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By Century 21 Prevete/Bastone | Broker in 11758
  • 4 Ways to Stand Out in the Marketplace

    Posted Under: Tech Tips  |  August 15, 2010 7:24 AM  |  391 views  |  1 comment

    4 Ways to Stand Out in the Marketplace

    As I read the article below I just could not believe the SILLY suggestions being offered. As if this will make you successful. Do these things and the money will come pouring in - ARE YOU INSANE?

    If you want to be successful in Real Estate then JUST GO TO WORK! This is a real job where gimmicks, gizmos and do-hickeys do not work.

    It is quite simple: The more people you TALK to every day about buying or selling the more successful you will be. If you did not talk to anybody today then you did not do your job today.

    Below is the article in question:

    There are several ways for real estate agents to market themselves without spending a lot of time, money, and effort. Here are just a few:

    · To keep your name and contact information visible to prospects, replace paper business cards with business card magnets.

    · Add these magnets to direct mail pieces to improve their chances of being opened and read. Such a strategy can be less expensive and more effective than newspaper or phone book ads.

    · Add a calendar, baseball schedule, or unique offer to the magnets to ensure visibility.

    · Distribute the products at community centers, local businesses, and churches, among other locations. Offers also should be made available on blogs and other social media pages.

    Source: RISMedia, Eric Bogard (07/27/10)

  • Succeeding In Real Estate And Your Career Crisis Intervention

    Posted Under: Tech Tips  |  August 3, 2010 12:33 PM  |  418 views  |  No comments

    Succeeding In Real Estate And Your Career Crisis Intervention

    0Seven months of 2010 are gone. So what have you done? Why would you be having this conversation? Is it to congratulate you on your stellar work record? Do you feel that it's to reward you for a job well done? Well, let's get right to the point and figure out exactly why you are where you are. The best way to determine that is to ask a number of questions and look at some honest answers. So here we go and get ready for a bumpy ride.

    1. Based on your Business Plan how many transactions should you have so far?

    1You did start the year with a business plan, right? You did have a specific goal in mind, didn't you? You weren't just winging it, were you? If you had a goal then you know whether you are on target. If you have not yet set a goal - then now is the time. Set an achievable (not low) goal for the rest of the year. Something that will stretch you and make you work. 

    2. How many do you actually have?

    2EASY - just simple math - if you did what you were supposed to. Just add up the numbers you were already tracking.  You were tracking your numbers, right? Congratulate yourself for a job well done. Set new goals and then accomplish them. However, EXTREMELY PAINFUL - if you did not do what you were supposed to. Don't look to blame the market, the buyers, the sellers or any other external forces. It's not about them it's about YOU. Stress is defined as knowing what you are supposed to do and not doing it. So here we are. Don't beat yourself up - it does no good. Focus on what you have to do NOW to get you to your goals.

    3. What kept you from achieving your goals?

    3The question is what did YOU NOT do to achieve your goals? STOP! Don't blame the market or the economy or any one else. Whether you succeed or fail has nothing to do with outside forces. It's all in your mind - your MINDSET is critical. You were the one that made a conscious decision to do or not do. YOU have all you need to succeed - YOU just have not been doing it. If YOU do not believe in yourself and your abilities then who will. If YOU think you suck - well then - YOU do. If you believe YOU can get it done then YOU will and nothing will stop YOU.

    4. Were your goals realistic?

    4The goals that you set for yourself - were they? 1. Attainable 2. Stretch goals or 3. Doomed to failure because you were unrealistic about your mindset, skills, motivation, etc. OK, let's regroup and set a new goal - a goal that you will be able to accomplish and build upon. There is no shame in scaling back. Achieve the goal you set and then set the next goal higher - one you can achieve. A 20% increase of production year to year is feasible. Have a realistic goal and a stretch goal to have you reaching for the stars.

    5. Can you still achieve them?

    5If yes, then let get to it. If no, then why not? What is stopping you? What do you need to be able to achieve your goals? Do you need a different goal or a different mindset? Do you have the necessary skills to achieve your goals? If no, how are you going to get them? What specifically are you going to do to achieve your goals? Be very precise about the income producing activities you will be doing. Let's get to work.

    6. What is the benefit of getting back on track to reach your goals?

    6What is your motivation? What is your reason for being here"?Why are you doing this? To build a better life for you and your family? Don't you and your family deserve the best from you? How are you going to feel when you reach your goal? What will your family have when you do what you are supposed to? Oh, what a great feeling when you accomplish what you set out to do!

    7. Are you willing to pay the price for success?

    7This is a tough one. Are you willing: To do the work? To improve your skills? To do whatever it takes? To show up every day? To follow your schedule? To do the productive things? To focus on income producing and income supporting activities? To stop goofing off? To stop being lazy? To start really caring about yourself and your family? The price for success and failure are the same - which will you have?

    8. Are willing to commit and re-commit every single day to do what it takes?

    8Every Single Day - Day In And Day Out! Consistency is the key. Once in a while does not cut it. Doing it only when you feel like it will not do. You have to start every day focused and committed to your goals. You have to be strong every day. However, if you fall off the horse - then get right back on it. We are not perfect, you and I. We never will be. BUT, that does not mean you give up the good fight. You have to get up every day committed to your goals.

    9. Are you ready to start right now?

    9There is no time like the present. Don't tell me you are going to start tomorrow. There is no tomorrow. There is only the here and now. If you are no willing to do it now then you never will. Putting off till tomorrow does not work. If it is a good idea tomorrow then it's a good idea today. Do it now!


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  • New 1099 Rules Aimed at Curbing Tax Cheaters

    Posted Under: Tech Tips  |  July 20, 2010 11:20 AM  |  426 views  |  No comments

    New 1099 Rules Aimed at Curbing Tax Cheaters
    Self-employed real estate practitioners should expect a host of new paperwork beginning in 2012.

    That will be the first year that whenever a firm buys more than $600 a year in goods or services from a vendor – whether it is a giant company or a one-person show – the vendor will be due a 1099 from the purchaser at the end of the year.

    Lawmakers passed the provision to help fund healthcare changes by closing the "tax gap" created by cheaters. An estimated $300 billion of revenue is lost to tax evasion every year.

    Critics say the new rules expand current reporting requirements significantly, with the burden falling on sole proprietors and other very small businesses. The new rules require tracking payments throughout the year to see if they fall into the over-$600 category.

    If the vendor fails to supply his or her tax ID number, then the payer is required to withhold 28 percent of the payment and send that amount to the IRS.

    There is a way around this. Businesses that pay with credit or debit cards are excused from sending 1099s.

    Source: The Wall Street Journal, Laura Saunders (07/17/2010)
  • Succeeding In Real Estate And The Perfect Daily Schedule

    Posted Under: Tech Tips  |  July 12, 2010 4:59 AM  |  5,883 views  |  1 comment

    Succeeding In Real Estate And The Perfect Daily Schedule

    Why a daily schedule? Why a schedule at all? If you are not controlling your time then who is? If you do not have a specific plan and goal in mind for your work day then will anything get done? Maybe the things that do not matter. Do airports just let the planes land and take off whenever they want to or are they scheduled? To succeed in high volume you need a specific plan and schedule. Your success is not going to happen by accident. You are not that lucky. You do however, have to be that good.

    So here goes:

    07:30am - 08:00am - Arrive at the office, check the files, prepare your areas of prospecting

    17:30AM!! Are You out of your mind?? That's the response from the non or low producer.

    In this market do you think you have to work more or less? Does it take more time and effort to put and keep a transaction together or less? If you are making less money then you did - then do you have to work less or more? When there is less business out there then you have to work even harder and longer than you ever did before. Get in - get ready - get to work!

    08:00am - 08:30am - Role-play, practice scripts and work on skills

    2When you are making less money - do your skills have to improve or can they stay the same? When the competition is getting better - can you stand still and not grow? Athletes, performers, etc. practice every day - so why don't you? And they are making more money then you - aren't they? What better way to start the business generation process then to warm up and sharpen your skills.

    08:30am - 8:45am - Review production goals and personal goals, do your affirmations

    3What are you trying to accomplish? What is the big picture? Why are you here anyway? Remind yourself why you are going to prospect and how it is going to help you and your family. Focus on the ultimate prize, tell yourself that you can do it. If you believe it -  you can do it

    08:45am - 10:00am - Prospect, lead generation

    4This is the most important thing that you can do every day. Everything starts here - in lead generation. Remember that if you do not do this then you are not going to get paid in the amount that you and your family deserve. The buyers and sellers are not looking for you then you had better be looking for them. If you don't then someone else will - it is your choice - succeed or fail.

    10:00am - 10:15am - 15-minute Mindset Break

    5OK, so you got rejected a little, you got knocked around a bit, SO WHAT! Have a 5 minute Pity Party and then fill your head with all of the positive things that will keep you going. There are so many things that you have to be grateful for, so many wonderful things in your life. Don't let some idiot stranger throw you off track and keep you from having the great life that you deserve.

    10:15am - 11:30am - Prospect

    6Back to work. Your goal for today is between 25 - 50 contacts. You can do it. You are ready to conquer the world. This is your year to make MONEY. Nothing is going to get in your way. You are the best there is. The buyers and sellers are waiting for you to call. The buyers want to buy - make reasonable offers - do what it takes to close. The sellers want to sell - price their home correctly - have you handle the transaction. You will do whatever it takes to succeed. You have the knowledge, the skills, the determination, the commitment, the power to succeed. You are unstoppable! So go get them, tiger.

    11:30am - 12:00pm - Organize leads generated for follow-up and return phone calls

    7Income producing activities are important and so are income servicing activities. Take care of the details that are part of giving great service. Follow up with your leads, clients, customers, engineers, appraisers, mortgage brokers, attorneys, expediters, other agents, etc. A portion of your day should be devoted to income servicing but not all of it. You need to strike a correct balance of income producing and income servicing activities

    12:00pm - 01:00pm - Lunch

    8You worked hard, so go relax and get a bite to eat. Go to a different place each day and talk to someone new. Take a past client out to lunch. Get together with someone from your center of influence. Just don't go to the same place every day and with the same people. Be versatile, explore, expand your knowledge, learn and grow even as you relax.

    01:00pm - 01:30pm - Lead follow-up and set appointments

    9On average you have to close 5 or 6 times before you get a positive answer. Most agents, however, quit too soon. Remember, it may take several attempts to set an appointment. It may also take several follow up calls to list or sell a property. You just have to keep trying. Cliche time - A winner never quits and a quitter never wins.

    1:30pm - 02:00pm - Pre-qualify all appointments

    10Do you like wasting your time? Do you like going on unqualified listing appointments? Do you get paid for chauffeuring around unqualified buyers? Pre-qualify ALL appointments. Ask all of the right questions (you want 'em - I got 'em), get all of the right answers and then make a decision whether YOU want to work with that particular client or customer.

    02:00pm - 02:15pm - 15-minute Mindset Break  

    11Read a book, listen to a motivational CD, take a walk around the block, go feed the ducks, take a nap, get away. Then come back even better then ever, more relaxed, more focused and re-charged and ready to take on the rest of the day.

    02:15pm - 03:00pm - Prepare administrative work for appointments

    12Get your CMA together, make sure you have all the right forms, fill them out as much as possible - basically get your paperwork in order. How do you look to your seller with the wrong or incorrect paperwork? Know where you are going and how to get there. If you get lost with your buyers - how professional do you look then? You don't want to show up on your appointment (buyer or seller) unprepared. If you do then your credibility goes out the window.

    03:00pm - 06:00pm - Go on appointments, preview homes for sale, or do additional prospecting

    13Your daily activities have led you to this moment. Your goal is to have 2 appointments (buyer or seller) per day. One at 4:00pm and one at 6:00pm. If you have not scheduled any appointments then prospect, preview, practice or anything else that will benefit your business.

    Then GO HOME with the knowledge and satisfaction that you did your job today - no matter the outcome. AND come back tomorrow to do the same.

    Are you wondering whether you should follow this schedule or not? Then ask yourself this - If I show this schedule to my clients: 1. Will they feel that I am actually working? 2. Will they think that I have a real job? 3. Will they tell others how professional I am? 4. Will they want to refer me or work with me again? If the answer is yes - then follow the schedule!

  • Succeeding In Real Estate And The Top 10 Reasons Why

    Posted Under: Tech Tips  |  July 6, 2010 5:02 AM  |  411 views  |  No comments

    Succeeding In Real Estate And The Top 10 Reasons Why

    11. Focus On Generating Business. If you do not go out there and find the business who then will do it for you? The company? - Mistake #1 - Their job is to train and support you - not to do your job for you! Your family? Mistake #2 - Their job is to aggravate you and spend your money. Your friends? Mistake #3 - They're more concerned with their own problems to worry about your business. The buyers and sellers? Mistake #4 - Their job is to do what is best for them and not go out and find you business. Four strikes against you - and in baseball you get only 3 strikes before you are out!

    32. Price Them Right. The properties for sale are not cash cows, so don't price them as is they were sacred. Typically 3 to 6 percent of the houses sell per month. So your seller has a 3 to 6 percent chance of selling and a whopping 94 to 97 percent chance of not selling. How do you think you can position your sellers to be in the #1 or #2 spot? PRICE is the only answer. Forget all of the gimmicks that don't work. You need to have a very difficult conversation with your sellers about the price. If you don't then you lose and your seller loses!

    43. Get Appointments Not Just Leads. Leads are worthless until you sit down in front of them and are able to ask them to make a decision to buy or sell. Before that all you have are wishes, dreams and no money. Focus on the appointments and not on just gathering names of people that might do something in the future. Focus and the here and now. Set appointments so that they can make a decision to do or not do something now. Don't muddy the waters with a bunch of maybes or you will not see clearly to all of the yeses.

    44. Track Everything You Do. You need to track all of your activities. You need to know what is working and what is not. You need to know your ratios of contacts to leads, leads to appointments, appointments to listings/sales, listings taken to listings sold, contracts to closings, profitability, your best lead sources, etc. In order to figure all of this out you need to know and track your numbers. Otherwise you will turn into a blind, drunk squirrel running around the forest looking for a nut.

    55. Have Specific Goals. What are you trying to accomplish today and how are you going to do it? What are your weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly goals and how are you going to achieve them. Where do you want your career to be in five or ten years? When are you going to be able to retire? You need to to take the time to put pen to paper and plan out your future. Would you rather be working from a specific business plan or are you just drifting through life? Think about it, how many of the successful people you admire just drifted through life?

    66. Practice Every Day. You get paid in proportion to the quality of the words that come out of your mouth. So - how much money are you making now? What does your income say about your skills? Can you improve on your presentations? Can your speaking skills get better? Can you be more convincing and persuasive? Can you sell snow to an eskimo? There is only one answer to all of these questions - practice, practice and then practice some more. You do not get better at your craft just by wishing it. I know that it's hard, repetitious, boring and a pain in the neck but so is having no money. If you don't get better you will get poorer.

    77. Stay On Schedule. If your goal is to do minimal work then a schedule is not necessary. If you want to produce in high volume then a schedule is imperative. Do the following: 1. Decide what your goals are. 2. Set up a schedule that will help you achieve your goals. 3. Follow your schedule. Following your schedule is the most important thing you do everyday. There will always be distractions and interruptions - do not get involved in them. You have spent a lot of time, thought and energy setting up your goals and daily plan for your success - so why would you not follow it?

    88. Have High Standards. How high are your standards? Are your standards stretching you to grow and improve? Or are your standards so low that a drunk monkey could exceed them with flying colors? What are your standards for: pricing listings, customer service, improving your skills, time management, business generation, lead follow-up, staying in touch with your centers of influence, presentations, quality of buyers, tracking your numbers, mindset, pre-qualifying, handling objections, etc? Low standards equal low production. Always reach for higher standards in everything you do. 

    99. Keep Your Emotions Out It. The selling and buying process is stressful enough for your clients so do not add to or introduce your own brand of hysteria. Focus on the task at hand and fix the problem at hand. Don't make matters worse because of the little boo-boos your precious bruised ego has just suffered at the hands of your clients, attorney, mortgage brokers or anyone else involved in the transaction.  Your clients hired you to be inpartial and to get things done not to make matters worse. Cool, focused, problem solving heads will always prevail. In the end your clients will be happy and you will be happy (paid).

    1010. Daily Accountablity. Accountable to who? To everybody and most importantly to yourself. The more people you are accountable to the better. The problem with real estate agents is that we are all independent contractors who can't/won't be told what to do. And the problem with that is that most people if given a choice will opt for failure and not success. Why? Because it is easier to fail than it is to succeed. If the broker/manager can't tell you what to do and you won't tell yourself what to do then how is anything going to get done? Have multiple daily accountability partners. Just do the following: 1. Call/text/email your accountability partner when you start your activity to tell them what your goal is. 2. When you are finished call/text/email your results. 3. Accountabilty partners are there to encourage you, help you through the tough times, keep you on track. Get some.

  • Succeeding In Real Estate And Your Dreaded Daily Triple "P"

    Posted Under: Tech Tips  |  June 28, 2010 4:49 AM  |  447 views  |  No comments

    Succeeding In Real Estate And Your Dreaded Daily Triple "P" 

    Your Dreaded Daily Triple "P"s of Real Estate are: Prospect, Practice & Preview. They are, however, the 3 most important things that you need to (Absolutely Must) do every single day. Most agents, however, do not want to do these 3 simple things. The 80/20 Principle applies perfectly here - 80% of the business is being done by 20% of the agents because the 20% will do what the other 80% will not. It is of critical importance that you do these things consistently - every day - not once a week or once a month or when the sun is shining and the birds are singing. Prospect, Practice, Preview - Every! Single! Day!

    11. PROSPECT. That's right you have to go out there and find the business. This one word is the key - The Silver Bullet - to your Real Estate career! ALL of your Real Estate problems can be solved with prospecting - period. There is nothing wrong with your career that prospecting can't fix. If you are not looking for business then you are out of business. You have to make contacts. And it doesn't matter who, it matters that you just do. No contacts = no business = no money/house/car/etc.

    Why You Need To: Are there any Buyers, Sellers, FSBOs, Expired Listings breaking down the doors of your office to work with you? I don't think so. Do most of them even know you exist? Probably not. Are your friends, past clients, centers of influence, even your own family members recommending other agents? Probably, because they forgot you were in Real Estate. When you come into the office is your broker giving you lots of money for not working? If he does - give him my name. If the buyers and sellers are not looking for you and you are not looking for them, then how are you going to do any business and make any money? The answer is: You Are Not!

    Why You Don't: The Top Ten Agent Excuses are: 1. I'm too busy. 2. I don't know what to say. 3. I don't have to, I make enough money. 4. I have to work on my deal. 5. FSBOs and Expireds scare me - they're mean. 6. I only work sign calls. 7. I'm waiting for the buyers/sellers to call me. 8. I tried it once and I didn't like it. 9. I have to take all day to write the perfect ad. 10. I'll do it later - after I have my coffee, lunch, nap, tomorrow, etc. Which one is yours?

    22. PRACTICE. Practice what? What about your listing presentation, showing presentation, price reductions script, objection handlers, FSBO & Expired calls, closing techniques, etc. - or are you soooo good that you don't need to? Are you so perfect that there is no room for improvement? Can you handle everything that is thrown at you? And if you are as good as you claim then ask yourself why are you not producing in high volume?

    Why You Need To: Tiger Woods practices every day and he makes more money than you! Baseball players practice every day and they make more money than you. Real Estate agents that are high producers practice every day and they make more money than you. Actors practice every day and they make more money than you. The dolphins at Seaworld practice every day and they probably make more money than you. They all practice and make more money than you. Are you starting to see a pattern? If you want to make more money then you need to practice daily!

    Why You Don't: The Top Ten Agent Excuses are: 1. I love the challenge of just "winging it." 2. I look silly doing it. 3. I don't know what to say. 4. The other agents will laugh at me. 5. The agents in the office will realize that I do not know what I am doing. 6. I don't do canned presentations. 7. I won't sound natural. 8. I'm already doing it perfectly. 9. I'm not good in front of people. 10. It's beneath me to role play. Which one is yours?

    33. PREVIEW. Go out and look at your client's competition. See what's selling and what's not. You need to know how your listings compare to the competition's. Are your listings the best value on the market that will sell quickly or are they a bunch of overpriced turkeys that will never sell? And while you're out there seeing and talking to the people you will find more business than you ever imagined. Remember, the business is out there and not in the office.

    Why You Need To: Is your market constantly changing? Going up, going down, going sideways, going in every direction but not standing still. You need to know where it's going so that you can get there before the rest of the herd. You have a fiduciary responsibility to your clients to know what is happening out there and guide them with that information. You are not going to find the factors driving the market by sitting in the office having a cup of coffee and discussing what happened on Dancing With The Stars (by the way - they also practiced every day).

    Why You Don't:  The Top Ten Agent Excuses are: 1. If you've seen one house you've seen them all. 2. I know what a split/ranch/cape looks like. 3. I don't have the time to look at houses. 4. I'll see them for the first time with my buyers. 4. I already saw the pictures on the MLS. 5. Gas is too expensive. 6. I don't need to because I don't do buyers. 7. My GPS is broken. 8. Just be glad that I can even find my way to the office. 9. I have to wait in the office for the phone to ring - I'm feeling lucky today. 10. My buyers are driving and they have already mapped out the route. Which one is yours?

  • Succeeding In Real Estate And 6 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Every Week

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    Succeeding In Real Estate And 6 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Every Week

    At the end of each and every week you need to ask yourself these six very important questions. They will keep you on track to reach the goals you have set for yourself. You did set your goals - right? You do know what your goals are - but of course you? And you are trying to fulfill the promise you made to yourself and your family - they do deserve it don't they? You are also still trying to improve your production - well who wouldn't? So here goes - the questions:

    •1.    What worked last week? Why?

    1Successes are great things to keep you motivated and going in the right direction. Simply repeat those things that worked last week. You know what they are. Successes do have a cumulative effect on your production. The more success you have the more you will get. So, you need to look back and analyze the things that worked for you so that you can repeat them this week. Success is progressive - a journey - not just one step. As long as you have more successes week after week you will achieve your goals.

    •2.    What didn't work last week? Why?

    2If it's not working - STOP. Do NOT continue doing things that did not help you get what you want. You need to know what went wrong and why so that you can correct them. Do NOT repeat your mistakes - learn from them. If you don't - you will be repeating them over and over again. The agents that don't succeed do not know what they did wrong or try to correct their behavior. It is easier for them not to succeed. However, the price for success or failure (and there is a price) is the same. Only you choose which one you will have.

    •3.    What was my best source of contacts? Why?

    3Real Estate is a contact sport. If you did not have any contact this week with buyers or sellers then you had no opportunity to make any money. So, you were unemployed with no unemployment benefits (no money). Time is money - so you need to spend time with the people that will help you make money (listing or sale). Spend most of your time with people that want to do something NOW and not in the future. Which contacts (FSBOs, Expireds, Centers of Influence, Past Clients, Just Listed/Just Sold Calls, Etc.) were your best leads and why? You need to spend more time with these people and less time with the deadbeats and time wasters (unmotivated buyers, sellers and co-workers).

    •4.    What was the best investment of my time?  Why?

    4Other than your time and your commitment to them - what else do you have to offers your clients, customers, family and friends? Did you sacrifice your precious time on things that do not matter for the things that do? If you could - would you re-do your entire day, week, month or year? Are you happy with what you did today? You have to do the things that you NEED to do and not the easy things (the things you want to do). And, the things you NEED to do - do them more often.

    •5.    What was my best presentation?  Why?

    5Was it a great listing presentation? Was it a great buyer showing? Was it a fantastic price reduction? Was it a spot on negotiation? Were they great because of you or in spite of you? Can you repeat these accomplishments? Take a look at what you were able to do and do it better the next time. You know you can do better and you have to. If you are not getting better and just standing still then your competition will get better, much better!

    •6.    What will I do differently this week?  Why?

    6Were you happy with the last week's results? Do you want to repeat them or do you want to forget them? The same activities will give you the same results. If you want different and better results then you have to be different and more importantly you have to be BETTER. Do you care enough about yourself, your family, your career, your future to do better or are you going to be lazy and not care? They are your decisions and your results - your fault (success or failure). DO NOT blame anyone else.

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