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By Bart & Tracey Tipton | Broker in Bakersfield, CA
  • Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist Designation to Majestic Properties

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    Bakersfield, Ca 12-17-2012-- Bart & Tracey Tipton with Majestic Properties of Miramar International Marketplace have earned the prestigious Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist designation in recognition of Bart & Tracey's experience, knowledge and expertise in the luxury home market. "Bart & Tracey Tipton are an example of real estate professionals who have worked to develop market knowledge and the special skills and competencies necessary to provide exceptional service in the fine homes and estates marketplace," said Institute President Laurie Moore-Moore, upon announcing the Tipton's designation. "Affluent buyers and sellers can turn to sales professionals who have this designation and be confident that they have special expertise and experience in the luxury home marketplace."

    "We are committed to providing outstanding service to our clients," said the Tiptons "the Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist designation is evidence of our ability to meet the needs of affluent buyers and sellers. Our membership in The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing also provides us with marketing tools and networking capabilities that benefit our clients."

    The Tiptons are an award-winning real estate professional team who have gone through special training and met performance standards in the upper tier market. They have been in real estate since 2010 and specializes in the Bakersfield market. The Majestic Properties team have consistently been in the top 1% of closed sales volume of Realtors in Kern County.

    For current information on the upper tier market, contact Bart or Tracey at Majestic Properties 661-333-2301 or e-mail bartmajestic@gmail.com or traceytipton5@gmail.com.

    Contact: Celeste Rapolla-Miranda
    President and CEO
    Miranda Marketing Labs
    PO Box 3872
    Visalia, CA 93278
    Telephone: 559-512-0024 or celeste@mirandamarketinglabs.com

    The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing
    1409 South Lamar, Suite #215; Dallas TX 75215

  • Majestic Properties teams up with Patriot Elementary for Ronald McDonald House

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    Contact: Celeste Miranda
    Telephone 559.967.9675
    Email: Celeste@M3MarketingGroup.Com

    December 6, 2011

    BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA – Majestic Properties, a real estate firm in Bakersfield has announced that they will be teaming up with Patriot Elementary School to donate money to the Ronald McDonald house for a holiday donation.

    Beginning today, Patriot Elementary School will be implementing a penny drive in each of their 34 classrooms. Both the students and parents are encouraged to participate in the drive. “What an exceptional offer to join in partnership with Majestic Properties in raising money for the charity of our choice. Our school has a special affinity for the mission of the Bakersfield Ronald McDonald House. We are thrilled to have this opportunity to join with Majestic Properties and make a difference in our community at this special time of year. A big thank you to Majestic Properties!”, said Jen Keyes, Principal of Patriot Elementary School.

    Majestic Properties, and it’s founders Bart and Tracey Tipton, will be matching the donation that Patriot Elementary’s students and their families bring in. “Majestic Properties feels blessed to be in a position that allows us to match the donation of Patriot and give back to the communities we serve”, says Tracey Tipton, founder of Majestic Properties. “We encourage the students and families of Patriot to donate whatever they can to such a great charity”.

    The charity that Patriot chose to donate the drive funds to is the Ronald McDonald house in Bakersfield. The Bakersfield Ronald McDonald House is open to meet the needs of pediatric patients at Kern County Hospitals and help reduce stress associated with having a hospitalized sick child. “We are looking forward to the opportunity to work with Patriot Elementary and Majestic Properties in a partnership to benefit the Ronald McDonald House. Every penny that’s raised, as well as the matching funds from Majestic Properties will stay local to our charity”, said Scarlett Sabin, the Manager of the Bakersfield Ronald McDonald House.

    Bart and Tracey Tipton, founders of Majestic Properties, have been in service industries for most of their lives. They both have backgrounds in the medical field. Bart has a pharmacy degree from Drake University and has over 18 years of sales experience. Tracey is actively involved in local schools and charities.

    For more information on Majestic Properties, visit their website at www.mymajesticproperties.com. To schedule an interview or other media inquiry, contact Celeste Miranda at M3Marketing Group at the contact information above.

  • Owner of forsalebyowner doesn't sell home by owner

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    October 05, 2011

    ForSalebyOwner.com founder fails to sell own home

    Listing with real estate broker results in higher price, greater net to seller!

    The Founder and former CEO of ForSalebyOwner.com may be rethinking the value of listing a property with a REALTOR.  Colby Sambrotto listed his New York condominium on his own and promoted it on FSBO websites and in online classified ads.  All to no avail.  

    After six months, he gave up as a FSBO and listed his 2000 square foot unit with New York broker Jesse Buckler.  His new listing agent recommended retargeting the property to different buyer groups and suggested a new list price.  

    The Wall Street Journal reports that the listing sold for $2.15 million with a 6% professional fee to the broker.  Since the condo sold for $150,000 more that the original asking price, Sambrotto netted an extra $21,000 after the professional fee was paid.  

    Bottom line -- it paid the FSBO website founder to use a pro!

    excerpt from institute for luxury home marketing.......re blog

  • Bakersfield real estate home sales/for sale prices

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    Relevant listings in you area (current)
    Beds Bath Pool
    8905 Gascony 2816 Sq ft $375,000 3 2.5  Yes
    215 Los Nietos 3221 Sq ft $225,000 4 2.5  Yes
    6420 Yosemite 2855 Sq ft $399,900 3 2.5  Yes
    306 Vista Verde 2928 Sq ft $525,000 3 2.75  No
    7908 Calle Espada 3012 Sq ft $275,000 4 2  Yes
    7900 Camino Media 5685 Sq ft $749,000 6 5  Yes
    6500 Mt Rainier 2903 Sq ft $365,000 3 2.75  Yes
    Relevant sales in your area (last 6 months)
    7901 Haggin Oaks 2577 Sq ft $295,000 3 2.5  Yes
    1201 Tam O Shanter 3505 Sq ft $735,000 3 4  Yes
    8705 Antibes 4249 Sq ft $635,000 4 2.75  Yes
    8909 Versailles 3391 Sq ft $457,500 4 2.75  Yes
    314 Mt Lowe 5072 Sq ft $1,000,000 4 3.5  Yes
    8904 Saint Cloud 3703 Sq ft $460,000 4 3.5  Yes
    7400 Dos Rios 3009 Sq ft $355,000 3 2.5  Yes

    Relevant Listings in your area  (current)
    Beds Baths Pool
    14942 Tribute 3068 Sq ft $485,000 4 3  No
    16418 Black Hawk 3319 Sq ft $695,000 4 2.5  No
    17626 Saddle Mountain 3650 Sq ft $750,000 5 4  Yes
    954 Pacini 3894 Sq ft $899,000 5 3.5  Yes
    15036 Tribute 5067 Sq ft $589,000 5 4.5  No
    15027 Henderson 3669 Sq ft $599,950 5 4.5  Yes
    16320 Harvest 3583 Sq ft $699,000 4 2.5  Yes
    Relevant Sales in your area (last 6 months)
    17349 Legend Oaks 4957 Sq ft $920,000 4 5  Yes
    15601 Manon 2431 Sq ft $383,000 3 2  Yes
    17451 Harvest Grove 3322 Sq ft $435,000 4 2.5  Yes
    15051 Henderson 3575 Sq ft $472,000 4 3  No
    15701 Tradition 5457 Sq ft $620,000 5 4.75  Yes
    17414 Havenridge 5500 Sq ft $805,000 6 4.5  Yes
    17321 Legend Oaks 4434 Sq ft $555,000 5 3.5  Yes

    Relevant Listings in you area (current)
    Beds Baths Pool
    10315 Within Heights 2969 Sq ft $449,990 4 3  Yes
    2304 Exton 3189 Sq ft $539,950 4 2.75  Yes
    10206 Finchley 4336 Sq ft $659,000 5 4  Yes
    2116 Harwood 4164 Sq ft $675,000 4 3.5  Yes
    3012 Cormier 3658 Sq ft $710,000 4 2.75  Yes
    2107 Redmire 3211 Sq ft $575,000 4 2.75  Yes
    10302 Coram 5850 Sq ft $1,649,000 3 4  Yes
    2206 Brighton Park 4027 Sq ft $720,000 5 3.5  No
    10912 Rockridge 2383 Sq ft $349,000 4 2  Yes
    Relevant Sales in your area ( last 6 months)
    10617 Rycroft 4514 Sq ft $585,000 3 3.5  No
    1807 Celtic 2788 Sq ft $445,900 4 2.5  Yes
    11015 Danecroft 2510 Sq ft $355,000 4 2  Yes
    1405 Cromerton 3057 Sq ft $410,000 4 2.5  Yes
    10804 Pyrford 4035 Sq ft $460,000 4 2.75  Yes
    10309 Finchley 3232 Sq ft $492,500 4 3  Yes
    10212 Coram 4692 Sq ft $950,000 4 4.5  Yes

  • Options for homeowners facing foreclosure

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    These may be some helpful tips for home owners facing foreclosure. For professional advice, seek a licensed real estate broker/agent such as Majestic Properties/Keller Williams Luxury Homes. www.mymajesticproperties.com or btipton@kw.com


    1. Reinstatement...This is bringing your loan payments up to date with additional late fees and legal fees that the lender has issued. This can be done up to the auction date. It is not recommended to wait until the last second to do this option. You may contact the lender for the reinstatement letter and pay this off in 1 payment.

    2. Re-payment or forbearance plan.....This option is chosen when the initial issue causing missed payments was temporary. A lender may set up plan to make up the missed payments over a specific period of time or add the missed payments to the back end of the loan The home owner is also responsible for late fees  or any legal fees. The lender will usually require income verification to ensure there will be adequate funds to pay this amount back.

    3. Rent the property....This is a possibility if the mortgage payments are low enough  that rent may cover the mortgage and tax payments owed. This option becomes very hard to do when the home was purchased during the peak of the market.

    4. Refinance....This is another solution which is possible if the issue that caused the property to be distressed was a short term issue. This will require the homeowner to have a relatively good credit score and in many cases a higher payment if interest rates haven't moved much since the original loan.

    5. Loan Modification... This is one of the best options for home owners to stay in their homes although some reports state that less than 10% of loan mods actually get approved. Unfortunately, there is a very large lag time in response from the lenders to be able to effectively help most people. At this point in time very few are being completed. A loan mod. may reduce homeowners interest rate and even sometimes a small percentage of the remaining principal. Proof of income and expenses will be required for this process.

    6. Deed in Lieu of foreclosure....This is one of the last resorts to avoid a foreclosure. A home owner signs the deed over to the bank or an investor thus preventing the bank a lengthy and expensive foreclosure process. The owner gives up all rights to the property including any equity that they may have.

    7. Bankruptcy....Helps a home owner to reorganize debt and possibly keep their property. The bankruptcy will not guarantee the owner will continue to be able to keep their property. If after proceedings have begun, and the home owner still isn't able to make payments, the lender may still foreclose on the property. A bankruptcy will be on a person's permanent credit record and also be a question that needs to be answered on future job and credit applications. It also makes the possibility of completing a short sale very difficult.

    8. Selling the property..... This is an obvious solution to foreclosure. Sell the property and pay off the balance of the loan either by the equity in the property or by bringing extra money to the closing table to meet all of the borrowers' obligations.

    9. Short Sale..... This solution to stop foreclosure has become one of the most common ways to stop the foreclosure process. It has a minimal effect on a home owner's negative credit compared to a foreclosure. A short sale is when a lender negotiates a sale in which they accept less than the amount owed on a property by the borrower combined with the costs of the sale of the property. It is important to contact a Realtor that has been properly trained in dealing with short sales. The CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert) is a great resource to find a local Realtor. Banks are becoming more motivated and efficient in dealing with short sales. They have found it is much more financially beneficial to work with a short sale instead of letting the property go to foreclosure. If you have questions, need more information, or help with a decision whether to short sale a property, you may visit our website at www.mymajesticproperties.com or call us at 661-706-9401

  • Short Sale Qualifications

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    Short Sale qualifications for homeowners (edit/delete)

    This may be helpful to home owners wondering if they qualify for a short sale

    1. An acceptable hardship requirement. There must be a hardship involved in order for the seller to qualify for a short sale. Some examples of acceptable hardships include death, divorce, sever illness, loss of employment,military service, damage to property, inheritance, incarceration,  increase in mortgage pyament. For a more in depth list of possible hardships visit our website at www.mymajesticproperties.com or contact us at btipton@kw.com or by phone 661-706-9401.

    2. Requirement for insolvancy. Insolvency is when a home owner is not able to pay their debt after using their liquid cash or assets.

    There is no short sale just because the homeowner owes more than the home is worth. There must be ahardship and insolvency in order to qualify. Check with a CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert) to see if you qualify or if your hardship is acceptable.

    Majestic Properties are CDPE certified.

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