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By Christine Norcross | Agent in Wellesley, MA
  • Landscaping Your Wellesley Home for Increased Curb Appeal and More Offers

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    Curb appeal is one of the biggest things that can help you sell your home. When a potential buyer approaches your home, or even when someone happens to pass your home and notices it's for sale, the way it looks from the outside can influence the number of offers you receive. 

    Good landscaping can entice homebuyers in the Wellesley, MA real estate market to further explore your home, make them feel welcome and help them visualize living in the home, which can lead to more offers. Curb appeal and beautiful landscaping starts with a few basic changes, all of which are easy to put in place.

    Keep the Lawn Green and Mowed

    Your lawn adds a lot to the rest of your landscaping. A full, green lawn that is regularly mowed gives your landscaping a clean-cut look and can even tell homebuyers that your entire home is well maintained. Taking care of small details tells potential buyers that you care about your home and have taken good care of it.

    Remove Weeds

    Weeds can take away from an otherwise well-maintained yard. If you have weeds in your gardens, lawns, planters or walkway cracks, take care of them right away. Pulling weeds can get rid offenders quickly, but follow up with continual weeding and chemical weed killers. 

    Fill and Arrange Planters

    Empty planters or flowerpots can make your landscaping look neglected. Fill any planters you already have with colorful flowers and don't hesitate to add flowerpots to your porch, walkway or deck. Adding potted plants is a cost-effective way to make your landscaping look lush and healthy.

    Trim Bushes and Shrubsgardening

    Well-trimmed bushes and shrubs look professional and add to the overall look of your landscaping. Even if your bushes aren't out of control, keeping them well shaped by trimming them often can take your landscaping to the next level.

    Take Control of Overgrown Plants and Flowerbeds 

    Overgrown plants and flowerbeds can look just as bad as sparse or dead landscaping. Get control of overgrown areas by trimming or even removing parts of plants that are overgrown. If you can, transplant removed plants to areas of your yard that may be lacking in plant life.

    Add Some Color and Use Proper Lighting 

    Color can take your landscaping from dull to interesting. You can add color by using flowers in different shades, adding plants with various leaf colors and using colorful planters. Good lighting can also make your landscaping and home look more inviting. Porch lights, walkway lights and flowerbed lights will light up your house and landscaping and can add a certain ambience to your home.

    Add Fresh Mulch

    A fresh layer of mulch can top off a beautifully landscaped yard. Add mulch to your flowerbeds and around trees to give a polished look to your yard and to help prevent weed growth.

    Now is the perfect time to add plants to your yard and touch up your landscaping with trimming and weeding where necessary. Things like mulch, color and lighting can add to your landscaping, giving your home a curb appeal that buyers won't be able to resist. If you would like to list your Wellesley home for sale, contact Christine Norcross at 781-929-4994.

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  • Three Easy Ways to Increase Your Wellesley Home's Value

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                       Wellesley home improvement

    To get the highest offers on your Wellesley home, there are some things you can do to increase its value. In fact, many of the changes you can make seem small and are easy to do, but can have a big impact on the type of offers you receive when you put your home on the Wellesley, MA real estate market. 

    Touch Up and Paint Your Walls

    It sounds cliché, but one of the best ways to increase your home's value is to add a new coat of paint. If your walls are looking a little dingy, adding a new coat can make your rooms look like new. Do things the right way by using spackling to fill holes or repair damage and painter's tape to make sure the job looks professional. If you are completely repainting, consider choosing a color that is neutral and can appeal to many peoples' tastes and styles.

    Don't forget the outside of your home! Touch up or repaint your front door, the trim on your home, your deck, porch, fence and any other areas that could use a little attention. 

    Transform Your Garage

    Believe it or not, your garage can be one of the most attractive features of your home. Many homebuyers are looking for a garage that can house their cars and has room for storage or a workbench.

    Transform your garage by cleaning it out and getting rid of or storing extra items. Sweep the floors, dust the lighting and add things like shelving unites, a workbench and stool, a tool storage system and even outdoor rugs to give your garage a look that conveys storage and functionality.

    Update Your Flooring 

    The flooring throughout your home can make a big impact on how potential buyers view your home. Outdated and worn-out flooring can send the false signal that your entire home is outdated or in need of major upgrades.

    Replacing the vinyl floor in your kitchen or installing new carpet in high-traffic areas of your home can make a big difference in the look and feel of your home, not to mention the offers it could bring. As with painting, choose floor colors that are neutral and that can be matched with most decor styles.

    Not all home upgrades need to be expensive. These simple updates are affordable and can even be DIY projects that won't require you to hire a professional. As you prepare to sell your home, consider making these changes to increase its value and make it more attractive to homebuyers. 

    To list your Wellesley home for sale, contact Christine Norcross at 781-929-4994.

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  • How to Stage Your Wellesley Home for Showing

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    When prospective buyers walk into your home you want them to be able to see themselves living there. You want them to envision their own furniture and family in your space, picturing themselves at home. So how do you do this? It's all in the staging. 

    Staging your home entails arranging furniture, defining spaces and updating decor to make it appeal to homebuyers. Buyers exploring the Wellesley, MA real estate market want to feel at home before they make an offer, and staging can do this. There are all kinds of things you can do to stage your home to increase your chances of receiving an offer, but here are a few ways to get you started.

    Clear the Clutter

    The easiest way you can stage your home is to clean up any clutter that distracts buyers' eyes from the features of your home. Tidy up bookcases, organize spaces and remove extra items or furniture from your home prior to showing.

    Do a Deep Clean

    No matter how spacious your home is or how many closets it has, potential buyers will be turned off if they spot dirt or grime. Spend some time cleaning your showers, cupboards, baseboards and any other area that is prone to collect dust.

    Find the Perfect Lighting

    Amazingly, the perfect lighting arrangement can change the entire look and feel of a room. A good rule of thumb is to include 100 watts of lighting for every 50 square feet in your home. Of course, some rooms, like bedrooms may require less lighting than other rooms, like a kitchen.

    Use Your Outdoor Space

    Whether you have a small porch or a large deck, you can add to your home's curb appeal by grouping potted plants, adding hanging plants, cleaning up your old porch chairs and adding new paint where needed. Well-staged outside areas can help buyers feel comfortable from the minute they approach your home and it can even add to the amount of usable space in your home.

    Stick with Neutrals

    If you've customized your home with unique colors and styles, you may find that your taste doesn't appeal to everyone. Where possible, use neutral colors and timeless styles that appeal to a wider audience. 

    Make Unused Rooms Valuable

    Unused rooms have incredible potential. You can make an unused space into a valuable room by adding just a few pieces of furniture and turning it into a bedroom, office, playroom or craft room. Find ways to use unattractive, empty or wasted space in ways that will tempt buyers.


    Show off Your Staging

    After you have updated your home or implemented some of these staging tips, take new pictures of your home and add them to your listings. Many buyers sort through home listings online before they decide which ones to visit. If your home looks great on a listing it will lure potential buyers in. 

    If you stage your home appropriately and in attractive ways, your home will be more likely to attract buyers, receive offers and sell quickly. For assistance in staging and listing your Wellesley home for sale, contact Christine Norcross at 781-929-4994.

    Image courtesty of MR LIGHTMAN/FreeDigitalPhotos.net.
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