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By Bob Davis | Agent in Orange County, CA
  • Stop Foreclosure Anaheim Hills

    Posted Under: Home Selling in Anaheim Hills, Foreclosure in Anaheim Hills, In My Neighborhood in Anaheim Hills  |  January 2, 2012 11:32 AM  |  475 views  |  No comments

    Stop Foreclosure Anaheim Hills

    Stop Foreclosure Anaheim Hills

    Step 1 ) You should always contact a local Anaheim Hills Foreclosure Real Estate Agent to learn what your options are, you have several options other than just letting your property go to foreclosure.

    Even if you dont think that you want to speak with an agent at this point it is always best to start your research as early as possible. Have an agent run comps and let you know what the precise value of your home is. This way you have a solid number that you can work with.

    Currently several banks and lenders now have "Get Paid to Short Sale" programs which you can learn more about at my website www.FacingForeclosureOC.com

    Often times homeowners do not realize that they have various options when they are facing a foreclosure situation. I have helped dozens of famalies in stop foreclosure in Anaheim Hills. I would suggest reading the following information prior to starting any loan modification or short sale process. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about loan modifications, short sales or a deed in lieu of foreclosure.

    If you are in Anahime Hills, CA you could start at www.FacingForeclosureOC.com , otherwise do a quick Internet search for terms like. Anaheim Hills Foreclosure Help or Stop Foreclosure Anaheim Hills but you will insert your own county or city name instead of "Anaheim Hills, CA" like I did here. You should be able to find tons of information about Anaheim Hills Foreclosure Real Estate Agents.

    A local  Anaheim Hills Foreclosure Real Estate agent should ask you a series of questions to help you uncover where you are at with your foreclosure and possibly reveal new options that you were unaware of.

    1) Have you tried to stop Foreclosure in Anaheim Hills with a loan modification?

    2) Have you already listed your home or tried a short sale?

    3) Do you know what a Deed In Lieu Of Foreclosure is?

    4) What is the hardship that led to the foreclosure of your Anaheim Hills property?

    A) Did you have a job loss?
    B) Illness?
    C) Unforeseen major medical expense?
    D) Pay or salary cutback at work?

    5) Is the Anaheim Hills Foreclosure property your primary residence?

    A) Have you lived in the property in the last 12 months?

    (weather or not you have lived in the property in the last 12 months will affect your process)

    Step 2) Your local Anaheim Hills Foreclosure Real Estate agent such as the ones you can find at our website www.FacingForeclosureOC.com should be able to let you know exactly what your options are and how you can stop foreclosure in Anaheim Hills

    The worst thing any family can do is play the waiting game, all to often people call me back after60 or 90 days and ask if I can help them. Sometimes I am able to help them and sometimes I am not able to help them. But time is of the essence and when my clients just wait around and pray most often the result is the same. They end up loosing the home, they get no cash back from the bank , the loan modification that they qualify for is not appealing to them because they are further behind on the mortgage.

    Many times my clients here in Anaheim Hills will apply for a loan modification only to learn that the new terms of the loan their lender is offering are not all that favorable. When we lay it out for them and we take a look 6 or 12 months down the road they often times realize that they are going to be in the same place that they are in now. Also its should be noted that less than 2% of permanent reduction Loan Modifications qualify for a principle reduction nationwide. (FinancialStability.gov)

    It should be noted that at anytime during the evalutaion process of your Anaheim Hills property you may opt to start a short sale on your proeprty.

    Understanding the benefits and negative aspects of a short sale , a loan modification and a deed in lieu of foreclosure is absolutely crucial, each option can impact a home owners credit negativley but some more so than others. Currently a short sale has been shown to have the least negative impact on a persons credit (as opposed to foreclosure or deed in lieu)

    More often than not my Anaheim Hills clients see the long term benefits of moving forward with the Short Sale as opposed to dragging things out with a loan modification, (although the choice is always left up to the homeowner) Please understand that the choice is always left up to you, the homeowner and it is simply my proffession to guide to and explain your options in detail at all stages of your transaction. Currently if a home owner opts to perform an Anaheim Hills short sale they can be elligable to purchase a new home in as little as 18 - 24 months. Couple that with todays drastically reduced real estate values and cash incentives to short sale and its easy to see why many Anaheim Hills home owners are oppting ot short sale their home as oppesed to trying a loan modification or a simple deed in lieu. (currently a deed in lieu has a much more negative impact on a persons credit than a short sale, and there are no cash back incentives when performing a deed in lieu).

    If you would like to stop foreclosure in Anaheim Hills please contact us as soon as possible at www.FacingForeclosureOC.com to learn about your options. We have helped people all over Southern Californina to stop their current forelcosure, keep a foreclosure off of their credit and provide them much needed financial relief from skyrocketing mortgage payments.

    "Get Paid to Short Sale"

  • www.FacingForeclosureOC.com

    Bob Davis
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