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By Chris Sorensen | Real Estate Pro in California
  • Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Asks Treasury Secretary Geithner Tough Questions

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  • Appeals Court Upholds Aceves vs. US Bank. Oral Promise To Modify Matters

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    It is very important that when one is communicating with their lender/servicer/sponsor/bank that they document each and EVERY conversation.
    It is okay to be assertive and ask the name of the supervisor.  It is far better to ask this question in the first few seconds of a call rather that wait until things have not worked out.  

    If you wish you may use a technique that I have employed over the years that seems to work for me.  I will tell the individuals that often people only complain, but I like to send nice notes or e-mails to supervisors so they know how well their team is representing the company.  If they are in fact polite, professional and helpful, then you need to follow through and write to the supervisor explaining this.  However, if they are not, you know who to contact.

     If they refuse to identify themselves, or provide you with their supervisors name, simply let them know that you will call back and find someone who will and that you have noted the exact time the call began.
    There is no need to be rude, but direct is fine.

    The fact that Ms. Aceves was able to document to the satisfaction of the courts that she was in fact lied to by US bank is going to allow her to obtain what she was promised, a modification that will most likely allow her to keep her home.

    I often teach that if it not in writing is simply does not exist, but this ruling says otherwise. This is great news for the consumer who is making decisions based on the verbal promises of bank representatives. Just remember, it was her tenacity and documentable proof that made the difference.

    One has to love people like Ms. Aceves as she fights not just for her rights, but for all of ours.

    Here is the public court records:


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