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By Andrea Geller | Agent in Chicago, IL

Agents Stop Spamming Agents: The Follow Up

Originally Posted on the blog of the Chicago Association of Realtors ChicagoRealtor Blog August 31, 2009

After this was posted, I had an additional perspective: Did you call thousands of real estate agents when you get a new listing or have a price change before email or did you have a targeted group?

A few weeks back, I wrote a post that was published on the Chicago Realtor® blog about the massive amounts of agen-to-agent e-mails promoting their listings. It seemed to conjure up more comments, public and private, than anything else I had posted as a regular blogger.  Some commented publically, others privately as well as being the hot topic of conversation when meeting with other real estate professionals.

I thought I would share with you what was shared with me. Most agents don’t read listing flyer e-mails. Many block or unsubscribe to the sender or the e-flyer service. A handful read them based on address. Only two people actually admitted to reading them unconditionally.

 One of the most constructive responses was from Robert Darrow, a Realtor® with @properties. Within his criticism he offered solutions for communicating electronically. Besides knowing him from showings, I have been following Bob on Twitter and his blog, where he demonstrates a clear understanding of how to market one’s self in this Web 2.0 world, utilizing social media. My theory has always been if you market yourself correctly the business will follow.

My rant came out of the amount of e-mails overwhelming my inbox, that I was missing the important information buried in e-flyers. What I discovered through all this was the power of unsubscribe. Over the last weeks, e-mail by e-mail, I have been clicking on the unsubscribe button. I no longer receive an overwhelming amount of e-mails containing information easily accessible elsewhere. I have been working with buyers and guess what folks…. I found your listings in the MLS.


By EdithJasser YourRealtor4Life,  Wed Sep 2 2009, 07:35
By Edith Karoline, YourRealtor4Life ! EdithDoesItRight@yahoo.com, Wed Sep 2 2009, 07:31
Well, you sound a bit upset and a bit "you know where to find listings for YOUR buyers", Well good for YOU!
I do receive the same efforts of MY COLLEAGUES trying very hard to promote NOT themselves but their clients' and their sellers' properties..... Obviously we all know they COULD be found on the MRED site, sure we all know that???! right?
But just imagine, your clients are looking in let's say Highland Park, and another agent has the most wonderful listing in Glenview (just an example!) that has everything your clients are looking for and even at the perfect asking price???????, would you actually search for a property in Glenview, but if you were to see by chance that one in one of those "hated" flyer e-mails, that would just be the right one for these clients, hm Then may be, just may be that other, hard working agent did the right thing in putting his listing in front of YOU!

On the other hand I must say that there should be more appreciation, understanding and cooperation amongst Realtors, understand that they all are trying to do the very best job possible for their clients, other agents should be courteous, understanding and cooperating and not tear the efforts of a colleague down, not in private and certainly not in public, that by itself gives us a bad reputation....

So the next time you see one of those e-mails you hate so much, think Colleague, think we are all in this boat together, and we should if nothing else be supportive of each other. It takes two clicks to get rid of a property you or your clients will have not interest in.....

Shame on us if we tear each other apart..... SUPPORT AND UNDERSTANDING!!!!

We are all just trying to make a living and do the very BEST by our clients....
Cheer up, have a smile
And Happy Selling to you!
Long time Chicago/ Nortshore Realtor
By Andrea Geller,  Wed Sep 2 2009, 15:17
We are all very busy. From perspective if something is not effective why spend time and effort. The issue with the eflyers is that email has pretty much replaced phone calls as our the main way we communicate with our clients and other professionals. When I get it inundated with listing emails overwhelming what is in my inbox it effects my business. In a very brief time. listing eflyers have gone the way of Realmark if you remember that.
By Norris Monson,  Wed Sep 2 2009, 22:48
I'm with you Andrea.

I get 30-80 emails a day and it doesn't take long to clog up my email account. This kind of marketing just creates extra work for me and busy work for the other agent and does nothing to sell the subject property. A few clicks for one email is nothing, but 200 clicks for 100 emails adds up and it's actually more like 5 clicks.

I'm in an urban area and rarely sell homes in rural areas, but at least once a week I get an email about a great horse property in blah, blah, blah.

I use the MLS to locate properties for my client, I don't need dozens of emails from other Realtors.

Agents who do this should be looking for ways to connect with home buyers and get their listing in front of qualified home buyers.

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