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By Charlyn Lewis | Agent in Wichita, KS
  • So WHY do you need a Buyer's Agent?

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    Buying a home is one of the biggest and most important investments people make in their lifetime.

    An Accredited Buyer's Agent (ABR), has had specialized training focusing on:
    • How to best represent the Buyer's Needs -- As a Buyer -- it's ALL about YOU!  What can we do to best serve your needs...Providing YOU with the information YOU need when YOU need it.  
    • GUIDING the Buyer through their Real Estate venture. We are like the GPS to successfully getting Buyers to their end destination -- purchasing the home of their dreams.  We guide Buyers through the road blocks that may arise. From helping Buyers find financing, an accredited home inspector, to successfully closing, and much more, we are here to guide and help Buyers.
    • Negotiating the sale, with the Buyer's best interests in mind.
    A question I get asked all the time is how much more does it cost the Buyer to have a Realtor with an ABR Designation?  The Seller generally pays the Realtor fees, whether the Realtor represents the Buyer or the Realtor represents the Seller.

    The Seller will have their own Realtor which will represent them in the sales process; the BUYER has the right to have a Realtor who will represent the BUYER'S NEEDS.

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    That is the question!  Comparison, pronounced "FIZZ-Bo," can really be a FIZZle for people who want and need to sell their home.  If considering this, ask yourself the following questions:

    1) Am I 100% certain that I know my TRUE property's market value?  

    2) Do I have a background in successfully marketing homes, utilizing the latest marketing techniques?  (First clue: If you have to ask yourself what marketing means, then your answer is "NO."  Also, if you cannot make a list of more than 10 places you can market your home on the web, then the answer is no.)

    3) Would I like to make MORE money from the sale of my house?

    4) Am I prepared to answer the phone at all hours in order to schedule showings for my home, and follow up with each person who looks at my home?

    5) Do I know how to get a buyer pre-qualified?

    6) Do you want pre-qualified buyers looking at your home?

    7) Do you have a successful background in professional sales?

    So, here is the deal...

    Many people think that what the property up the street sold for, or what the tax appraisal value is, should be the figures used to ascertain the value of your home.  Well, they are not.  Many more details factors into this, and only a licensed Real Estate Agent can get you a Market Value Comparison.

    As a Real Estate Agent, I have successfully marketed many properties using the latest marketing techniques.  We know the places online and offline to use in order to get your property the most visibility.  In addition, our job is to spend the HOURS it takes to advertise the property on all the websites and outlets we have available to us, as professional Realtors, that help SHOWCASE your property for the maximum impact.

    Many Sellers undervalue their home, and because they do not know know how to, or do not have the means to advertise their property on the local MLS (Multi-Listing Service.)  Some online FSBO sites, will try to say they do this, but rarely are these properties listed on the MLS site used by the area's Realtors.  Using the MLS' service, enables hundreds, and perhaps thousands of Realtors to show your property to their client.  Did you know the majority of homes bought, were first brought to the Buyer's attention by the Realtor.

    Would you pilot your own plane?  Would you perform your own surgery?  Probably not.  You would want the person with the MOST experience and expertise performing these tasks, as the outcome of these tasks will affect the rest of your life.  The same can be said about the sale of your home.  

    Finally, don't discount all that the Realtors who are actively working their business do. They know how to bring pre-qualified buyers, which help make the sale a successful positive experience, they know how to complete the paperwork, and they know how to professionally MARKET and SELL a home to help the Seller get the most money for their home.

    What are you waiting for?  Hire a professional Realtor.

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