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By Allan Davis | Home Inspector in Louisville, KY

Louisville Home Inspector tells how to save money with maintenance to your toilet

Conserve money simply by doing maintenance on your toilet

 As a local Home Inspector I am expected to flush toilets to see if they work correctly every day. Most of them work correctly and other ones do not work so well. By far the most common problem I personally come across is toilets that need tightening because they are loose at the floor.

This tends to cause problems in several different ways; leaks will contribute to major damage of the floor and can evolve into a mold problem, not to mention staining the floor covering. A leaking toilet can create a water supply for termites along with other wood destroying organisms, and if left unchecked a leaking toilet can cause considerable structural damage to the home

Every so often you should check your toilet to determine if it is loose, you can actually just wiggle it back and forth to see if you have movement. In the event you actually feel it move tighten the closet bolts located on the sides of the toilet at floor level. Please do not over tighten these bolts; you could break the porcelain toilet.

 If tightening doesn’t solve your water leak you may have to take the toilet loose from the floor and replace the wax seal on the base of the toilet; Unless you are actually a do it yourself individual this is probably a job for the plumber.

 As a Home Inspector, I'm constantly looking for issues in houses, but we also see so much thrown away and wasted money simply because of poor toilet maintenance.

Did you realize that a toilet flapper valve, quite often known as a flush valve ball that is not effectively seating could very well leak over six gallons of water a day that is virtually two thousand gallons a year!

To actually check the flapper valve look inside of the toilet bowl and look to see if you can notice a little steady stream of water flowing, it is actually due to the flush valve is leaking and needs to be replaced.

Another great technique to check for a seeping flapper valve would be to drop just a little food coloring in the tank water and then check out and see if the shaded water is leaking directly into bowl.

If you need to replace the flapper valve you'll be able to take a look inside the tank and look to see what variety you have.  Buy a replacement at your local hardware store; Just take out the existing one unhook the main flush chain, rod or plastic-type strap (No matter which design you have got) and snap the new one directly onto place.

A different situation to look for is going to be the water level inside the flush tank. If the actual water level isn't actually at or near the marking inside the water tank; adjust the float to get the water level the place where it really needs to be. If the water is flowing directly into the overflow pipe this really is costing a considerable amount of your hard earned money; by going straight down the drain.

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