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  • Text Message marketing Vs Email Marketing | RealtyGo | zuzu - MobileURL's | QR Codes | GPS

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Houston  |  February 17, 2011 10:11 AM  |  1,264 views  |  1 comment

    RealtyGo offers end users 4 modalities for current and immediate real estate listing information; QR Code, GPS, Call, SMS/MMS mobile gateway technology.

    The Mobile URL in the image  is the word “DEMO”

    In many ways text message marketing and email marketing are very similar. With multiple forms of marketing available you should offer them all and let the consumer decide which avenue they are comfortable using. Overall you are asking your customers to give you their contact information so you may update and market to them directly.

    Building an email phone and text message marketing list of your best customers is a way not to waste money on advertising by casting a wide net and hoping your customers see it. RealtyGo analytics enable you to form a current and relevant  list, you can use efficiently to market to those customers who want to receive offers from you, have already spent money with you or requested information and in most cases are most likely to respond positively to your offers.

    There are quite a few vast differences that effect the redemption rates, ability to bring instant sales, and 'read' rates in any type of consumer 'opt in' marketing.

    Fewer than 20% of email messages are opened. Within 15 minutes of sending a text blast, over 95% of your subscribers will have read the message. Think to yourself, every time your mobile phone beeps, how long does it take you to read the text message?

    With RealtyGo's automated software, any time you make a change to your listing(s) a auto message is sent to 'end users' that have requested information about your listing(s), for example; if you change the price of a listing or the seller decides to offer their listing for lease and for sale. These are important things a potential buyer or interested party need to know. RealtyGo automatically updates previous consumers that solicited  listing information, any time you make a change, by sending a friendly text message alert.

    Customers contact information is automatically captured and displayed in your login area under the specific MobileURL and real estate listing the QR Code and SMS text messages are affiliated with. The mobile call to action is easily integrated into print, radio, television, in store signage and online applications such as Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, Google Local Search. They simply text your MobileURL or Scan the QR Code and all your professional business real estate information is provided. With email signups customers have to be on your website and enter their email address or fill out a form in your business.  With consumer trends rapidly moving toward the mobile communication channel for faster and more efficient communication using text messaging and QR codes; You need to give the consumer what they want when they want it and with the tool they use most frequently and feel most comfortable with, Their mobile device(s). By offering multiple contact modalities like Text messaging, GPS and QR Codes you enable consumers an easier and faster way to get the immediate information they want, most importantly the way the consumer wants to get it. More options or ways a consumer can contact you  enables you to build your marketing list much faster, and consumers will continue to utilize your services, due to the fact they know they will receive current and relevant information pertaining to their original interests in your real estate business.

    Text Message Marketing Vs Email Marketing.

    With text message marketing, you have the ability to increase sales the same day your message is sent. Often new sales can be in your door in under an hour or even market to customers already in your business. New text messages are read in an average of 14 minutes while the average time for someone to read an email is 6.4 hours. In addition, unless your customers have web-enabled phones, which only 14% do, they will have to wait until they are in front of a computer to read it, then print out the offer to bring it in to redeem it. With text marketing, the customer just has to show the text to the business to redeem. These same principals apply with information. Consumers can access immediate information about your real estate listing(s) and Auto Schedule an appointment to meet with the listing Agent or owner based on the listers pre set schedule. The Auto Scheduler allows Agents/Brokers to use their time more efficiently, social networking, continuing education, create new marketing campaigns and meeting with potential buyer.

    Typically the benefit of email vs text messaging is cost. There are email marketing providers for small businesses that charge $20 a month. This is for unlimited email blasts. The redemption rates are often low, only averaging 5%, and only offering one modality for consumer contact.

    RealtyGo offers all 4 current modalities for contact and much more, for half that price and at a 90% better ROI return-on-investment.

    Get more, do less - RealtyGo

  • Bing Maps is really amazing; Bing Mapping Video on TED.com Soon you will be able to scan QR Codes in any front yard from Maps..

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Howesville  |  February 9, 2011 3:35 PM  |  447 views  |  No comments
    Augmented Reality and more, innovation at its best, Bing Mapping really setting the bar high - Click the link below to see how Bing Mapping is changing the way we use the internet.

    Soon you will be able to scan a QR Code from your mobile phone (right on the Real Estate signage-in a homes front yard...), while browsing Bing Maps from your PC, Laptop or desktop computer. Bing Mapping is like being right there in front of the object of your obsession, or in this case a home for sale. Signage with QR Codes on them can be easily scanned with your mobile hand held PDA, such as your Smartphone, iPad, Tablet, etc.. . Once you have bing'ed' through the neighborhood and accessed all the homes with Smartcodes(QR Codes) you can simply forward matching critieria real estate, using RealtyGo to Potential Bueyrs, Clients, or New Customers inquiring about a certain Neighborhood, City or Zip Code.

    Enjoy the video and let RealtyGo help you jump into promoting all your real estate listings via the mobile channel, with ease and efficiency.

    Bing 'ed' http://on.ted.com/8uFV RealtyGo blog

    RealtyGo - Your Real Estate Listings Best Friend!
    RealtyGo blog
  • Are you currently doing this..; w/ your Real Estate Flyers & Point of Contact Real Estate Advertising

    Posted Under: Home Selling in Houston  |  January 23, 2011 2:59 PM  |  473 views  |  No comments
    If you currently have a Real Estate listing, and you are using black and white flyers at point of contact as your only modality of advertising your clients home, you may be doing a disservice to your client and your professional real estate business.Black and White Flyers/Now there is a better way with RealtyGo.co
    This is an actual photo taken in January of 2011.

    Before RealtyGo - advertising with black and white flyers was considered, a more affordable way to advertise your listings, vs Expensive Full Color Flyers. Now with our point of contact SmartCode and/or SMS "text message" gateway, you can offer the most current information regarding your Real Estate Listing(s) at all times. When you edit your online listing info within RealtyGo' s website, all your listing information dynamically updates, giving prospective home buyers and new customers the most current information possible for all your Real Estate Listings!

    Flyers, Black and White or color, can be expensive and often times are a strain on the environment. RealtyGo allows you to offer your Real Estate listings using Green Real Estate Communication. Is this a big deal? well we think so.  RealtyGo was designed to lift the burden of expensive overhead costs for listers and real estate listings, not to mention cut back on excessive paper printing and ink use. Prospective buyers, new customers and other real estate professionals can access all your listings using their mobile telephone, iPad, tablet, Smartphone, or any PDA device.

    Green Real Estate Communication
    RealtyGo allow you to list all your "other" real estate listings within our database for free. Once you have signed up for at least one Mobile URL which is $9.99 per month, you can list all your real estate listings for better SEO (Search engine optimization) from google, yahoo, bing - on the World Wide Web. Prospective buyers and consumers using our Search bar in the upper right corner of our  home page at RealtyGo.co can see all your "other" listings you have added to World Wide Web for free, using RealtyGo.

    Try This!
    Open up Google or any major search engine you prefer (select images) and use the key words "Black and White Flyer Box Real Estate or real estate black and white flyer box" - We could not find anyone proudly advertising black and white flyers as a means of advertising in 2011. There is a good chance that if google is not registering black and white flyers in flyer boxes, for the entire internet, you may want to reconsider using black and white flyers to promote your real estate business or clients lisitngs.
    RealtyGo - Your Real Estate Listings Best Friend!
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