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By Bob Davis | Agent in Orange County, CA

Stop Foreclosure Yorba Linda

Stop Foreclosure Yorba Linda

Stop Foreclosure Yorba Linda

Stop Foreclosure Yorba Linda
Step 1 is contact a local Yorba Linda Foreclosure Real Estate Agent to learn what your options are.
  • If you are in Yorba Linda, CA you could start at www.FacingForeclosureOC.com , otherwise do a quick internet search for terms like. Yorba Linda Foreclosure Help or  Stop Foreclosure Yorba Linda but you will insert your own county or city name instead of "Yorba Linda" like I did here.

  • A local agent should ask you a series of questions such as -

    1) Have you tried to stop forclosure in Yorba Linda with a loan modification?

    2) Have you already listed your home or tried a short sale?

    3) Do you know what a Deed In Lieu Of Foreclosure is?

    4) What is the hardship that led to the foreclosure?

  • 5) Is the Yorba Linda Foreclosure property  your primary residence?
  • Step 2 Your local agent such as the ones at www.FacingForeclosureOC.com should be able to let you know exactly what your options are and how you can stop foreclosure in Yorba Linda

  • Many times my clients here in Yorba Linda will apply for a loan modification only to learn that the new terms of the loan their lender is offering are not all that favorable. When we lay it out for them and we take a look 6 or 12 months down the road they often times realize that they are going to be in the same place that they are in now.

  • At this point normally my Yorba Linda clients will opt for a short sale as a way to stop foreclosure and help keep the foreclosure of their credit. 

    Understanding the benefits of a short sale as opposed to a loan modifictaion or a deed in lieu of foreclosure is absolutly crucial.

    More often than not my Yorba Linda Short Sale clients see the long term benefits of moving forward with the Short Sale as opposed to dragging things out with a loan modification. Please understand that the choice is always left up to you, the homeowner.

    If you would like to stop foreclosure in YorbaLinda please contact us at as soon as possible at www.FacingForeclosureOC.com to learn about your options.

  • www.FacingForeclosureOC.com

    Bob Davis
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