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Real Estate in Ulster County NY

By Barbara Carter, RE Asso Broker | Agent in 12528
  • Ulster County NY is Prepared for Hurricane Sandy

    Posted Under: General Area in Ulster County, Crime & Safety in Ulster County, In My Neighborhood in Ulster County  |  October 29, 2012 9:50 AM  |  350 views  |  No comments
    Ulster County NY is Prepared for Hurricane Sandy

    With the approach of Hurricane Sandy, Ulster County has local shelters available to local residents.

    We are getting gusts of wind beginning now and the worse of the storm is expected overnight. Please stay off the roads. Most local businesses are closed. If you need a shelter the following are available to you


    List of Shelters - Ulster County

    Belleayre - Shandaken
    Trudy Farber Resnick - Ellenville
    SUNY New Paltz - opening 10/29 at noon
    Midtown Center - Kingston
    Saugerties Senior Center
    Olivebridge Firehouse
    Olive Reservoir Methodist Church

    Please bring your own bedding and personal hygiene items to the shelter with you.Midtown Center - Kingston
    Saugerties Senior Center
    Olivebridge Firehouse
    Olive Reservoir Methodist Church

    Please bring your own bedding and personal hygiene items to the shelter with you.
    Mid-Town Center- Kingston
    Saugerties Senior Center
    Olivebridge Firehouse
    Olive Reservoir Methodist Chrurch
    You are asked to bring your own bedding and personal hygiene products.
    Please be safe!
  • Halloween Safety- In Spite of Hurricane Sandy!

    Posted Under: General Area, Crime & Safety, Home Ownership  |  October 27, 2012 4:11 PM  |  326 views  |  No comments
    Halloween Safety- In Spite of Hurricane Sandy

    Halloween is a lot of fun for adults and kids, but nothing ruins the ghoulish night like a trip to the emergency room or a lawsuit. This year with the approach of the hurricane additional safety issues are a concern.  Here are 11 tips to help you balance spooky and safe:


    1. Survey all approaches to your home, beginning from the property line. Keep an eye out for hazards, including loose bricks/stones, or holes in the yard.


    2. Resist using open flames inside or outside. Use electric light effects, glow sticks, or electric candles instead.


    3. Check your smoke alarms and make sure all exits to the house are clear of clutter.


    4. Before dark, check for exposed extension cords and make sure cords avoid wet areas.


    5. Determine how much darkness you really want. Lighted pathways and porches are both inviting and safer for your guests.


    6. Make sure children can see in their costumes! Obstructed vision from masks can keep them from noticing cars, hazards, or other excited kids.


    7. Also make sure children can be seen by others. Glow sticks are fun “high visibility” items, especially when costumes are dark (also: reflective velcro bicycling bands around ankles or wrists can be a good idea).


    8. Never let a child trick-or-treat alone. If they’re going out unsupervised, make sure they stay in a group.


    9. Don’t let pets run loose! Halloween is a scary time for pets and they may become aggressive in protecting your home or themselves.


    10. Be allergy-sensitive and skip treats with nuts or peanut butter (or offer allergen free alternatives).


    11. Do a “treat check” before letting kids dive in, chucking anything questionable either for safety concerns or spoilage.

    Wishing you a Happy and Safe Halloween!

  • Home Inventory: In the Cloud

    Posted Under: Crime & Safety, How To..., Home Insurance  |  October 6, 2012 2:30 PM  |  419 views  |  No comments

    How are you protecting your home’s possessions?


    We don’t like to think about the unthinkable happening, but being a responsible homeowner means preparing for the worst. One fire or burglary can send us back to square one, and getting life back on track as fast as possible becomes our top priority.


    Homeowner’s insurance is there to make sure that when the worst happens we’re able to recover. One place many people are notoriously lax, however, is in keeping a thorough inventory of their home’s many possessions. Often those who do keep an inventory keep it somewhere in their house. Unfortunately this isn’t much help when the computer where the inventory is stored is destroyed or stolen.


    One great solution to keeping an accurate home inventory is using web-based technology to make sure the information is safely stored away from home. There are many ways to do this, but the idea is the same: Keep photos, serial numbers, descriptions, and values stored in a secure place online where you can download the information later should you need to file or prove a claim.


    You should choose a method you’re comfortable with, but two popular options include using Evernote (www.evernote.com), cloud-based software to “remember everything” and the home-specific service Stuff Safe (www.stuffsafe.com). Each offer affordable options for recording and storing your home’s inventory, including mobile device apps to make the recording that much easier.


    Using cloud-based software such as Evernote or Stuff Safe has a number of benefits: 1) it is secure 2)  searchable 3) it’s easy to create “reports” for insurance companies 4) it’s painless to make quick updates or modifications.


    While Evernote offers a completely free option, Stuff Safe has a free trial period. Both, however, have very inexpensive “premium” options which can provide significant peace of mind.


    Get protected! Get your “stuff” in the cloud.

  • Peace On Earth Goodwill to Men begins in the Neighborhood

    Posted Under: Quality of Life, Crime & Safety, In My Neighborhood  |  December 23, 2011 8:47 AM  |  304 views  |  No comments

    Peace on Earth Goodwill to Men

    This time of year the feeling of goodwill is abundant. Although a look at the news in the evening makes us wonder if that the goodwill is only within the walls of our homes, if there. I am a strong believer in “Let Peace Begin With ME”.

    Beyond our own homes, we can spread peace in our community. One of the most difficult things in a neighborhood is tension between those living next to each other. Living next door to someone doesn’t make you a neighbor.  It makes you an adjacent homeowner.  One of the great opportunities we have in our communities is the chance to build real, meaningful relationships with the people who live closest to us.

    It is important we realize that regular, helpful communication with our neighbors makes us both safer and paves a smooth road for difficult conversations we might face with our neighbors in the future.

    Small gestures such as a nice note about landscaping, an invitation to a potluck, or an “all hands on deck” community improvement project allow us to get to know our neighbors.  This is vital when you consider the people around you are the most likely to spot smoke in a fire, clue you in to suspicious activity, and have the opportunity to share vital local information.

    If you build a peaceful base with your neighbors, when the time comes to have a difficult conversation (such as a nuisance dog, kids running amok, or intrusive lighting issues), you’ll have a buffer of mutual respect and goodwill to draw on. 

    If your opening conversation with a neighbor is a complaint, you’re setting yourself up for a long, antagonistic relationship.  Who wants to live next to that?

    It doesn’t take much to start off the right way.  Consider leaving a nice note in their mailbox, a shout of Happy Holidays and a wave, a small “thank you” gift for looking out for the neighborhood, or some other “olive branch” act that will build rapport.  Watch as your attitude of goodwill spreads.

    A peaceful community depends upon our connection to our neighbors.  We all benefit when we depend on and trust one another.

    If you like this blog post, Jon me on Facebook for daily suggestions, real estate information regarding “Real Estate and More New Paltz and Beyond.

    My Wish for you my friends and neighbors is Happy Holidays and Peace on Earth Goodwill to Men!

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