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By Christina Ferriello | Agent in West Chester, PA
  • Let the cows graze.....in my living room!?!?

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Delaware County, Remodel & Renovate in Delaware County, Home Ownership in Delaware County  |  March 23, 2013 3:02 PM  |  90 views  |  No comments

    Let the cows graze….in my living room?

    The other night my mother had a dream that I lived in a house with no ceiling, surrounded by trees, with cows grazing in the open field which was my backyard. As you can probably imagine, my first reaction was to stare at my mother with a quizzical look…..and then the laughter followed.

                    Once the laughter finally subsided (and trust me, it took awhile), I sat back and tried to imagine such a fantastical home. Why couldn’t trees double as a roof?

                    The idea that a home can truly be designed by you and for you makes it that much more special. Of course, not everyone (me included) can whip out a checkbook and build a fantasy home from the ground up. Instead we search for a home that can become our fantasy; a home that has potential; and a home that opens our eyes to endless possibilities.

                    You may be sitting there saying, “Okay Christina! I’ve been searching for months and haven’t found anything!” Well, in response I ask you this……….


    If you have been searching high and low with no luck, it may not be the house….it may be you!

                    Try this. Sit down and draw your dream home. That’s right, I said it!  Whip out those colored pencils and crayons and draw the house of your dreams. Don’t skimp on any details. Just start drawing and see what happens.

                    After you’re done drawing, tape the picture to the wall and step back. Now look past the five Jacuzzis, seven bathrooms, and home movie theatre. WHAT DO YOU SEE?

                    The answer is simple. You see a house…down to its bare bones with walls and doors. That is all you need to start building your dream home. All you need is a structure.

                    So next time you’re in a house and you think it just isn’t going to work, take out that picture, look around again, and think…can I make this my own? Paint colors can be changed and carpets can be removed. Your new home will be your blank canvas to create a space that belongs to you!

                    Hey, you never know when cows might decide to graze in your living room.

                                                                                                    All the best!


    ---Let me help your dreams become a reality. Drop me a line….christinaf@century21.com

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