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By Tod Barton | Agent in 89147

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    8252 Dolphin Bay Ct

    This email was sent by Barton Bishop Group of Keller Williams Realty Las Vegas
    3100 S. Durango Ste 106 Las Vegas, NV , 89117
  • Las Vegas Real Estate For Sale Home

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    Nice house in gated community near shopping and easy access to 215. 2 bedroom, loft and 3 bathroom home that has been set up as a corporate rental. Tenant in place and would like to stay should purchase. Well manicured backyard and nice finishing touches throughout the home.

    Barton Bishop Group 

  • Las Vegas Real Estate Home for Sale-NOW THIS IS A STUNNER!!!

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    Barton Bishop Group 
  • Toddler Recommends Barton Bishop Real Estate Group

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    Posted Under: General Area, Home Buying, Home Selling  |  October 11, 2011 4:30 PM  |  252 views  |  No comments

     As a real estate agent we are trained to ask for business. The most common words you’ll hear at the end of any conversation, “Do you know anyone that wants to buy, invest in, or sell real estate?” We do this for may reasons. First and foremost, we are genuinely interested in paying our bills on time and ponying up when our kid ask for lunch money. That’s a pseudo-joke. Honestly, in any business word of mouth means so much more than a yellow page or Craig’s List advertisement. Here is another story about a lesson recently learned.

    Today was a big day for two client’s…they moved into their new house! The lesson is not in how I found them a perfect house for their needs, although if you ask I’ll tell you. The story is in how they decided to transfer their stuff to their new abode.

    They are a couple who until today were living in two separate places. Meaning they have two distinct loads of furniture that need to be packed, transported, and unpacked. He had one idea how they should do things, he had another. His idea was to buy boxes, pack their stuff themselves, call a random moving company to transport and unload, then unpack themselves. To me and to her, this seemed like a lot of work. She suggested that they call a moving company recommended by a few friends. She wasn’t totally aware of the service they provide, however she knew they were recommended.

    Here is the meat of the story. He ended up getting his way for his place and she got her way for her’s. He did as planned. He paid for the boxes, packed everything, called the movers, they transported it and dropped it off. He spent $100 on boxes and another $200 for the movers. She called the recommended moving company, they supplied their own boxes, packed everything, moved it, dropped off the boxes, and helped unpack. Her total cost around $200. Not to mention, she wasn’t left with the guilty conscience of throwing away just bought once used boxes.

    The moral of the story is that a recommended service is recommended for a reason. The service they provide is so good that they have people on the street advertising for them for free. So I ask you, do your past clients recommend you? What type of service do your recommend to others? What would it take for you to recommend the BBG?

  • Barton Bishop Group's Renewed Energy

    Posted Under: General Area in Las Vegas, Home Selling in Las Vegas  |  October 7, 2011 2:04 PM  |  312 views  |  No comments

    The avid followers of the BBG’s blogs may have noticed a break in the blog. It is our sincere apology. The blog man moved on. Do not fear-the BBG has rallied to find a new blogger and a renewed passion for real estate. Let me tell you about the changes we have made.

    The first and most important is that we have decided to focus on growing our business. Although this is the focus of any business, our reason for wanting to grow is to help more people. We have realized that when we are not maximizing our efforts, we are not helping as many people as we should. To grow we must contact friends and strangers alike. We must not only let people know we are in business we must ask them to tell their friends. Our intent is to help. Our method is to find as many people as we can and spread the news.

    Secondly, BBG has hired a new marketing gal, another buyers agent, and another administration assistant. That makes our team seven people strong. Seven people who are dedicated to helping people with their short sale, explain and locating REO’s, finding dream homes, relocation into the Las Vegas valley, and investing in Sin City. More to come about the new team members in future blogs. Believe me it’s going to be a good year.

    Lastly, the entire BBG agent team has decided to go BOLD (Business Objective: a Life by Design). In short, it’s a 7 week experience in which we learn how to serve our clients to the best of our, and their own, potential. You see, even though we sell real estate, we try our best not to be sales people. We are REALTORS. We follow the standards NAR sets. We are also Keller Williams team members. KW sets an even higher standard. And we are the Barton Bishop Group. The BBG strives to live above all general conventions. Not that we think we are better than other agents, we just strive to be.

    We welcome back BBG. Welcome back blog readers

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