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A QR Code with out a MobileURL is like an email with no subject! Would you open it?

Would you send an email without a Subject line or title? If you did, chances are the receiver may not open it, or it may go straight to spam or junk mail. QR Codes share a similar 'potential problem' If the user has no idea what they may be scanning to their mobile device, they may think twice and skip it all together.

Emails with out a subject line are like QR Codes with out a MobileURL_RealtyGo_Trulia_blog
TAGing a qr code with a MobileURL aka 'KeyWord' / 'Unique Name' that is similar to your business or what the end user can expect to be lead to by participating in your promotion, is helpful and very similar to assigning a Subject to an email. In addition, MobileURL can be used to search for your business and real estate listings at a later time, giving consumers an easy way to remember you and the real estate listing they were originally drawn to, much like a website URL is used to search for your online business and company. The MobileURL simply goes a step further in providing specific information, photos, video, text for a specific promotional item like a home for sale, custom lot , vacation rental, etc.. . You can see in the image below, the MobileURL is AZLANDBANK - used in searching for the listing and the agent and/or lister on RealtyGo's website and within major search engines like Google,Youtube,Yahoo, and Bing.

QR Code TAG with MobileURL AZLANDBANK_RealtyGo_Trulia_blog

Placing a QR Code within your real estate advertising is a smart way to encourage immediate interaction from the viewer. Usually an interested real estate buyer, in which you have captured their attention with your real estate ad or promotion.

Take a look at some ads placed by agents using QR Codes in premiere advertising magazines like Homes & Land

Real Estate using QR Codes_RealtyGo_blog_Trulia
A QR Code with out a heading doesn't really stand out, plus an end user may think, well since its not labeled it probably just goes to the website. Don't give potential buyers a reason not to participate in your advertising promotion, you paid for it, you may as well get the most out of it you can. Assign a MobileURL, to give the consumer a better understanding of what or where they may be taken to once they scan or text using your Mobile TAG. RealtyGo is the only company offering a Name for your Mobile TAG and QR Codes, so end users will start to realize they are going to be taken to potentially a lot more valuable information about the listing and lister. Including photos, video, contact information, auto scheduler and more!
QR Codes in Homes and Land magazines_RealtyGo
We are glad to include the link to the above qr code so you can view the website URL the qr code is bridging to when scanned. Link
The Realtor has a fantastic website, showing all of her real estate listings, photos, contact info etc.. She has provided icons of Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Yelp. Sandra has done a great job with her online appearance, website promotion and marketing. I would be willing to bet she paid good amount of money for this website also. The costs to construct such a website is in the thousands of dollars, very expensive, not to mention the ongoing costs associated with updating, editing, adding and modifying; content, photos, videos, etc, to keep up with current technology. Technology like Smartphones, iPads, Tablets. Who do you think pays for websites to be upgraded so their compatible with end users Smartphones, iPads and other PDA enabled devices? You do! The agent incurs all the carrying costs of such modifications and management.
This is why we created RealtyGo.
For $9.99 a month, you can have an internet presence that looks as good if not better then expensive custom designed websites. Don't spend a lot of money paying someone to build and constantly modify your website. Use RealtyGo instead and rest assure your listings will always have the most current and dynamic technology available for easy to use and best promotion practices.
RealtyGo enables you to add, edit and archive new content quick and easily. Yes notice we said archive, this is important, because RealtyGo does not delete your old listings, they dont fall into the black hole known as the internet. All your previous listings are archived, and your MobileURL / QR code / MobileTAG all continuously work as one, creating an online resume of sort. All linking back to you and your professional business information, providing potential clients and new business all of your listings and real estate information history you have earned. Old content is not necessarily bad or useless content. RealtyGo's system will keep your real estate listings ranking efficiently within all major search engines, such as Google, YouTube, Yahoo and Bing, using technology, powered by our own custom software.

RealtyGo even goes a few steps beyond you typical web presence.

Your listings all receive a Unique MobileURL or KeyWord associated with each listing. The Key word is used by potential buyers and end users to retrieve immediate information about your listing(s). When your listing sells or your finished with the listing, you then archive it and assign a brand new listing to your MobileURL/QR Code/Mobile TAG (all the same thing)

One major benefit of RealtyGo is Best SEO or Search Engine Optimization. We have designed our software to TAG each and every one of your listings, nicely organizing them enabling major search engines to index them properly for Best SEO and search engine ranking. RealtyGo provides search engines with the city, state, zipcode, address and even the neighborhood, offering the most current and relevant listing information every day. This way when someone is searching for real estate on the internet (which 87% of buyers now doTrulia NAR )in an area close or similar to where your real estate listing is, they will see your listings first and be able to easily navigate regardless of the device they are using to view your listing(s).

When People search for real estate on the web, they tend to search by location (we're all familiar with how popular google maps is) and often times is exactly where they would like to live, either by entering the zip code, city, state or even neighborhood. RealtyGo categorizes and nicely organizes all your real estate listing and relevant info exactly how search engines like to have, offering premiere placement and best page rank when an online search is performed.

RealtyGo makes it easy to download a PDF or even take a quick screen shot or photo of your QR Code, to use on craigslist. This will enable investors and interested partys to take your listing with them on their mobile phone, or they can contact you from within the listing once they Scan or Text for more info. Consumers can also watch Youtube videos, see you social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Yelp, etc.. .
Craigslist Post Ex:
Craigslist post on realtygo blog trulia using qr codes for quick response and mobile tagging
End users, potential buyers, interested consumers can scan your listing and now they have it on their mobile device and can take it with them, forward to a fried and contact you from within your RealtyGo mobile listing. You can also place your Mobile TAG within almost any listing website like Zillow, Realtor, VRBO, FSBO, Oodle for easy promotion enabling end users a more efficient way to see all of your relevant listing and business information. If you decide to change your listing or you close the listing and want to assign a new property to your same mobile TAG, your ad will still be relevant and will always show your most current and archived listings, photos, contact info, etc.. . Making sure that if a consumer is looking for you, or liked some one of your previous listings, they can scan or text the same code-"mobileURL" and will get all your current information and listings.

RealtyGo also provides easy to read analytics, which show how many times consumers have requested information about your real estate listing(s), the time of day, date, notes that may have been left, survey feedback and more. The Analytics are easy to read and you can print or email them to clients to show how effective your promotion of their real estate listings is. Banks also like to have analytics, and will be more likely to give a listing to a broker/agent if they have analytics and additional methods of promotion and tracking.
RealtyGo_Real Estate Sign with QR Code Mobile TAG and Mobile PDA Phone

For about .33 cents a day ($9.99 a month), you can utalize all the services that RealtyGo offers in one simple and easy to use application. Auto Scheduling, enabling end users and other real estate professionals to see your available time and dates for viewing and previewing your listings. We even provide signage, stickers, vinyl, etc for you to start using your Mobile TAG right away.

Take a look at our Youtube channel to see videos users have submited recently, and how they are using QR Codes for their real estate listings. Submit your video and automatically be entered in a chance to win a Free MobileURL / Mobile TAG for life.  Submit video URL from Youtube to info@realtygo.co

RealtyGo - Your Real Estate Listings Best Friend!
RealtyGo MobileTAG image for twittergo_qrcodes_SMS/MMS
Thank you for taking the time to read. Please forward to a friend or real estate professional that can benefit from using RealtyGo for their Mobile real estate listings and dynamic mobile web presence.

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