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By Cindie Stewart | Broker in Keller, TX
  • We are listed but we have not sold yet why?

    Posted Under: Home Selling in Fort Worth  |  February 16, 2010 8:40 AM  |  1,554 views  |  No comments
    Did you ask the right questions? Here are the best tips I can give to you after helping my brother find an agent in Idaho to help him sell his home there after a bad experience with an agent he hired on his own prior to asking me.  His oen sister who has been an agent for over 18 years.  So, after having to help him it made me aware of what it is that people should ask.  It is weird to interview an agent being an agent.  1- What are the real numbers for homes that are same or like as your home.  Condidtion of the properties that your home will compete with.  2- What is the absorption rate for your area for the same type of properties?  3-  What do you have to do to prepare your home to put your home in the best position possible without spending tons of money that won't give you any return.  4- Who and how are your photos taken as well as how many photos do they take?  5- Do they know their web traffic reports  6- Do they post to Zillow.com and other sites as well as do they have an showcase home site on Realtor.com 7- What is their specialized marketing are they going to do for your property  8- What are their average days on the market and the percentage between the list price and the sold price (this will tell you how good they are at pricing home correctly.)  9- Why do they think they are the ones that can sell this home.  10- Do they have a smart phone where they can respond to emails or text messages asking about your home.   They don't have to be the top agent, they don't have to be the flashiest or fancy stuff, they better have the basics down and they better know what is really going on or you will keep buying your home over each month.  If you have a good agent they won't be afraid to answer these questions.  Ask, it is YOUR HOME and YOUR MONEY!  Get it right the first time you list. 
  • Foreclosed Home buying in Fort Worth TX just got better with up to $33,000 worth of FREE money

    Posted Under: Foreclosure in Fort Worth  |  February 27, 2009 4:52 AM  |  1,815 views  |  No comments
    The Perfect Storm for the home buyer who feels like they have a stable job, good credit, a little money, you will owner occupy and don't think you will be leaving or wanting to move for 10 years and you want to live in these areas. Boy, do we have a deal for you! City of Fort Worth will launch its program March 2009 to give you the home buyer $25,000.00 yes you heard me right $25,000.00 big ones.

    Of coarse you have to want to live in the following zip codes 76131, 76137, 76133, 76123, 76179, 76112,76248 with the city of Fort Worth as your address (some of these might be Keller, Haslet etc zip codes as well if they are not really city of Fort Worth they do not qualify.)

    You can't make to much money either 1 person can't make more than $54, 250 a year it goes up the more people in your family.

    You have to purchase a lender-foreclosed home as well. That should not be to much of a problem since most of the foreclosures are in theses areas.

    My whole team has been trained for this program and we have talked with Emily Weathers at Innovative mortgages who is an approved lender and knows how to get this loan done.

    Add some BAM to your deal if you are a first time home buyer on top of that your friendly Federal Government is giving you another $8,000.00 tax credit if you buy prior to December 2009.

    That is a great deal combined with the current cost of homes as well as the current interest rate. What are you thinking if you don't at least look into this deal?

    Seriously, this is just to good to be true but it is the truth. Yes, there are some conditions that if you don't follow it is not a great deal so you must completely understand the transaction.

    You need to find someone that won't take you down the wrong path with a home with major issues, not a good buy and that you are not fully aware of all the terms in which you must live by to do these programs.

    Dude, you can put down any where between 10-20k down on the principle of the loan and you don't have to pay it back if you stay for 10 years. This is simple math my friends simple math.

  • First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit not a loan $8000.00 Questions

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Fort Worth  |  February 17, 2009 6:15 AM  |  1,085 views  |  No comments
    "GOOD COMMUNICATION IS AS STIMULATING AS BLACK COFFEE...AND JUST AS HARD TO SLEEP AFTER." Anne Morrow Lindbergh And communication on the new $789 Billion Stimulus Plan has been flying fierce over the past week, resulting in late nights for Congress and probably more than a few cups of coffee. President Obama is certainly hoping the new plan will wake up the struggling economy, and breathe some life back into the housing market as well.
    The tax credit in the Stimulus Bill has been scaled down to $8,000 from its previous level of $15,000, or 10% of the value of the home for any first time homebuyers who purchase homes from the start of the year until the end of November. It starts phasing out for couples with incomes above $150,000 and single filers with incomes above $75,000, and buyers will have to repay the credit if they sell their homes within three years.
    In addition, there's news that the Obama administration is trying to hammer out a new program to subsidize mortgages to fight the credit crisis. The plan would seek to help homeowners before they fall into arrears on their loans, whereas current programs only assist borrowers that are already delinquent. There are no details yet on this plan, but I will be monitoring this news closely in the weeks ahead.
  • New Home Builder

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Fort Worth  |  January 21, 2009 6:20 PM  |  419 views  |  No comments

    In the mist of all the negative press on CEO’s there are still uplifting stories that keeps hope alive.


    David Weekley, the founder and CEO of David Weekly Homes, Inc. generously gave to all his employees nationwide a PERSONAL check of up to a maximum of $1000 depending on years of service.   His  letter  sent with the check stated  that not only did he appreciate the hard work during a trying time but that he and his family felt very fortunate and wanted to share with his David Weekley family. I am proud as a Realtor to sell David Weekly Homes and to have my company name next to them as well.  If your next step is buying a new home, I highly recommend David Weekly Homes, and especially the Build on Your Own Lot division.  Contact Chip McClure here in the Dallas Fort Worth area and he will be very happy to help you.


    The CEO of Best Buy also shared his good fortune with his staff.  The board offered him an additional bonus which he refused.  He decided the money should be given to the employees that keep the company moving forward every day. I will continue to shop at Best Buy and probably will not  even check out the competition. 


    If the executives of these two companies care that much about the people who help run the business then I can only imagine how wonderful they treat their clients.

  • Lease with Option to own listing in Fort Worth, Arlington area

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Fort Worth  |  December 29, 2008 7:53 PM  |  584 views  |  No comments
    I have three homes that are listed with me that have been redone by MetroTone. They did Flip That House with TLC and I was the feature Realtor on the show.  

    They have redone these homes too.  They would do a lease purchase or purchase or just a lease on any of their homes.  If you can afford a payment in the area of 1200 -1800 a month we might have a fit.

    They have done very nice rehabs on all these properties.

    Check out my website however 2 of the homes have not yet been put on the market till tomorrow.
  • Economy Forecast Embrace the Struggle as my Favorite Person Zig Ziglar has stated

    Posted Under: Market Conditions in Fort Worth  |  December 15, 2008 11:22 AM  |  421 views  |  1 comment

    WOOHOO!  You wanted it you got it Toyota.  This is one of my favorite sayings.  I love technology and especialy how it has impacted the real estate industry.

    However, between the podcast, web2.0 world and blackberry it seems we just can't get away from the negitive junk that is filling our gray matter. 

    I am not saying that being informed is a bad thing.  I just think to much is a bad thing.  Like most of you I wake up grab my laptop and start at it.  Most of the time before my coffee is ready my home screen pops up and there it is the NEWS.  I have been looking at what they put up there for a few months with details about what it is they like to put on the front page to make it sticky.  You got it Bad News.  Well, I have had a gut full of this and so, I chanlleged my local chapter of the Women's Council of Realtors and my Company Texas Sold Team Realty to email our local editors of the 2 major papers in the area here in  Dallas Fort Worth.  I now want to challenage all of you to do the same.

    Each time you close a deal email your newspapers and or tv station and tell them you have sold another client a home.  Now, I understand it is very slow in some parts, but you can't tell me there are no properties being sold.  I look at my local board Metrotex and honestly there are a lot of properties being sold.  Sure, not it the unusual marker we had before where it was out of control but reasonable people buying reasonable properties are still out there.

    We as Realtors are not a dying breed we are here the goods ones are still in business by helping good people with good credit, a job and a means to own a home do so.  I just think if enough of us tell those who seem to think be are drying up and blowing away think again.  This goes for the good mortgage brokers out there too.  So, they think they have kicked us to the curb like we did something wrong, well most of us did not do anything wrong.  I don't know one of my clients that have gone into foreclosure or at least not to my knowledge.  I would not allow my team to sell crap with crappy loans to those who trusted us to be honest and fair with them.  I think that most of the Realtors I know still in the business did not do any or much of that either that is why they are still in business.  Because no matter where and what the marketing trends are. It is tried and true the best business you will ever have is your referrals.

    Keep up the good work out there and tell those who enjoy the bad news the good news you have.  Time to fight bad so they wanted it they got it Toyota.

    Have a wonderful holiday season and make today the Best you ever had and all the tomorrows that follow.

  • Bad News does drive your attitude so turn it off for just one day.

    Posted Under: Market Conditions in Fort Worth  |  December 10, 2008 7:12 AM  |  344 views  |  No comments
    I would like to say if the media would just slow down on the need to repeat the doom and gloom we would see people get back to work.

    Yes, we all need to tighten up our belts, if you did not see that in general we were all living like there was in endless pile of money.   Our grandparents knew this would not keep up.We in our  spoiled children like attitude were going to have to pony up and pay the bills at some point. 
    Dave Ramsey and others has been trying to beating into our little brains we need to live our wage. As a nation in general have been living way above our wage for a long time.

    Our government has been the worse at doing spending spree.  If you really looked at all the money we pay in taxes, sales tax, property tax, income tax, register your car, gasoline, sin taxes, the list goes on and on.  What are they doing with all the funds?
    The problem as individuals we are so busy figuring out how to make money to pay these taxes and have a life we have let them run free.

    We need to let them know we are now watching them now and they better be the mindful of our moneys and security.

    I suggest that if the media would stop telling us how bad it is, most people would grab their boots and move forward.  I would dare our media all of them to do nothing but share good news just for one day.  I have a feeling everyone would walk with a little smile on their face by the end of the day.

    If we could get over half the people walking around with a smile then imagine what we as a nation could get done in just one day.

    Yes, I know bad things are happening and yes you need be in formed, but I think we are overloaded on a daily bases.  We only have NOW not a minute behind or forward so go out and tell others only good news and do your part on turning the mind set of yourself and others. 
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