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Bridgewater NJ School System- Does it make the grade?

This is one of the main questions you recieve when you’re speaking with someone interested in living in Bridgewater. I’ve written previous posts on the school system within Bridgewater so that is not the point I want to make tonight. What I want to point out is how to find the information you need. You need to seek information straight from the people who give the school their “grades.”

It may sound simple but the State of New Jersey gives every school in the state a report card. This report card is extremely important because it can answer all the questions you may have all in one place.

For example in 2008 the state had this to say about the Bridgewater NJ school system:

“This is a very good district striving to be better and there is certainly much to be excited about. But a school district is only as strong as the people in it. Thanks to an outstanding community, excellent staff, supportive parents, and motivated students, Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District is truly one of the pre-eminent districts in the state. ”

All this can be found at:


Make sure you check out each narative for the individual schools with the Bridgewater school district to get the full picture.

If you have any other main conerns the best thing to do is make an appointment with the schools in question and get your answers from the source. This tried and true method is a wonderful way to give you the full picture on a given town.

For all other info go to the Board of Education website which is :


I hope that helps and make sure to give me a call if youhave any questions and we’ll get it done.

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By Jeanne Feenick (908) 337-0943,  Tue Jan 12 2010, 08:50
Agree that the Star Ledger School Report Card is a great resource! It allows you to do a compare and contrast among school districts which is very handy. I find that most buyers are generally thinking of school districts in comparison to one another as they evaluate communities.

As with most things of great importance, I always recommend to buyers that they contact the school district directly to ensure that the particular school assignment for the property is correct and also to discuss any other questions/concerns.

Jeanne Feenick

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