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By Gary Dwyer | Agent in Boston, MA

New Rental Regulations Rejected

If you are a small landlord in Boston - I have great news - the Boston City Council has rejected an attempt to impose even more onerous regulations on property owners that would have cost property owners over $2 million in new fees which would have been passed along to consumers. Here is the update from the Greater Boston Real Estate Board

"The Boston City Council rejected without prejudice a proposed ordinance that would have required mandatory inspections of over 140,000 rental apartment units in Boston. This ordinance would have replaced the current requirement of inspection at the time of lease expiration. To accomplish this task the City was planning to hire at least seventeen new staff and would have assessed over 2 million dollars in new fees to owners."


By Steffy Hristova,  Wed Nov 7 2012, 13:47
It makes sense to inspect the place at lease expiration, but why during the term of the lease?
By Gary Dwyer,  Wed Nov 7 2012, 14:15
Boston and Massachsuetts have rental laws that are very much in the favor of the tenant already, but this was an attempt to put even more regulation into the market. There are a some landlords that do not maintain their properties and the City wanted to go after everyone rather than just focusing on the properties that are in violation.
By Rafael Hernandez,  Fri Nov 9 2012, 07:25
That sounds good. Saving landlords a lot of money as well as tax payers.

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