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By Brett Malvin | Agent in New York, NY

A fireplace in New York City? You don’t say!

A traditional fireplace

We’re not sure about you, but these past few bone chilling months have really ignited in us the dream for a full scale, working fireplace. You know, the kind we had growing up in our small town – the kind where you’d gather wood from the backyard, stuff the fireplace with crumpled newspapers and logs, light a match, and voila – and God said, “Let there be light!” Sadly for most New Yorkers, working fireplaces are hard to come by. There’s always the chance of a quaint, non-working fireplace in a pre-war home, but for the most part, fireplaces, like large closets, aren’t exactly a regular occurrence here in New York.

You have to wonder why. Yes, New York is like a garbage-scented sauna in the summer months, but we get winter just like the rest of the east coast, not to mention our wind chills are as bad as those upstate. The construction of New York as a city means a whole lot of wind tunnels. Like we said – bone chilling! So why, we wonder, aren’t there more fireplaces in New York? This isn’t Florida!

The problem, most likely, is that most fireplaces require a lot of space, a lot of upkeep and most importantly, a lot of ventilation. In a city like New York, where everything is packed in both horizontally and vertically, it’s often simply not possible to provide the ventilation necessary for a real working fireplace. Even gas fireplaces require some sort of hookup and ventilation. What’s a fireplace-wanting house hunter to do?

Hunt down the homes that do value the importance and coziness factor of a fireplace, of course!

Fireplace at Graceline Court

Graceline Court, a post war condominium building located in Harlem, boasts wood burning fireplaces in select residences.

If Harlem’s a bit far up for your liking, The Harsen House on the picturesque Upper West Side offers gas burning fireplaces in every residence.

Those looking for a loft residence will adore Loft 14. Situated on the cusp of the West Village and Chelsea, Loft 14’s private residences gas burning fireplaces and stunning kitchens for a look that is at once modern and homey.

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