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By Brenda Meyers, Realtor | Agent in 80202
  • Denver Neighborhoods - always adding info

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    Denver is a city full of vibrant neighborhoods - ranging from the laid back Wash Park to the more eclectic Santa Fe Arts District -  they are all unique and you can read about them thru the links provided below.  While not all neighborhoods listed on the map are featured here, if you are interested, just give me a call, email or text and we'll get you the info!  I focused mostly on those with shopping, eating and art districts.  Here is a more general map to help you stay grounded.  Lots of links to view!



    WASHINGTON PARK [ WASH PARK ] - Huge Park, lovely neighborhood!

    Wash Park Video

    Wash Park Facebook

    Washington Park Neighborhood Location Map 

    PLATT PARK Neighborhood Welcomes You!

    Platt Park Video

    Platt Park Facebook

        Platt Park



    Capitol Hill and Colfax neighborhood video

    Cap Hill Facebook 


    UPTOWN is all around cool!

    Uptown  Neighborhood video   includes City Park and Curtis Park

    Facebook page



    City Park        Facebook page

    Curtis Park



    STAPELTON and LOWRY neighborhoods

    Stapleton neighborhood video - includes Lowry

    Stapleton Facebook page


    Lowry Facebook Page



    Santa Fe Art District Video

    Sante Fe Art District Facebook

    Art District of Santa Fe Facebook


    Golden Triangle Museum Art District

    Golden Triangle Video

    Golden Triangle Biz Page


    River North  RiNo Neighborhood

    Video of RiNo

    RiNo Facebook


    HIGHLANDS AND LOWER HIGHLANDS [LoHi]  hot spot of Denver

    Highlands and LoHi video

    Highlands Square video

    Highlands Square Merchant Page

    LoHi Facebook


    15th and Platte

    Merchant Biz Page


  • Be Sustainable, Be Green & Save Green with Energy Efficient Windows

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    Be Sustainable, Be Green and Save Green with Energy Efficient Windows

    April 10, 2013

    Egret Windows LOGO Be Sustainable, Be Green and Save Green with Energy Efficient WindowsInefficient windows and doors can waste a lot of energy. If your home is getting too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, the culprits could be your windows and doors. Upgrading to sustainably-sourced, energy efficient windowsand doors can make your home more comfortable while saving money on your energy bill.

    1 150x150 Be Sustainable, Be Green and Save Green with Energy Efficient Windows2 150x150 Be Sustainable, Be Green and Save Green with Energy Efficient Windows3 150x150 Be Sustainable, Be Green and Save Green with Energy Efficient Windows

    Upgraded replacement doors and windows come with great long-term benefits, but they require an up-front investment for quality products. We’ll work with you to select the best products for your needs and budget and help you understand how they may differ from one another in performance.

    Energy efficient windows and doors made from responsibly-sourced wood and other sustainable materials support a healthy planet, as well as being  natural and non-toxic. Even better, eco-friendly products are becoming more affordable, which means doing the right thing can fit your budget.

    Because Egret is the expert in replacement doors and windows, we know what works best in our Colorado climate. Most windows are made for the northeast or southeast regions in the U.S., which aren’t necessarily the best fit for Colorado. We know which products best take advantage of our altitude and year-round sunshine, maximizing the natural light in your home and optimizing energy efficiency.

    For Your Free Consultation, Call Us Today At (303) 458-8000.


    Welcome to a local Colorado replacement windows and doors company that is solely dedicated to bringing luxurious beauty to the homes of Denver, Boulder and the mountain communities all along the Front Range.

    les jones Be Sustainable, Be Green and Save Green with Energy Efficient Windows

    A Message From Les Jones

    We were born here, we grew up here and this is where we are raising our kids. And, we like to think that we have an intimate understanding of the way Coloradans prefer to live their lives; people who enjoy their hard-earned 21st century comforts but are never too far away from the majestic mountains and rugged, fragile wilderness that lies beyond our back yards.

    That perfectly reflects our commitment to harnessing our natural resources considerately and wisely while installing beautiful craftsmanship that is built to last.

    We always do our best to source from suppliers and local, respected craftsmen who share our passion for sustainability and who conform to the exacting standards that we believe will help protect and nurture our environment way, way in to the future. In a nutshell, we are running a company that will be proud of us!

    Building on decades of local experience, we continue to fit high-quality, long-lasting replacement doors and windows where longevity, common-sense, and good old fashioned value-for-money are always a priority, and we’re proud to serve all these areas:

    Denver, Golden, Boulder, Highlands Ranch, Genesee, Park Hill, Littleton, Greenwood Village, Ken Caryl, Centennial, Lone Tree, Evergreen, Wheat Ridge, Vail, Aspen, Steamboat Springs, Avon, Silverthorne, Dillon, Breckenridge , Granby-Winter Park-Fraser, Telluride, Edwards.

    A Word About The Egret.

    When we chose this magnificent bird to be our guiding light, we did so quite deliberately. Strong, individual, independent and free-thinking, she is at one with her surroundings and never ceases to inspire us with her grace and elegance. Shouldn’t your windows and doors also be like that? We like to think so.

    And, that is why we consult with you to guide you through the myriad product and fixtures options – right down to the tiniest details – that will enhance the character of your space, help you reduce your carbon footprint and ensure that you’re always looking forward to coming home at the end of a long, hard day.

    What’s Next?

    Perhaps you’re considering replacement windows and doors or specifying the fenestration options for an altogether grander design. You’ll find that we can tailor a solution for just about every budget so just give me a call personally, or send us a mail if you’d prefer, and you’ll be on the first step towards the enviably beautiful home you deserve. And with our tempting summer offers, there has never been a better time to upgrade to Egret!

  • Platte Park Neighborhood, Denver CO

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    Check out the Platte Park Neighborhood, part of south Denver, just south of Washington Park - a wonderful place to live and play!

    Platte Park Neighborhood video - enjoy!

    4b24a442edd39fc53c7c10bb4980e4e9 Platte Park Neighborhood


  • Finding Your Home Decor Style

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    Finding Your Style of Home Décor

    On March 8, 2013, in Design Psychology, Home Trends, by Meghan Brozanic
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    Developing a comfortable home environment with touches of your own personal style can be overwhelming, especially since there are so many kinds of décor to choose from. Finding the right style to fit your personality is easier than you think, though and it can transform a home into a comfy sanctuary, whether residents rent or own.

    Here’s a primer to help you figure out which type of home décor is the right fit.

    Credit: Design:Shuffle

    Contemporary: This home décor style features clean lines and smooth, round surfaces. The contemporary color palette focuses on neutral tones such as beige, white, and tan, with light woods and metallic accents for a small pop of color. Fabrics in contemporary style homes are generally cottons, silks, and linens, which balance out the austere features with some needed texture. This style emphasizes ease, functionality, simplicity, and no-muss-no-fuss living.

    Credit: recent settlers

    Modern: Modern home décor also emphasizes simplicity, but it’s characterized by geometric shapes, symmetry, and a sleek feeling. Black, silver, gray, and white are popular modern design colors, but are often paired with a dramatic accent color. Surfaces tend to be granite or concrete, and hardware is generally stainless steel. Despite the emphasis on starkness, modern design is notable for the importance it places on eye-catching and vibrant art pieces.

    Credit: coco+kelley

     Traditional: If you like luxurious fabrics and ornate patterns, the traditional style of home décor is for you. Generally inspired by homes of the 18th century, the most popular design movements for traditional home décor are British Colonial revival, 18th century English, 19th century neoclassical, and French country. Traditional homes are warm and inviting, with peach, red, tan, and green tones, dark wood paneling, and an emphasis on eye-catching and over-the-top accessories that often feature floral patterns, gold accents, and rich fabric.

    Credit: Justin Beckley

    Cottage: The cottage home décor style is all about comfort, coziness, and textured accents. The palette typically revolves around colors you’ll see in a garden; shades of greens, pink, and yellows, and white as a neutral furniture accent color. The soft colors are contrasted with rich textural elements like wicker, natural fiber fabrics, and weathered accessories. Cottage furniture is generally large and inviting. If you are drawn to the “shabby chic” aesthetic, cottage home décor is a good fit for you.

    Credit: johnnyvintage

    Eclectic: Why have just one home décor style when you can choose your favorite elements from all of them? The eclectic home décor style is gaining in popularity because of its flexibility and emphasis on building a décor strategy out of key pieces that you already own. Eclectic home décor mixes and matches colors, time periods, fabrics, shapes, and textures to create a space that is truly unique to the individual. Despite that, eclectic style is still held together by a neutral color scheme and allowing your personal style to shine with creative and bold accessories.

    Meghan Brozanic

    Meghan Brozanic is a social media and production coordinator for REALTOR.org. You can contact her at MBrozanic[at]realtors.org.

  • Bohemian Loft Living Room by Vintage Renewal

    Posted Under: Shopping & Local Amenities in Denver, Design & Decor in Denver  |  May 22, 2013 12:40 PM  |  359 views  |  No comments

    provided courtesy of Vintage Renewal

    visit this dynamic local indie designer site:   http://www.vintagerenewal.com

    Vintage Renwal Pinkcouch1 Bohemian Loft Living Room by Vintage Renewal

    dramatic color, texture and whimsey = PERFECTION!

    What really excites me about this room: the faded pink vintage tufted sofa with the ivory trim is definitely the star of the room for me, combined with the fabulous Carl Gliko abstract acrylic painting on canvas.  The rug and pillows bring such fantastic texture utilizing the combination of whimsical and natural hues.  The rough burlap and smooth silky vintage ties and scarves on the Vintage Renewal pillows offset that brilliantly faded, but still vibrant couch.

    It’s important to bring the eye up and down the room using color and dimension.  For example, the ladder of pillows brings in both color and function.  Having a focus point for the color is very important too.  The abstract art ties in all the colors and has tremendous impact on the overall look of the room.

    The most important advice I can give on bringing new life to an old find is this, don’t limit yourself to the original use of the piece.  That sweet little toddler set started out as a solo abandoned school chair and a random collection of cast off materials.  With a little bit of imagination, that old wooden picture frame became a tabletop and the legs from a previously trashed mid century find transformed this salvage into a toddler’s chalkboard table.  Color match the fabric on the school chair with the paint on the table top and tie in the chalkboard paint on both pieces and you have a great little set for your little one!

    Splurge on some really interesting pieces in your room to add some old world charm and bold color, but mix it in with whimsical vintage finds and high design ideas.  You will have yourself a one-of-a-kind room people can’t stop talking about!  A white backdrop is a great canvas for lots of color splashes throughout your space.

    If you are afraid to add the bold color with upholstery, try a big colorful painting or splashing in colorful pillows on a more neutral sofa or chair.

    Live with the things you love because your home is just an extension of your own personal style.  Get ideas from your closet, if you are unsure how to add color into your space.  Think of your sofa as a pair of your favorite pants that go with everything and the pillows as your flashy belts and accessories.  How do you pair them up in your wardrobe?  That might help you find your own style at home too!

    Have fun with it and enjoy your space as much as your favorite outfit!

    Written by Jeanne Connolly of Vintage Renewal.  www.vintagerenewal.com

  • Colorado Home Insurance: Preparing Your Home for Vacation

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    provided courtesy of Steven Ehler, Premier Insurance Group

    ins photo for blog Steve Ehler INS 300x199 Colorado Home Insurance: Preparing Your Home for Vacation

    Packing your bag and reserving your hotel room aren’t the only things you must do before you take off for a vacation. You should also prepare your home to lessen the risk of burglary or accident while you are away. A house sitter can be the ultimate defense against these risks, but if you can’t afford to hire someone to live in your home while you’re gone, try these easy and cheap prep tips instead.

    Prepare in case of a robbery: No matter how many safety measures you take, you could still be burglarized. Prepare for the worst by making a list of all of your possessions. It will be a big help when you need to straighten things out with your Colorado home insurance company. If you have a video recording device or can borrow one, take a video inventory. Save the video in a safe place such as a safe deposit box. If you have large items, etch your driver’s license number into them. It will make them much easier to identify if they end up at a local pawn shop. Nobody expects to be a victim of crime, but it does occur. By taking a moment to safeguard your house you can greatly reduce your chances of being a victim or make it easier to recover from a robbery.

    Timed lights: Set your lights up on an automatic timer so that they go on and off at specified times of the day. Some of these gadgets even allow you to set the activity to randomly light the inside of your home. This will make it look as though there is someone home, even though there isn’t.

    Check your smoke detectors: Before leaving, check your smoke detectors to make sure the batteries and units are still functional. If it’s close to your designated time to change the batteries, go ahead and change them before you leave.

    Stop mail and newspaper delivery: A few days worth of mail in the mailbox and a pile of newspapers by the front door are sure signs that you aren’t home—and create the closest thing to an engraved invitation a would-be burglar could ask for. Talk to your post office about having your mail held while you are away and call your newspaper to ask for delivery to be stopped. You may even ask about having the papers you miss donated to your local school or library.

    Turn everything off: Go through your home before you leave and turn everything off. Double check automated items like coffee makers to ensure that they don’t start their normal daily routines unattended.

    Lock windows and doors: Make sure all your windows and exterior doors are locked before you leave. Don’t take for granted that they are; complete a physical check before you go.

    Shut off the water valve in winter: Because there is a risk of frozen pipes bursting, make sure to turn off your water valve when you go away for a winter vacation. Even if you aren’t quite into the snowy months, you might want to shut off the water against an unexpected cold snap.

    Install an alarm system: Consider installing an alarm system before you go on vacation. It doesn’t have to be a monitored system, but simply a few door and window alarms from your local home improvement store. If you do this, you may want to notify a neighbor and give them the name and phone number of a relative who has access to your home. That way, if the alarm goes off, a relative can be notified to check out your house, call the police and shut off the alarm when danger has passed.

    Sometimes, it’s the little steps that count the most in prepping your home before you go away. Using these tips can make the difference between coming back to a catastrophe or to an intact home after a restful vacation.

    Call us at 877-430-0092 for a comprehensive Colorado homeowners insurance quote.
    Steven Ehler
    Premier Insurance Group

    Now servicing Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, and Texas
    785 Wadsworth Blvd
    Lakewood, CO 80214 Ph: 303-238-5851 Fx: 303-237-2688

    2121 N Lincoln Ave
    Loveland, CO 80538 Ph: 970-744-6600

    steve ehler INS photo Colorado Home Insurance: Preparing Your Home for Vacation

    Steven Ehler

  • Creating Wealth Through Homeownership – The Proof

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    provided courtesy of Gavin Ekstrom, Professional Mortgage Lender

    http://http://www.303mtg.com     Call For a Free Quote  720.231.6999

    Gavin and team photo Creating Wealth Through Homeownership – The Proof

    Several real estate economists have shown that the average homeowner accumulates more overall wealth than the average renter.[i] However, it is not clear how this is done. Is it that owned property usually appreciates at such a rate that, after considering leverag, returns to ownership are extraordinarily high? Said another way, might homeowners accumulate more overall wealth because ownership is a great levered equity creator through property appreciation? Or, is it that owners acquire greater wealth, on average, because they are systematically paying down a mortgage thereby creating equity thanks to loan amortization? In other words, paying off property creates wealth.

    In ongoing research being conducted by Beracha and Johnson,[ii] these and other questions concerning homeownership and the accumulation of wealth are being investigated. In earlier research, Beracha and Johnson show that renting is the superior investment strategy; however, in this earlier strict horserace between buying and renting, a very bold assumption is made. Specifically, it is assumed that any rent savings (from lower rent versus mortgage payments) are reinvested without fail. Thereby, after balancing all of the costs and benefits from ownership and comparing them to renters’ portfolios from reinvesting rent savings, renting wins.

    The question, however, very quickly becomes that, in a setting where Americans generally save less than 5% of their disposable income, is this assumption realistic and how might the removal of this reinvestment decision alter the outcome of the horserace between buy and renting? As part of their current research, this question is directly addressed. In particular, Beracha and Johnson find that after allowing renters to spend any rent savings on consumption (beer, cookies, healthcare, education, etc.), ownership leads to greater wealth accumulation, on average. The graph below highlights this finding.

    pic1 Creating Wealth Through Homeownership – The Proof
    The graph looks at the ratio of renters’ portfolio values to owners’ proceeds from sale for the entire U.S. between 1978 and 2010 both with strict reinvestment of rent savings and without reinvestment of rent savings.[iii] Clearly, numbers greater than 1 indicate that renting leads to greater wealth accumulations, while numbers less than 1 indicate that homeownership creates greater wealth, on average.

    When renters are forced to reinvest (top line in the graph), the results confirm the earlier findings of Beracha and Johnson (2012). That is, in a strict horserace between buying and renting, renting wins in the vast majority of cases. However, when renters are allowed to spend rent savings on consumption (i.e. economically act like the typical American consumer), homeownership wins in virtually all instances. Notice that in the bottom line of the graph (no reinvestment), the renters’ portfolio values divided by owners’ sale proceeds is great than 1 for only four of the 32 years of the study. Thus, when renters are allowed to spend rent savings, homeownership is the clear winner in the wealth accumulation horserace.

    Finally, in the same current research, Beracha and Johnson find that allowing for property appreciation rates to increase as much as 20% over their actual historic values results in virtually no change in the outcomes concerning wealth accumulation. That is, property appreciation contributes only marginally to wealth accumulation


    Without proof many have speculated about this outcome for years. However, there is now actual quantifiable evidence that homeownership is not the great levered equity creator that it has so often been touted to be. Instead, it appears that homeownership creates extra wealth mainly through its ability to force owners to save rather than through property appreciation. Thus, homeownership appears to be a self-imposed savings, which through time leads to greater wealth accumulation as compared to comparable renters. In short, buying a home makes Americans save.

    Who says that Americans are horrible savers? Apparently, we are not. We have simply been saving through our homes rather than putting our savings in the bank.


    [i] Homeownership is the most viable path to wealth creation for the majority of Americans. See Engelhardt (1994), Haurin, Hendershott and Wachter (1996), and Rohe, Van Zandt and McCarhty (2002), among others.

    [ii] Eli Beracha and Ken H. Johnson, 2012, Beer and Cookies Impact on Homeowners’ Wealth Accumulation, ongoing research.

    [iii] The research assumes 8-year holding periods. When the holding period is allowed to vary between four and twelve years, the results change only marginally. Thus, holding period has very little to do with the results.

    Call For a Free Quote  720.231.6999

    and let them know that Brenda Meyers suggested it!

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