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By Carrie Dawson | Agent in Tampa, FL
  • Hard Money Financing: Discovering the Secrets of Easy Money

    Posted Under: Financing in Tampa  |  December 9, 2009 12:30 AM  |  2,036 views  |  No comments
    Need fast cash to finance your flipping houses, wholesaling, or rehabbing business? Try hard money loans and learn how easy it is to get what you need. 

    Nowadays, getting a loan to finance your business is a lot harder than it was before. Lots of factors need to be considered first to obtain a loan. Before you know it, you have already wasted three months trying to secure a loan that will never get approved. So if you’re tired of waiting and want to get in the game easily, you might want to consider a hard money loan. 

    Hard money loan is an asset-based type of financing through which a borrower receives funds secured by a property. Unlike traditional lending, hard money loans come from private investors.

    This lending process is particularly applicable for those who entering in the real estate investing business. Real investors need financing, and hard money lending is one way to go. 

    Here are some benefits of hard money lending that are certainly hard to ignore.

    • Hard money lenders support your venture in real estate investing. The basis for approval of a hard money loan depends on the deal and not the borrower’s credit score. Banks will not help you fund your rehabbing or flipping houses business even if you are qualified for a loan. 

    • Repair costs are financed by hard money lenders.

    • It is a good way to start a real estate investing business since you won’t be using your own money for your business. You could invest in a property and earn money without spending a single dollar out of your pocket.

    • Since hard money lenders are investors like you, discussing matters on real estate is easier. They know the ins and outs of the industry and you will not have a hard time negotiating with them.

    • You can flip and rehab a house without spending a single cent from your savings. Why so? Banks often require a 20% down payment for a loan, while hard money lenders don’t. 

    • It only takes days to approve a hard money loan, unlike banks that take months to approve a loan proposal. 

    These advantages are things a smart real estate investor shouldn’t ignore. It’s everything you need - a fast and easy access to finance your business. Acquiring a hard money loan is easy, but looking for one can be one tough task. Good thing there’s www.Rehabhardmoney.com, a site where hard money lenders and borrowers converge. Get a chance to meet the best lenders and borrowers by visiting today.
  • Hard Money Financing: Real Estate Investing Without Spending Your Own Money

    Posted Under: Financing in Tampa  |  December 9, 2009 12:19 AM  |  2,100 views  |  1 comment
    Starting your own business can be a tough job when you do not have enough capital to start with. However, in real estate investing today, things have been easier with hard money loans.

    Remember when investors say they can earn money without spending some of their own? Well, it’s possible. 

    Hard money loan is a loan secured by the value of a real estate property. By applying for a hard money loan, an investor can pursue his business of flipping and rehabbing houseswithout spending his own money. Unlike a traditional loan, you can obtain a hard money loan depending on the property or deal at hand. Simply put, if the property has potential to sell, you get the loan. 

    Hard money loan is advisable for beginning investors who lack funds or for those who have a bad credit history. Borrowers need not worry about their credit qualifications in obtaining a hard money loan. Credit qualifications will only have little or no effect on the loan. The amount of the loan is up to 70% of the after-repaired value of the property. However, one must be aware that hard money loan has higher interest rates than traditional loans.

    Hard money lending is a great way for real estate investors to benefit from. Fast and easy loans can significantly help investors start on their flipping, wholesaling and rehabbing business today. Just remember to carefully plan your approach and you can be on your way to making lots of money in real estate investing. 

    Usually, hard money lenders are investors themselves, thus they may be a little hard to find. However, thanks to the internet, finding the best hard money lender is much easier now. One website where you can find the best hard money lenders is RehabHardMoney.com. The site is dedicated in bringing hard money lenders and borrowers together. You can get more information about hard money loans by visiting the site today. 
  • REIWired: What’s The “It” Trend In The Real Estate Business?

    Posted Under: Financing in Tampa  |  December 8, 2009 11:58 PM  |  1,974 views  |  No comments
    Everybody is looking for the perfect business to invest on today. In fact, with so many employees laid off because of the global crises, more and more individuals have set their foot on, in the real estate business. REIwired.com is here to help every business enthusiast make it through the real estate biz today. Real estate continues to prove to be very promising despite the economic meltdown. Home rehabbing is a hot trend which is slowly proving to be a very lucrative business. REIwired.com shares with us some tried and tested tips on how one can save up and limit his budget when rehabbing a property:

    REIWired | What’s The “It” Trend In The Real Estate Business?

    Prioritize the gate or the door. What does your potential buyer see right away? The gate and the front door make the biggest impression. Given this, it is very important that you take time and prioritize the enhancement of these fixtures. It is not necessary that you buy a new one but try to make it pleasant in the eye of your target buyers. Nobody would want to live in a home which does not look attractive or clean, from the outside.

    Pay extra attention to the kitchen and bathroom. According to REIwired.com, the two most important rooms in a home is the kitchen and the bathroom. As mentioned, it is not always mandatory that we have the entire room renovated and every fixture changed. What’s important is that we at least make sure that the space is clean, presentable and cozy.

    Pleasant-looking exterior.A simple and neat landscaping can do wonders. Many buyers get attached to a home with an attractive and homey feel. If you have a pool, it is also very important that you scrub dirt off and change the water as often as possible. The moment that you advertise your property with media channels, buyers and spectators alike will drop by your place from time to time.

    Repaint. To make a home look new and neat, you do not always need to make everything new. Repainting can make a new impression. Simply choose a color which will make the property look good and cool in the eyes.

    One does not need to spend too much in order to have a marketable property. All it takes is a good eye for design, creative and ambitious approach to advertising, finding the right buyer and you can become a successful rehabber. REIwired.com shares with a lot of useful tips not only on home rehabbing but on how to succeed in the real estate industry, in general. 
  • REIWired: Helping You Beat the Competition

    Posted Under: Financing in Tampa  |  December 8, 2009 11:30 PM  |  1,941 views  |  No comments
    Investing in real estate is one of the most lucrative ways to earn money amid the ongoing financial crisis. However, with so many people wanting to take the plunge and become real estate investors, the competition has become tougher. The only “weapon” an investor can use against the competition is the amount of real estate knowledge he possess.

    Luckily, REIWired.com is here to give investors the advantage of having the latest and the best real estate education. Committed to providing cutting-edge and tried-and-tested techniques on investing in real estate, the website is literally a “one-stop shop” for all your learning needs. 

    For instance, if you’re new to the business of wholesaling houses and want to learn how you can get your hands on a steady supply of properties that you can flip, you can watch videos by the great “Wholesaling Guru” himself, Mike Collins. And if you want to try a different approach to the wholesaling business, you can learn from Preston Ely, who is probably one of the biggest names in the housing business for his ability to earn thousands of dollars a month without leaving his penthouse. Preston Ely is the classic example of not needing a college degree to succeed in the real estate industry.

    REIWired.com also has something for those who want to know the secrets to automating their business and hiring the right people who can help you grow as a real estate investor. Videos featuring NFL player-turned-investor Than Merrill, Chris Chico, and Tim Mai are great reference materials.

    Having trouble finding deals or creating good marketing strategies? Don’t worry because real estate marketing experts Dan Stojadinovic, Mark Jackson, and Brenda Ayala will share their secrets on using the right marketing tools to find great deals and generating good leads.

    If you are the type who prefers reading written materials instead of watching videos, REIWired can provide you with quality articles written by the experts themselves. And if you want to give your eyes a rest after a day of reading write-ups and watching videos, you can listen to audio streaming of tele-seminars conducted by seasoned investors.

    With all the quality real estate content being offered by REIWired.com, you can definitely have an edge over your competitors. So join the growing number of real estate investors who are signing up with REIWired’s training program and climb your way to the top of the success ladder.
  • REIWired: Rehabbing Homes Made Easy For The Newbies

    Posted Under: Financing in Tampa  |  December 8, 2009 11:17 PM  |  1,962 views  |  No comments
    Many people are venturing into the real estate today. REIWired.com is the perfect site to browse on if you want to find out about how to get into the 
    rehabbing houses. In this article, REIwired.com shares with a few tried-and-tested tips on how one can get started in rehabbing. 

    1. First and foremost, know the property that you are about to buy. Avoid looking for a lot of potential houses all over town, instead, focus only in one specific area and get yourself familiar with its real estate value. Know which properties will sell fast. It is also important that you find out which features are very important to buyers. Getting to know the average costs for the homes in the neighborhood is highly advised as well. For newbies, note that it is totally okay to buy houses even if they smell bad. This problem can be remedied. 

    2. Major remodeling problems should also be avoided. Replacing an entire roof will be very difficult and costly. Any problem involving foundation, electricity and plumbing may also be laborious. As you move forward and as you gain more experience in rehabbing houses, these type of problems may be easily avoided and even profitably handled. Just keep in mind that as early as now, avoid tacking something too ambitious for you to handle. 

    3. Always maintain a good credit score. REIwired.com considers this as a very important factor if you want to have a successful rehabbing business. While yes it’s true that real estate investment properties may be purchased even with poor credit, you will need to pay higher interest rates and miscellaneous fees which may eat up your profit margins. Given this, always keep your credit score in good standing so you won’t have a hard time applying and qualifying for the best loan rates whenever needed. 

    4. You will learn the most important lessons in the rehabbing business the moment that you start rehabbing houses. Every property that you sell for a good profit helps gain your confidence in yourself and in your support team. 

    5. Marketing is a stage. One needs tu put on her PR expertise when looking for the best buyer. Be pleasant and sensitive enough when dealing with your potential buyers.

    To find out more about how to start up a real estate business, check out 
    REIwired.com and learn a lot of useful tips from the first-hand experience of resource persons themselves.
  • Rehab-Real-Estate: Wise Property Investment Buying

    Posted Under: Financing in Tampa  |  December 8, 2009 6:32 PM  |  2,031 views  |  No comments
    Many investors are shunning property investment buying amid the recession. They say it is unsafe to invest during an economic slump. Smart ones, however, believe that now is actually the best time to invest in ral estate.

    Rehab-Real-Estate.com | Wise Property Investment Buying 

    A recent survey listed real estate among the top five investments during economic uncertainty. Experts had a good reson for lining up property investment buying along with gold and foreign currency investments. 

    Real estate is known to many as a form of long-term investment. But because of the current market conditions, investors won’t have to wait long to get returns for their investors. The economy is on its way to recovery, analysts say, so the prices of properties are also expected to pick up soon. That means that the properties you buy for pennies today will sell for dollars in the near future. Smart ones know this and they are snapping up properties today – while properties are still down. Now that’s wise investing.

    You won’t run short of properties to purchase if you decide to invest in real estate today. Whether wholesalers or rehabbers, investors are pretty interested in finding fixer upper homes. These properties are selling for very low prices. Some of them are dilapidated ad have been neglected for years, others for just a couple of months or days. Some fixer upper homes are being sold by their owners because they could not fund needed repairs. They consider this a strategic move amid the recession, when almost everyone considers financial stability as a primary concern.

    Fixer upper homes are a treasure for rehabbers. A good find can give them thousands of dollars within just weeks. What they do is known as rehabbing, or fixing and flipping houses. This kind of property investment buying is basically purchasing a cheap house, repairing it, and then selling it for a higher price. They are able to rehab a lot of properties nowadays because if the availability of undervalued fixer upper homes. To learn more about rehabbing, you can go to rehab-real-estate.com and check out informative articles and videos.

    Meanwhile, you can also buy REOs or real estate owned properties today. These houses are also selling for bargain prices. REO are properties repossessed by banks and other lenders from owners who failed to settle financial dues. Amid the recession, more and more houses are being repossessed and are turning into REOs. They have already undergone foreclosure and therefore all liens against them are already cleared. 

    Learn more about wise property investment buying at rehab-real-estate.com.
  • Rehab-Real-Estate: How to Make Money through Property Investment Buying

    Posted Under: Financing in Tampa  |  December 8, 2009 5:45 PM  |  2,092 views  |  No comments
    Ever wonder what is one of the best ways to earn money amid the ongoing economic recession? It is to invest in real estate. Despite all the hype about “losing” your money if you become a real estate investor today, certain market analysts and experts are saying that now is a great time to try property investment buying. According to them, because the prices of real estate are lower than before, it would be much easier for an investor to acquire multiple investment properties. 

    If you are interested in finding a career in the real estate business, there are three popular methods to make money through property investment buying. They are wholesaling, flipping, and rehabbing. Because each method has its own pros and cons, as an investor, you should carefully decide which one suits you the most.

    In real estate, wholesaling is the process of placing a property under sales contract and then assigning or “passing on” the said contract to a buyer, who will close the transaction. According to seasoned investors, wholesaling houses is ideal for beginners because this type of real estate investing is less complicated and less risky. Since an investor is not technically buying a house or a property, he doesn’t require a large sum of money on hand or to obtain a bank loan.

    Flipping, on the other hand, is somewhat similar to wholesaling and the two terms are often used interchangeably. In this method of investing in real estate, an investor buys an undervalued property and then quickly sells it to another buyer at a much higher price. Some people fear that flipping homes is against the law. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with reselling a real estate asset unless you commit mortgage fraud and other related illegal activities.

    The third method, rehabbing, also starts with property investment buying. A rehabber usually purchases an old property and then renovates it before finding a buyer for the said house. In some instances, investors find tenants and rent out the rehabbed properties instead of selling them. 

    Investing in real estate can bring you a lot of good opportunities. Aside from providing you with a quick income, it can also bring you long-term investments. However, to succeed in the business, you need to continue to educate yourself with the latest market trends and the right information about real estate investing. 

    So if you’re looking for quality content on property investment buying, you should log on toRehab-Real-Estate.com, the home of top-notch real estate articles, audio files, and videos.
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