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By Amie Chilson | Broker in San Francisco, CA

Realtors: Unlock the Home-Selling Power of Video

Video rocks. Period. I've been telling colleagues in every industry, especially Real Estate, to jump on the band-wagon and incoprorate video with their marketing and communications strategy. 

I'm sharing a great article about "Realtors & Video" below by Tara-Nicholle Nelson at Trulia which published in February. She covers it well...this is important and worth focusing on for the sake of your branding, marketing and growth in 2013 and beyond.

With little effort I've created my own VIDEO SERIES using simple and inexpensive tools with a little help from tech-savvy friends and I'm happy to share what I've learned/produced -- I welcome questions and feedback!

Watch an Intro Video Example

Watch a New Listing Video Tour

Watch a Video Tour of a San Francisco Attraction

4 Keys to Unlock the Power of Video

You’ve seen the data. The vast majority of homebuyers and sellers start the process online. And when it comes to marketing anything online, video is The Next Big Thing. So, of course, it would seem to follow fairly handily that *every* agent should be marketing *every* property, neighborhood and even their own services online, right?

Well, maybe not. Agents are experts on a lot of things. We, as this agent’s video calls out, are called upon to give everything from marital dispute moderation to contract negotiation advice to interior design pointers and child-rearing insights. But one thing most of us are not is specialists in video production. And with all the other marketing, lead generation, client management, property preparation, tours, office obligations and other tasks we have to handle, many agents are simply deciding that video is best left alone, unless and until the time comes when it becomes quicker, cheaper, easier and more obvious how to do it well – and with the impact we want.

As I see it, perhaps the best way to integrate video technologies into our everyday businesses is slowly.  And first, maybe we need to study up and get clarity on what the power of the media is for our own clients, properties and personal brands.  So, in the interest of kick starting or leveling-up your understanding of exactly how to squeeze every drop of home-selling power out of your videos, moving you closer to the day when you make the move to incorporate video into your business, here are a few a-has and insights:

1.  The story.

Does every real estate video need to spin a dramatic tale worthy of All My Children?  Certainly not, but every video should be telling some compelling story – and determining what that story is the ideal starting point for you, whether you’re planning to film and edit the whole thing yourself or to hire a professional production shop.  And the story doesn’t have to be uber-complicated – it can be as simple as a one liner statement about the home: family-style Tudor in friendly, pride-of-ownership neighborhood seeks its new owner.

And you should definitely be open to the concept that your story might be found beyond the four walls of a given home. Some other stories you might want your video to tell include:

  • Who you are as a real estate agent, what your approach is, what the market is like
  • The story of your area’s farmer’s market, local merchants or best restaurants
  • The story – even the history – of a given neighborhood or district, and what it’s known for, who lives there, when and why a prospective buyer might be wise to consider moving there.

The neighborhood story.  Beyond the listing video – video market reports “Oakland housing market report” and “how to buy a house in XXX” are great for Google ranking.

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