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By Betina Foreman | Agent in Austin, TX

Google takes you home...

Everyone is familiar with Google as the premiere search engine. However they have just made a giant leap forward when it comes to mapping. They have created something called 'street view' which pops up a photograph of the address you plug in. So you not only receive driving directions and a map, but you get a real full color photo of the location/house/business.

They had teams of vehicles outfitted with cameras to take panoramic shots of streets across the US. These crews are driving all over the country to take millions of photos to create this feature. See if your city has been photographed already. Several metropolitan cities have been entered but more are coming. If your city has already been shot and you want to see a picture of your own home simply go to www.GoogleMaps.com.



By Emily Erekuff,  Fri Aug 29 2008, 12:50
And Trulia's got you covered. In the areas where it's currently available, we've got Street View on our listing detail pages like this one: http://www.trulia.com/property/1067098050-1160-Girard-St-San-Francisco-CA-94134 Now, when home-buyers check out a listing they can check out the neighborhood as well.
By Barry Lynn Miller J.R.,  Tue Sep 2 2008, 19:27
What's will they come up with next before long we will be the Matrix think about it- Everyday we get closer whats the point of leaving the House.. Sounds good I will try to use it.
By Cindi Hagley, Prudential,  Tue Sep 2 2008, 20:49
It's a great tool....and so glad Trulia adopted it so quickly.......now if they could only get more coverage!
By Betina Foreman,  Fri Dec 18 2009, 10:47
Cindy, I have heard that some towns have prevented the Google truck from driving through to take pictures. Its kind of crazy.

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