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By Team Lally | Broker in Kapolei, HI
  • Santa Baby

    Posted Under: General Area, In My Neighborhood  |  December 5, 2011 3:40 PM  |  135 views  |  No comments
    ‎TeamLally Hawaii will be organizing a "SANTA BABY Fundraiser". All proceeds benefit Women In Need (WIN), families who have been through domestic violence, homelessness, substance abuse and incarceration We are collecting donations between Thurs, Dec. 1st—Weds, Dec. 14th! You may drop off your donations at our RE/MAX Honolulu office. See flyer for details!
  • Real Estate on the GO

    Posted Under: General Area in Kapolei, Home Buying in Kapolei, Home Selling in Kapolei  |  December 5, 2011 3:38 PM  |  222 views  |  No comments

    Real Estate on the GO
    To bring in business, residential and hit the airwaves with weekly shows.


    (Kapolei, Hawaii November 29, 2011) — Hawaii real estate agents anchors The Team Lally Real Estate show; host Adrienne Lally and Co-Host Attilio Leonardi know how to generate a steady stream of business: They spend an hour every Saturday doing a radio show about current market news and community events. They also interview with local leaders and specialists from numerous real estate sectors including lenders, title, service providers, and educators. The show aims to educate listeners on current trends, important legislative affairs, profitable ways to navigate the market and to promote “The Guaranteed Sale Program”, this entitles Adrienne Lally of Team Lally who has a national marketing programs that gives her the ability to guarantee to sell your home at a price and deadline you agree to or she’ll have it bought for cash. Learn more at http://www.GuaranteedSoldHi.com


    Lally, team leader for Team Lally in Kapolei, HI says her weekly shows are on KHVH 830 AM from 11am-12pm every Saturday.


    Upcoming Guest:

    Saturday, December 3rd-- Mary Scott-Lau, Women in Need 

    Saturday, December 10th—Reina Miyamoto, Hawaii Home Ownership Center

    Saturday, December 17th –Roberta Fellezs & Celeste Gates, Team Lally Buyer Specialists


    Website: http://www.TeamLallyRealEstateShow.com

  • Home Buyers and Sellers Prefer RE/MAX

    Posted Under: Market Conditions in Kapolei, Home Buying in Kapolei, Home Selling in Kapolei  |  September 19, 2011 6:16 PM  |  241 views  |  No comments

    Home Buyers and Sellers Prefer RE/MAX

    RE/MAX ranks highest in Customer Satisfaction in 2011 J.D. Power and Associates Study

    RE/MAX has provided the highest overall consumer satisfaction for both home buyers and home sellers. “It all comes down to professionalism and a commitment to a premier level of customer service”, said RE/MAX Chairman and Co-Founder Dave Linder. For the home buying experience, three factors were considered: Agent/Salesperson, office and variety of additional services. Four factors were examined for the home-selling experience: agent/salesperson, marketing, office, and a variety of additional services.

    The success of RE/MAX agent is the results of its comprehensive educational platform, RE/MAX University, which offers over1,100educational programs on-demand, and available online, on television, on smart phones and in classrooms around the world.

  • 20+ year Military Career

    Posted Under: General Area in Hawaii, Quality of Life in Hawaii, In My Neighborhood in Hawaii  |  September 19, 2011 6:15 PM  |  200 views  |  No comments

    So many articles, blog entries and editorials have focused on the physical, emotional, and mental toll a 20+ yr military career can take – and why the current 20 yr pay out retirement system is a necessary result of that toll. I’d like to focus on another aspect, in this military-civilian comparison game. The financial toll this career takes on a family.

    While my civilian counterparts have been busy working hard and establishing their careers- enjoying the long term savings and job security that comes with tenure in any field, I find myself (once again) pounding hoof to the pavement. I apply to jobs I went to school for (actually 3 schools, in 3 states and 6 yrs, to get that associates degree.) Paralegal, legal assistant, legal secretary, even clerk positions. When I can get my foot in the door for an interview, I find myself grasping to explain the inevitable employment gaps all military spouses experiment. Why no, I don’t have any local legal contacts. I didn’t go that that great local college with the job partnership opportunity this firm participates in. I don’t meet all of this states special certification requirements (yet.). I look to retail jobs (“Yes, it’s true my application reflects a varied job background but there’s a reason for that…”), entry level office jobs (“What brings me to Hawaii? Well… err…. my husband’s job….”), usually at some point I find myself looking to food and beverage positions (jobs I’m frankly getting a little too old and too arthritic to do for long!)

    While my friends from “back home” have established careers, and socked away nice little nest eggs in their own 401K type plans, I have found work when and where I could- and have simply waited with faith that one day my husband’s military pension along with the modest TSP we pay into would support us in our old age. My friends and their spouses will both enjoy retirement plans eventually, that they certainly earned- in our family though, I will have to be content to simply share my husbands.

    The financial hits don’t stop there. You see, as my civilian counterparts were working so hard at establishing their careers (and their own retirement plans) they are also enjoying another perk of stability and long-term residency. They are home owners. They started with a patient starter home and every 7 or 8 yrs they steadily upgraded, earning equity and increased credit worthiness with each upgrade. My family on the other hand, transfers every 2 to 4 years on average, and those transfers are never local. We have no owned home, no equity to enjoy. Many military families find themselves home owners eventually- only to get orders out and find they actually lose money on trying to unload said home in time to transfer out on their required military orders. We know we will not have 30 years of home ownership, to set us up in an already well financed house when we are ready to retire. Here is the thing- most of us don’t resent that, we accept it as part of this life style. It’s a financial price to pay, but one that is mitigated- at year 20, when finally said service member is eligible for retirement. Don’t have a home 3/4 paid off by then? Not the end of the world- that retirement check will help pay for that house, as you take on a second (hopefully less punishing to the body) career.

    There are incalculable financial losses over a career- setting up a new home every 2-4 yrs is not cheap even with moving allowances. New curtains, new appliances if need be, replacing broken items from the less than careful household goods movers. There are the pricey but necessary special tutors for the child who left one school district to find the new one had very different expectations. The tens of thousands of dollars spent over a career just to get home once every few years to visit Grandma. “The life” isn’t always cheap- but on most days it is worth it. Always, with the knowledge in the back of your mind the financial hits will be reimbursed someday- “someday” being at around year 20.

    The proposed 401K nonsense isn’t just an insult because of the physical and mental stresses service members face- but because it fails to compensate those members and their families for the financial hits a “military career” exacts.

  • $5000 Grants for First Time Military Buyers

    Posted Under: Market Conditions in Hawaii, Home Buying in Hawaii, Financing in Hawaii  |  September 19, 2011 6:12 PM  |  172 views  |  No comments

    The most recent news of Pentagon’s Foundation had an “Dream Makers” article about first-time military buyers and an available grant they can apply for up to $5,000 towards down payment and closing costs. For those whom are eligible, such as; Active duty personnel, military retirees, veterans, and U.S. Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security.

    In an effort to help the dream of home-ownership come true, please share this with anyone you know who may be eligible.

    In addition, here are all the details below from the PentagonFoundation site!

    Applying for a Dream Makers Grant

    The Dream Makers Program offers grants for down payments to first-time homebuyers of modest means who valiantly work to protect our country’s national security.

    You don’t have to be a Pentagon Federal Credit Union member to benefit from Dream Makers, and you can apply the grant to a mortgage from any financial institution.

    How Do I Qualify?

    You’re eligible for a Dream Makers grant if:

    1. You’re Military (Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard or Veteran), a Department of Defense employee or a Department of Homeland Security employee.
    2. You’re a first-time home buyer, or you have not owned a home for the last three years, or you have lost your home through divorce or disaster.
    3. The gross household income, including allowances, that you use to qualify for your mortgage loan is:
      • A maximum of $55,000 per year, or
      • A maximum of 80% of your community’s median income based on your family size

    Click here to determine your community’s median income based on family size

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