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By Bill Gassett | Agent in Hopkinton, MA

Real Estate Accompanied Showings Hinder The Home Sale Process

Original article source: Massachusetts Real Estate Blog

For those that do not live and breath selling Real Estate every day you may not realize what the term “accompanied showing” means. This little piece of Real Estate jargon is when the buyers agent is required to meet the listing agent when showing a home or other property.

When I am getting ready to schedule all the properties I am going to show for a particular day the last thing I want to see in the showing instructions is that the listing agent has to be present so please coordinate your schedule accordingly. This is almost as bad as the home seller that makes it a requirement they have twenty four hours notice before a Realtor can enter their home.

Thankfully we do not have accompanied showing in Metrowest Massachusetts area all that frequently. This is certainly not the case all over Massachusetts as it becomes more and more common in some of the cities surrounding Boston.  Some areas around the country have accompanied showings and others do not.

Why? Who knows but more than likely it all started with an areas tradition. I am this way of doing Real Estate business has never caught on in my neck of the woods.

Frankly an accompanied showing is a waste of a listing agents time and does nothing to enhance the home sale process.

There is a long standing misconception amongst some people that Realtors “sell homes”. It may come as a surprise but I have rarely ever “sold” a home in this sense of the word to any client I have ever worked with. Homes are an emotional purchase. Buying a home is not something a Realtor talks  somebody into doing. Realtors can be give advice and provide helpful information but homes sell themselves.

In the twenty five years that I have been selling Real Estate there is one commonality when a buyer enters a home they like. There is an an emotional reaction and you can see it in a persons body language and facial reactions. 

There are times when a buyer walks into a home you can just feel that it is a match and they will end up putting in an offer. This scenario occurs because of human emotions and attachment. It has almost nothing to do with a sales pitch. To continue reading the full article see accompanied Real Estate showings.

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