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By Brandi Ostwald | Agent in Bozeman, MT

Serenity as a Selling Tool

The interior space of a listing is indisputably of utmost importance when selling a home. The little known helpful tip is that the ancient practice of Chinese Feng Shui, translated as wind water, can propel home owners to establish the proper flow of energy within their listing. Feng Shui is known to organize, energize, and vitalize a space in which its practices have been implemented. (http://www.luxspaces.com/54/use-feng-shui-to-sell-a-luxury-house/)


There are three known rooms that ‘sell’ a home so focus on those areas. The kitchen provides the sustenance, food/water, to live. The bathroom provides one with relaxation, bath/shower/spa. Finally, the bedroom provides rest. Each of these spaces has the ability to be filled with a good and positive flow of energy. When done properly, little adjustments can increase the luxury of your listing with little to no spending.


The kitchen is a conflicting area of energy. Fire from the oven battles the water from the sink and dishwasher. Because of this, be wary of the balance needed to achieve tranquility. Having a balance of hot tone of reds/yellows/oranges and cool tone of white/silver/blue/black even will harmonize with the elements of the space. Countertops should be left clear with a pop of color such as fruit or flowers to being the full space together.     


The bathroom is known to drain. Drain energy, drain water, and drain filth. In order to combat this, keep the doors of the bathroom closed during showings to both keep the drainage from drawing from the rest of the house as well as to create a grand entrance into the space when you reveal it. Make it your personal spa: toilet seat down, window open, and possibly inserting a water element for sound, looks, and re-circulation purposes.


The bedroom is a rejuvenating point. No computers, TV, or work related material should enter this sanctuary. Earth energy runs strong here so warm earthy tones produce the most energy. The bed should be the focus because that is where the healing takes place.

These methods have withstood the test of time having been implemented for thousands of years. While many factors admittedly go into the selling of your listing, making these adjustments to the rooms above with generate interest, positive energy, and hopefully a fully price offer!

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