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By Bruno Pisano | Agent in Los Angeles, CA
  • What to Bring When Viewing a Home | Los Angeles Real Estate | Homes

    Posted Under: How To... in Los Angeles  |  September 23, 2009 12:26 PM  |  1,708 views  |  No comments

    Buying a home is exciting, especially if it is your first time. There are a lot of homes out there, and a lot of options to consider.  Unfortunately, it’s very easy for the details of those homes to begin to run together, especially if you are visiting several in one day. There are a few ways to prevent this, however, and keep the details of each home straight. One of the best is to bring along a few supplies when you see the homes.

    The first thing that you should bring is a small notebook and pen or pencil. As you go through a home, take notes about any features you like, approximate size of the rooms, or any concerns you might have about the property. You should also make notes of anything important the realtor may mention. Write down your initial opinion of the home as you go along, and then record your overall impression once you are back in the car.

    You should also bring along a digital camera. Take pictures of the front of the home, the backyard, and any features that really stand out. You should also take pictures of any areas you don’t like or are concerned about, such as foundation cracks or water damage. This will make it easier to remember which home had the rose bushes out front or which one had the archways and bath that you liked.

    You may also want to bring along an impartial friend, especially if you would be viewing the homes on your own. It is easy to get caught up in one or two great features, overlooking any problem areas in the process. Having someone along who will not be living in the home, and can therefore remain objective, can alert you to any problems they see. It’s difficult to keep everything in perspective.

    When you get home after viewing several homes, look through your notes and pictures. Anything else you want to add to your notes should be added in. Make a list of all of the homes you have viewed, and cross off any homes that you cannot see yourself living in. This can also help you to make the difficult choice between two or more homes when there are several that you really like.

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