

    Posted Under: Quality of Life in Rochester  |  February 10, 2010 6:32 AM  |  1,446 views  |  No comments
    “As a real estate agent and a real estate investor it has been almost a 15 year passion for me to be able to provide people with good homes.  When you are faced with a medical emergency, something like cancer or the need for an organ transplant, sometimes the comforts of home are just not an option. I’m really honored and really, really proud of the real estate community; mortgage brokers, housing providers, home inspectors, and realtors alike as they all came together to support myself and Dara Grieger as, this year in Febuaray 2010, we are preparing ourselves to climb Mt. Kilamanjara in order to raise awareness and money for Hope Lodge and Hospitality House.  Hope lodge and Hospitality House are being built by the American Cancer Society and are going to be located at the Colgate Divinity Campus in New York.  Its purpose is to provide a medical safe environment and a home away from home for friends and family who are battling cancer and receiving transplants.  I am honored that we were able to raise $5,000 for the event and I am grateful for the generosity of the community and how they have offered to provide a home away from home.  It goes much farther than being able to put a sold sign in the yard-Its about a peace sign, a sanctuary, and its about a place in which a family can be together to heel,to grow, and to continue and move forward in their journey of life.  I am honored to be part of that journey for so many clients and now I am honored to be part of that journey for so many patients. Thank you for your support.”  Ginny Napier, Buyers Agent for Team Cindy B

    For more information, just visit www.teamcindyb.com
  • Are Home Inspections Really Necessary?

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Rochester  |  January 19, 2010 5:32 AM  |  1,446 views  |  No comments

    This is what I was asked just the other day!  Here is what my answer was; “I, as a Realtor, would not buy a house without one!”  Even with my husband being a contractor and him being able to build, fix, and repair anything (and i'm not kidding about anything!) I still use my Home Inspector to look at anything and everything that I put an offer in on!  NOTHING is the same as a Home Inspection!  Even my husband, as the contractor he is, believes EVERYONE should get a home inspection prior to moving in! 

    You want a Home Inspector that is licensed and insured-those are the 2 biggies!  You also, just like a Realtor, want someone that has been doing this for awhile!  Kind of like the Brain Surgeon…don’t you want the one that has done 100 surgeries vs the one that has done 10??  Your Home Inspector should be going through the house with a fine tooth comb! Taking apart the electrical box, crawling in the attic, and crawlspaces, opening each window, etc..  This should take between 1.5 – 2 hours  if the inspector knows what they are doing.  Anything more than that, I would be a little worried! 

    Also with the inspection, you should be doing radon testing!  There are many concerns with radon these days.  Some say it is the second leading cause of lung cancer.  You wonder why someone dies of lung cancer and they haven’t smoked a day in their life, and you find out that they lived in a house with a dirt basement! Other inspections can become part of the purchase offer depending on what your agent finds, and knows that they need to protect you on!  If you read my blog about, “Want to buy a house, but don’t know where to start?",  It will help you choose a good Buyers Agent-you will see it is ALL about you!  They want to protect you and make sure that you buy the right house! It is NOT about the commission for them! It is more about making their client feel satisfied with their needs and wants and being able to continue their business practice to do the same as they did for you, for others!  The agents will know exactly what to put in to safeguard their client!

    For more information, or to get your personal questions answered visit www.teamcindyb.com.


    Posted Under: Financing in Rochester  |  January 19, 2010 5:03 AM  |  1,417 views  |  No comments

    I am hearing tons of different concerns as to what this tax credit is all about!  Yes, it is NOT only for first time home buyers any more!! If you have been in your house for more than 5 years over that last 8 year period, AND you buy another house, You can receive $6500.  You DO NOT have to sell your current house! 
    Let me give you a scenario:
    You have been in your house for 5 years, and you decided that you want to buy investment property now, either a multi family or a lake house…you are eligible! As for the $8000, you do have to be a first time homebuyer, NOT owning real property in the last 3 years! So, YES you could have owned a house 10 years ago and sold it 6 years ago, and be eligible!  The dates are also very important-you must be under contract by April 30th 2010!  If you are building a new home, you still have time.  If you were contracted by Feb 15th and the builder takes 120 days to build, you can be closed by the drop dead date of June 30th!  There is so much more information on the tax credit!  Just visit my website at

    www.teamcindyb.com and you will be able to get all the information you need plus some!
  • Want to buy a house, but don’t know where to start?

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Rochester  |  January 18, 2010 6:48 PM  |  1,441 views  |  No comments

    I am hearing from a lot of buyers new to the market that they are going to open houses to see what they like and what they think is in their price range.  The very first thing that you should do, is to ask all of your friends for a referral for a real estate agent.  Sometimes the friend you know that is most difficult to please, is a good source for an agent.  IF they were happy with that agent, and you know how they are, you have a good pick.  But, if you receive a few names, that isn’t bad either!  Then interview them!  Some of the questions that you want to know are:  

    • How long have you been in the business? 
    • Do you do this full time?  
    • Do you have a designation to show that you have been educated to work with buyers?  
    • Do you have referrals in place for attorneys, mortgage brokers/banks, home inspectors, etc?  
    • Do you have systems in place?  
    • Are you always available to show me properties? 
    • Are you easy accessible to reach?  
    • Do you have references from past Buyers?

    You will be able to tell right away if this agent has your best interests at heart!  The rest is personality! You will be spending a good chunk of time with this person, you should like them!  

    For more information, or to get your personal questions answered visit www.teamcindyb.com.
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