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By Brian Ripp, CRS, GRI, Broker | Broker in Fremont, CA

Add a Birdbath to your Landscaping

If you think you’d enjoy watching a playful bunch of colorful, melodious guests frolic in your yard, why not install a birdbath?  Here are some tips to attract and protect birds;

  • Birds prefer a shallow pool of about 3 inches or less.  If you already have a birdbath that may be too deep, you can simply add decorative rocks to the deepest areas.
  • The sound of flowing water is alluring to birds, so baths that have a fountain can dramatically increase the number of visitors.
  • Another important factor to keep in mind is the safety of the birds.  If they feel threatened, they’ll avoid your bath.  Be careful not to place the bath close to where a predator – like a pet cat – is likely to be lurking.  When birds are wet, their ability to fly away quickly is impaired, so they need to be able to spot predators well in advance to feel safe.  Placing the bath under a few low-lying branches will make it easy for the birds to flutter up into a tree if danger is spotted.
  • And to make cleaning simpler for you, place the birdbath within easy reach of a hose.  You also will want to separate your birdfeeder and the birdbath so the seeds and droppings can’t dirty the water.  Finally, change the water every few days to prevent algae growth and to keep your feathered friends happy.


By Delaine Campbell,  Fri Jul 19 2013, 12:51
Great idea

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