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By Christopher Zarembinski | Home Owner in Los Angeles, CA
  • Dr Christopher Zarembinski

    Posted Under: General Area in Los Angeles  |  January 28, 2013 11:32 PM  |  24 views  |  No comments

    Christopher Zarembinski

    A Chinese study concluded that knee pain is significantly more prevalent in people working in cold stores than in those in normal temperature.
    One study came to the conclusion that 17% of adolescents with anterior knee pain (a common but benign self-limiting condition) report that their pain is associated with cold weather. The same study indicated that the main activities associated with anterior knee pain are sporting, stair climbing and walking, but also sitting. Some people with anterior knee pain tend to have generally colder knees, and such people also trend towards having to wear extra tights/long johns in the winter.

    Dr Zarembinski:

    Dr Christopher Zarembinski

    The MCL's deep surface covers the inferior medial genicular vessels and nerve and the anterior portion of the tendon of the semimembranosus muscle, with which it is connected by a few fibers; it is intimately adherent to the medial meniscus.

    Doctor Christopher Zarembinski:

    Knee pain is a common complaint for many people. There are several factors that can cause knee pain. Awareness and knowledge of the causes of knee pain lead to a more accurate diagnosis. Management of knee pain is in the accurate diagnosis and effective treatment for that diagnosis. Knee pain can be either referred pain or related to the knee joint itself.
    Dr Christopher Zarembinski
    The knee joint consists of an articulation between four bones: the femur, tibia, fibula and patella. There are four compartments to the knee. These are the medial and lateral tibiofemoral compartments, the patellofemoral compartment and the superior tibiofibular joint. The components of each of these compartements can suffer from repetitive strain, injury or disease.

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