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By Amanda Mitchell | Agent in San Diego County, CA
  • SDG&E offers rebates on top of CA's Cash for Clunker Applinaces rebate program. And there's still plenty left

    Posted Under: Going Green in San Diego County  |  June 10, 2010 5:26 PM  |  1,151 views  |  No comments

    In addition to CA's Cash for Clunker Appliances rebate program, SDG&E is also offering rebates for refrigerators, washing machines and room air conditioners. The Cash for Clunker program was launched on April 22, 2010 (Earth Day), and has since then received more than 37,976 applications and given back $7,581,700 to consumers who have recycled their old appliances. There is still an estimated $24,098,300 left to give out too and many don’t know that there are other rebates that SDG&E is offering on top of those. They are completely separate rebates and yes, you can apply for both. Here is an outline of the rebates available.

    1) The Cash for Clunker Appliance (CCA) rebate for a refrigerator that is 7.75cu. ft. or greater and 25% more efficient that the federal minimum standard is $200. SDG&E is offering an extra $25 on top of that for an ENERGY START refrigerator.

    2) The CCA rebate for a washing machine that is 1.6 cu. ft. or greater, has a modified Energy Factor of 2 or greater and a Water Factor of 6 or less is $100. The SDG&E rebate offered in partnership with the SoCalWaterSmart program is up to a $150 rebate.

    3) The CCA rebate for room air conditioners with 10,000 Btu or greater, is $50 and the SDG&E rebate on top of that is also $50

    If you are wondering if you can qualify for these rebates check out these requirements that are outlined on SDG&E.com

    • Only California residents are eligible to participate.
    • Appliances must be purchased at a participating California retailer (out-of-state and online purchases are not eligible).
    • You must recycle the old appliance you are replacing.
    • Limit one rebate per each appliance type.
    • Rebates are available for qualified purchases made beginning April 22, 2010 and continuing until funds are depleted.

    You can get full details and a mail-in rebate form at the "Cash for Appliances" Web site at http://www.cash4appliances.org/ . There may be other rebate programs that are available you can check out here http://www.cash4appliances.org/consumers/rebates.html 

    To check out homes in your area, click the link below!

  • Building Green can pay off

    Posted Under: Going Green in Chula Vista  |  March 30, 2010 11:56 AM  |  468 views  |  1 comment

    The CA Center for Sustainable Energy handed out nine more SANDEE energy efficient awards  to San Diego companies, individuals and agencies for their energy efficient efforts. One of them going to Wakeland Housing and Development corp for their newest housing development. 
       When Ken Sauder, CEO of Wakeland, went to the city of Chula Vista to propose their 42 unit, affordable housing complex, there was one stipulation. And that was that it be a "green" complex. What initially popped into their minds was to make it a solar project.  Photovoltaic panels, also known as solar panels, can often provide more than 90% of power needed to run a building. But after some thought, Wakeland decided to take their project to the next level.
        Besides using solar panels on the roof and carports, other features they included were tankless water heaters, EnergyStar appliances, and sustainable materials that last for many more years than typical materials used. They also made the roof white, in order to reflect heat and the windows just the right size and in the right place in order to let sunlight in but keep the heat out. 
    Many builder argue that the benefits of building such "green" buildings dont outweigh the extra costs it takes to implement such eco-friendly features.
       The evidence is in the numbers though.
        While the "green" features used in the Los Vecinos complex amounted to more than $900,000 of the $17 million project, more than 2/3 were paid for through government incentives. The lower operating costs that this building has will pay for the balance in less that 10 years. According to the artical in the energy center, the savings that will be created just by the recent nine honorees of the SANDEE award, is equivalant to the energy use of 1,570 households, and the reduction in greenhouse gas emiisions are eqaul to the carbon dioxide emiited each year by almost 8,400 cars.

    Heres the credit to the other 8 honorees (from the San Diego Union Tribune):

    • Tom and Judy Myers of Alpine, who combined solar power systems with energy conservation to the point that their home makes as much power as it produces.

    • California State University San Marcos, which implemented a comprehensive energy conservation project, reducing consumption by more than 25 percent and saving nearly $600,000 in annual energy costs.

    • ICommute Regional Vanpool Program, which decreases traffic congestion during rush hour by getting some 5,000 vehicles off the road.

    • The San Diego Unified School District Prop. S program, which paid for an energy-efficient air conditioning system and improved occupant comfort and indoor air quality.

    • Architects hanna gabriel wells, which redesigned and remodeled a 1955 auto repair shop in Ocean Beach into a modern, net zero energy building, reusing 90 percent of the existing building and using daylight and LED lights.

    • Stone Brewing Co. of Escondido for its commitment to the environment and sustainability, including a solar-power system that provides 30 percent to 40 percent of its electricity.

    • Glen Brandenburg of San Diego State University, founder and director of the Mission Bay Aquatic Center and adviser to the Associated Students Green Love Sustainability Advisory Board, for his efforts encouraging students to adopt sustainable habits, create campus environmental programs and build energy-efficient facilities.

    • The city of Chula Vista, for its commitment to a healthy environment through energy-related programs and policies that emphasize energy efficiency and renewable energy.

    (Source: San Diego Union Tribune; Onell R. Soto)


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