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By Shani Daigle | Broker in Beaumont, TX

Hidden Gold: Off-Market Real Estate Listings

Buying property is always a major undertaking in anyone’s life. All the more so in Beaumont, TX and surrounding areas current market — now that the whole idea of a “quick flip” is little more than a fading memory. Today’s 2012 Southeast Texas real estate buyer knows he or she should be buying for the long haul.

But how do you find that house – the one that just feels right — when you have already looked at all the real estate listings on the market and still can’t find one that fits the bill?

The answer could come from a source that is easy to overlook. It’s off the well-worn path you have already been down, and it just might provide the hidden gold you have been looking for. It comes under the heading of off-market real estate listings.

There is no standard form such offerings take, but they do often share one feature. The seller or developer usually wishes to maintain a low profile, and generally places a high value on keeping the offering and dealings out of the public eye. Sometimes the reason has to do with keeping publicized price levels at a higher than rock bottom level. International living.com reports that potential buyers may even be “required to sign a confidentiality agreement” for off-market real estate listing transactions. However, the tradeoff may be access to a premium home at a great price.

So how do you find out if this kind of real estate listing is currently available in Southeast Texas?

Getting in touch with a qualified, well-networked Beaumont, TX Realtor© is a good place to start.

Just as in any other business, we real estate professionals spend our working hours keeping abreast of the ins and outs of our immediate marketplace, including what’s available; no longer available; about to become available. In the mix is also the inside scoop with local builders and with other Southeast Texas agents who sometimes have off-market listings their clients prefer not to make public. Or not just yet. And more often than in the past, there are sometimes REO or short sale properties that are likely to come up in the months ahead.

Off-market real estate listings can be difficult to sniff out unless you are connected in the industry, but they can represent great value if you do get wind of them. Call me whenever you wish to discuss our market and what’s current in Beaumont and surrounding areas real estate listings – both on and off-market!

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