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By Bryan Watkins | Broker in Mesa, AZ

IRS Tax Code: how tall are you?

Here is one of the great visuals of my 70's college career, B.C. (Before Computers).

I was enrolled in a good college and my father was paying good money for my tuition. I felt pressure to perform. Where were the carefree days I had heard and dreamed about? (sadly, nowhere to be found).

I was in the Accounting program at a large school, wondering if I was out of my mind for studying to be an ‘Accountant'.  The next scheduled class I was to take was ‘Intro to Federal Tax', a class with a title to scare anyone. At least I was in the class with my brother-in-law, and we could and did commiserate together.

Professor Palmer walked into the room on the first day pushing a handcart. It was similar to the one I used to move a refrigerator the week before. Heavy duty sucker. He had some black binder-type books stacked on it that he was pushing. I swear -they were very tall- I remember somewhere between 4 and 5 feet.

As he started the class on that first day, the Professor told us that this class was a tough one for many, and he understood that. We would have various and miscellaneous tax questions throughout the semester, he also understood that. But, he said, look at the tax code books. They are printed on bible-like thin paper, so more pages could get into the binders. 

He said he would NOT be able to answer ALL our questions. No one had all the pages memorized, with chapter and verse. It was way too complicated. Just take it in stride, he said. Do the best you can do.

And we did. I escaped with a ‘B' in the class, and swore to NEVER compete with tax accountants for a job in my lifetime.

I have been true to my oath.

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