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By Chad Edward Hatten | Both Buyer and Seller in Omaha, NE

chad hatten blog on real estate by chad hatten

tight credit slowing recovery

The housing market has been slow to recover. The housing bubble was caused by overly easy credit, where almost anyone could qualify for a home loan, well above what they could afford. The result was the crash of housing prices.

Now, the housing market has been slow to recover, due to overly restrictive credit policies, on the part of banks, who are now concerned about default. Unlimke prior to the housing crash, it is now too difficult for average families to get a home loan.

The result is that housing prices have continued to fall, or remain the same. Until credit terms, and qualification standards, are loosened, the housding market will continue to be stagnant.

The solution is for the government to step up it’s loan gaurantee programs, to ensure that qualified buyers can get a loan. This will allow home buyers to more easily get loans ,a dn help the housing market turn around

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