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Using the Web to Your Business Advantage: Part 1 – Getting Started

In the last year, I have begun to focus heavily on the Internet for business development.  This has been quite an adventure of trial and error, but, finding a good mix, I have seen definite results.  As I have seen my presence on the net grow, I have had more and more questions from colleagues and business partners as to how to begin the process for themselves.  As a result, I wanted to begin a series of posts to help teach like-minded folks how to begin their own web-based campaign.

One important thing to remember is that the web is a means of delivering a message.  Web-based business development is not the end, but rather the means to the end.  It needs to be an extension of a greater branding effort and the supporting business or marketing plan.  It is, in many ways, no different than mailings.  What I often find in speaking with other mortgage or real estate professionals is that most lack a basic plan that they can execute in print, postal or web-based delivery.

So lesson one actually does not involve the technical aspect of the web at all.  Before you even log on or explore platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, you need to define your personal brand and write a basic plan.  This can be a simple one page document defining who you are, what services you offer, who is the market with which your services and brand are most likely to be valued and what differentiates you from the competition. 

Realtor Partner Program

Sometimes undertaking an effort such as this can be too daunting.  Aside for working mortgages, I have a program with which I partner with real estate professionals to grow their business.  If you are a realtor in the Chicagoland area who would like to grow your business through online marketing, please call or email me to schedule a meeting.


By Cecelia Marlow,  Wed Dec 29 2010, 14:47
Great post Doug!

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