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By Amy Rea | Broker in New York, NY

Is It Pet Friendly?

On the Pet Topic, Is it Pet Friendly? I wonder why a person doesn't also ask about the traffic and the air quality surrounding a building.

When I consider all the wonderful spaces and neighborhood blocks that stream across the screen here at work, I realize not every place is pet friendly. But is every pet friendly place a place where any pet would be happy?

For the ultimate pett fancier, the question ought really be revised:

Is my pet going to be just barely content here, or will my pet be really happy here?

There are some spots that I would recommend more highly than the rest: One, of course, is the Central Park proximity. Two is in high competition with number one, namely Hudson Heights up around Ft. Tryon Park, where the dogs I have known and seen burst into sheer joy at the air and greenness of the surrounding spaces. Number Three is Riverside Drive Park. Fourth is Battery Park City, the place so different than the rest of the world mentioned!! Number Five is a slow finisher, uptown on the East Side by the East River's Carl Schurz Park.

So many people who are the neighbors of pet people and impose rules against them with their own secret rulings, however the bottom line is that if a pet is just content, perhaps it isn't happy. A bored pet is a potential problem for someone down the line.

I dream of a world where we all can get along and where pets are so happy their masters and mistresses are even happier.

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