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By Catherine Cleland | Agent in Falls Church, VA
  • What? They Accepted Another Offer? I'm SUING!

    Posted Under: General Area in Falls Church, Home Buying in Falls Church, Rentals in Falls Church  |  November 17, 2011 1:52 PM  |  903 views  |  No comments
    Well, first off, no, you aren't suing because frankly you have no grounds.

    As realtors we have to deal with all types of personalities, quirky quirks and odd demands, but there is a limit to what this realtor will tolerate. Renter customers who offer less than asking price and then threaten a lawsuit when their offer is overturned by better deal is my limit. For those who may not know, the landlord (or owner in a purchase) has the right to reject anything even if they originally said they would take your lower offer, your ferrets or your questionable credit. It is their property and they can discriminate against anyone not on the fair housing list ... Attorneys for instance. You throw out the word lawsuit and I can all but guarantee you will be rejected faster than our nations debt rises! A few tips for renters/buyers when putting in your offer ...

    1. Be Patient. Owners can be out of the country, dealing with a family crisis or incapacitated for any number of reasons so buying or renting can test your patience some times. Just remember, your agent may also be frustrated by the slow pace. Do make sure, though, that your agent isn't leaving you in limbo for some reason. You don't want to miss out because your realtor isn't working for your best interest!

    2. Be Prepared. There is no fully enforceable contract until all parties have attached their John Hancock and returned the paperwork. Until that point, it is just a waiting and guessing game. And it ca be heartbreaking so be prepared to have to keep looking, have to raise your offer or terms or in the best case, to finalize that lease or contract quickly.

    3. Be Honest. Nothing can turn a sale or rental South quicker than a sudden oh, I forgot about .... Tell it all upfront so your agent has time to deal with the issue properly and make sure it doesn't turn around to bite! I recently had a couple "forget" about their two kids until the last second and sale couldn't go through. Have a pet? A giant aquarium? A penchant for playing basketball at 2 a.m. In your living room? Be upfront so we can do the best job for you and make the transaction as smooth as possible.

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