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Views From The Mountains

Bill and Cyndi Daves Associate Brokers/AREO

By Bill and Cyndi Daves | Broker in 30546
  • Pretty In

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    Free Foreclosure List

    Anyone who has known me for longer than five minutes KNOWS what my favorite color is!  PINK!!  Well actually it’s more like Fuchsia and, for you tech-smart readers - hexidecimally it’s #FF00FF

    Thanks to the generosity of a client on whose home we just closed, we had the pleasure of taking a “working-vacation” at a beautiful resort on Panama City Beach last week. As I’m sure you can imagine, I couldn’t resist the temptation to add this to my collection of Pink Pix!   

    Free Foreclosure List

    I’m wondering if it’s a ploy by the builder to keep the guys OUT of here. Although from personal experience it isn’t normally the COLOR of the outhouse that keeps you from wanting to take your breaks in there!  

    Have a great day!  


  • Flexible Spending: Stretch Your Tax Refund Dollars

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    Flexible Spending: Stretch Your Tax Refund Dollars

    Tax Refund

    If you get a tax refund, what will you do with it? This year, one in two Americans receiving a tax refund (50 percent) say they plan to spend the extra money on bills or other household expenses, as opposed to vacations (15 percent), leisure activities (8 percent) or gifts (4 percent), according to a recent poll from Cricket Communications.

    The survey also noted that more than three-quarters (78 percent) of Americans receiving their refund will be "smarter" about how they spend it, with more than half (55 percent) pledging they are more likely to use refund dollars on practical "needs" instead of "wants."

    To give you tips on stretching tax refund dollars, Cricket has partnered with certified financial planner and savings expert Robert Pagliarini, author of "The Other 8 Hours," and "The Six-Day Financial Makeover."

    • Set up an emergency fund - Stocking away six to twelve months of expenses can really help if you find your home equity line of credit has been reduced -- or you face unexpected medical fees arise.

    • Open a 529 college savings plan - According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the cost of a college education continues to rise every year. Between 1999-2000 and 2009-10, prices for undergraduate tuition, room, and board at public institutions rose 37 percent, and prices at private institutions rose 25 percent, afterTax Refund adjustment for inflation. Planning early and setting aside money for college now is the most important thing you can do for your children's collegiate success.


    • Seek out classes to boost budgeting skills - Taking a refresher course at a community college or neighborhood center can help boost financial planning skills that you currently have or help you learn a new one.


    • Research the best deals on monthly expenses - There are expenses you will incur each month, such as food, transportation and cell phone costs, which are easy to re-evaluate and cut -- as long as you do the right research. For example, choosing a pre-paid wireless provider such as Cricket will help you save hundreds of dollars each year, without sacrificing all of the fun apps, games and music that your family enjoys. Cricket has the latest devices with a no-contract plan tTax Refundhat includes unlimited talk, text and data for less than half what you'd end up paying at a larger wireless provider.

    Personally, I think the ups and downs of the economy in general over the last few years have caused many of us to refocus on what's important in our lives.  So, regardless of what you decide to do with your refund, if you're even getting one,  remember to hug your spouse, spend time with your kids and, if they are still on this earth, call your Mom and Dad and just say hello. 

    You'll be glad you did.


    Prices AND interest rates are at an all-time low and it's a great time to invest in the real estate market.  Contact TeamDAVES today and let us show you some great values!

  • I Missed You While I Was Sick!

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    Northeast Georgia Real Estate

    The mountains of Western North Carolina and Northeast Georgia are beautiful in springtime.  The dogwoods are blooming, showing off their gorgeous blossoms and the daffodils are beginning to peek out of their warm dark earthen beds. The birds have begun to migrate back North and stop off to check out the latest feeders added to the yard.

    Sounds like a wonderland doesn’t it?  It really is.  Until you start to notice a little sluggish start in the morning and then, before you know it, you’re infected.

    The problem was I couldn’t just run to the doctor and get a shot or a 7-day Z-Pack to overcomeNortheast Georgia Real Estate this particular illness.  Oh no.  This one required a week-long visit in the hospital.  Lot’s of tests were run and none of them were coming back with good results.  I was totally frustrated and ready to call in someone, anyone, for a second opinion! How can it be.  I follow all the necessary precautions to create a healthy environment. How could this have happened to ME??

    It was finally determined that my only hope to continue a normal and productive life was to undergo a complete internal cleaning.  The recommendation was to wipe everything out and start fresh so that’s what they did.

    Northeast Georgia Real Estate

    The technician wiped my hard drive clean and was able to completely eradicate that ugly virus.  Cyndi missed me terribly during that week and I am sure she got way behind in her work while I was out-of-commission.  It took another three or four days for her to reinstall all the programs that we need to work efficiently.  I’m really glad though that she was wise enough to keep a backup of all the documents we create together.

    Love my PC

    We’re back together now.  Cyndi and I are a great team.  I know she missed you all while she was trying to take care of me!

    Hugs and love,

    Cyndi’s Computer

    PS - Make sure YOUR vaccinations are up to date!!!

  • So The Seller Said YES!!!!

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    Regardless of whether you’ve looked at one house or fifty.  If you’ve been searcHome Buying in 28906hing for months or found the perfect house right away.  When the Seller says “YES” there are some important steps to take to ensure a smooth closing.

    Review all important dates (deadlines) with your agent and make sure you BOTH have them marked on the calendar.  Depending on the state in which you’re buying some dates are “time is of the essence” and some are not.  It’s important to know the difference.  Know when you must have your inspections completed, when you must have mortgage approval, etc.   While a good agent will not let you miss a deadline, ultimately it is YOUR responsibility. Remember, you can typically get a date extended but you need to get it BEFORE the deadline passes.

    If you’re paying cash and need to access funds from a CD, IRA or other security make sure and apply for it immediately.  It can take anywhere from 14-30 days to access some funds.

    If you’re getting a mortgage you should (hopefully) be pre-approved and will only need to provide a copy of the contract to your lender.   The important thing here is to get any information your lender asks for as quickly as possible.  With interest rates as low as they are many lenders are buried with refinances and underwriting is taking longer than normal to approve loans.

    Don’t do ANYTHING to change your financial position.  Even though you’re buying a new home, resist them temptation to go out and finance furniture or appliances.  Changing your debt-to-income ratio could prevent the underwriter from giving you final loan approval.  Either pay cash or wait until AFTER closing to buy.  This also applies to charging items to credit cards.  Even normal everyday purchases like gas or groceries can change your ratios and put you out of range for your mortgage.

    Your agent will, according to local custom, order your termite inspection and your lender will order the appraisal.  YOU should interview and select the home inspector with whom you are comfortable.  Ask your agent or lender for two or three recommendations and then YOU call and do the interview.  It’s also recommended that, if possible, you attend the inspection while it’s being done. The inspector will be able to point things out to you.  Many times there are items cited in the inspection which are minor but it’s hard to understand unless you’re there.  The home inspection is one item that needs to be paid in advance.  

    Ask your agent for a ball park figure of the funds you will need for closing.  They may not be able to give you the EXACT figure until 24-48 hours before closing but having a ball park figure will help.   Once you know the amount you will need to bring CERTIFIED FUNDS to closing.  The attorney or title company will not accept a personal check.  If you have to estimate always estimate on the high side.  I’ve never seen a title company or closing attorney who would not write you an escrow check back for the overage since the funds they are depositing from you are certified.

    Regardless of whether you’re buying your first home or your retirement home - try to relax and enjoy the process.  This should be one of the most exciting events in your life!  If you’ve done your homework, planned ahead and enlisted the services of a professional and experienced agent it will be!

    Best wishes for a happy closing!

    Bill and Cyndi

    If you are considering buying or selling in the mountains of Western North Carolina or Northeast Georgia, contact TEAM DAVES today.  We'll be more than happy to discuss your purchasing and finance options with you.  Then we'll be there every step of the way - from Contract to Closing and beyond. 

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