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  • Happy Earth Day, A Billion Acts of Green! RealtyGo_Green Real Estate Communication

    Posted Under: Property Q&A in Los Angeles  |  April 22, 2011 4:42 PM  |  2,364 views  |  No comments
    I love planet earth_ Earth day _ RealtyGo_blogThis year so far we have had Earth Hour (WWF), World Water Day and now it appears its time for Earth Day! Today, 22nd April 2011, is the 41st Earth Day event which according to its organisers has inspired and mobilised individuals and organisations worldwide to demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

    Earth Day is intended to raise awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment which is what I am trying to achieve with this blog.

    The Earth Day Network works with over 22,000 partners in 192 countries to broaden, diversify and mobilise the environmental movements. It was founded in the United States by Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970 with the aim of teaching people about issues affecting the environment. Since it began, it has seen several environmental laws including the Clean Air Act, the Water Act and the Endangered Species Act come into force which is a huge achievement and has obviously fulfilled its aim of informing people on environmental issues. As with most things each Earth Day has a theme and this year’s theme is “A Billion Acts of Green": Our People Powered”. They are asking people to demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection and sustainability with the hope that with all of these small pledges acting together will go a long way to conserving the planet.

    Earthday history;

    An oil spill in California was behind the creation of the first Earth Day in 1970. Now, 41 years later, the worst oil disaster in the nation’s history, along with rising greenhouse gas emissions and budget battles, dominates America’s debate over the environment.

    Environmental catastrophes inspired official Earth Day ;
    On Jan. 28, 1969, an oil well blowout near Santa Barbara, Calif. leaked more than 200,000 gallons of oil into the ocean for 11 days. The damage done to California’s coastline and the massive scope of the cleanup effort led to reforms in the energy industry, such as the National Environmental Policy Act which requires the federal government to do a detailed assessment before approving potentially hazardous projects like offshore oil drilling.

    Later that same year, industrial chemicals along Ohio’s Cuyahoga river caught fire on the surface of the water, making it look like the river was on fire.

    Images of blackened coastlines and flaming rivers led to a heightened awareness among the American public about the fragility of the environment.

    In early 1970, Gaylord Nelson, a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, took note of these shifting attitudes toward the environment and hired 25-year-old Denis Hayes to organize a national “teach in” on the subject. Hayes teamed with other young people to organize the first national environmental movement.

    On April 22, 1970, 20 million people responded to Hayes’ and Gaylord’s movement and rallied for environmental awareness. It remains the largest demonstration in American history and was the first-ever Earth Day.

    Oil Tanker Explosion_Start of Earth day in 1970Energy production tops today’s environmental concerns;
    In the years since the first Earth Day demonstration, the activities have changed, but the source of the main environmental issues facing the country remains very much the same. Energy production and consumption continues to cause the most pollution and pose the greatest dangers to the American ecosystem.
    The Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion, which took place a year ago off the Gulf coast, is the most disastrous oil spill in the nation’s history – about 200 million gallons of oil spewed from the damaged well before it could be capped.

    Similar to the Santa Barbara oil spill of 1969, images of oil-covered animals and damaged coastline prompted strong reactions and debates over offshore oil drilling. However, today’s businesses and policymakers remain largely divided over how to meet America’s energy needs.

    “The oil will be drilled,” Kenneth Green, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute told the NewsHour during the Gulf oil leak. “We need to find ways to keep it from our shore. We need to improve our technology and ability to prevent oil from moving to the shores and learn how to use this material safely, because we are going to use it.”

    Daniel Weiss, director of climate strategy for the Center for American Progress, disagreed. He said, “We have put off for too long addressing our long-term dependence on oil, both foreign and domestic. The tragedy in the Gulf isn’t a wakeup call. It’s a sonic boom. And what we need to do is to dramatically reduce our oil use.”

    Debates rage over greenhouse gas regulation and EPA funding;
    Congress has the authority to create and change laws having to do with the environment, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the government agency responsible for overseeing and implementing those laws. Recently, lawmakers have disagreed sharply over whether to create legislation to combat greenhouse gas emissions and how much money to give to the EPA.
    In 2010, a bill that would have created a cap-and-trade system, which would involve companies buying credits to emit carbon pollution, failed in the Senate when Democrats and Republicans couldn’t agree on how many restrictions should be placed on businesses.

    The Obama administration then turned to the EPA to regulate greenhouse gases, which contribute to the warming of the planet. The Republican-led House of Representatives voted to strip the EPA of that authority.

    In budget negotiations that almost led to a government shutdown, Congress cut funding to the EPA by $1.6 billion, a significant sum according to most analysts.

    “These cuts give us the opportunity to take a close look at how the agency is spending its dramatic increases in funding and look at whether the regulations it is putting out are appropriate.” said Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho), who supports the cuts.

    The advocacy group Environment America sharply criticized the funding cuts, calling them an “assault on protections of our air and water” that will “compromise public health.”

    A Billion Acts of Green;

    The theme of Earth Day 2011 is “a billion acts of green,” and organizers are calling on every individual to do one small thing in their lives, such as switching to energy efficient light bulbs or walking instead of driving, to improve the planet.

    Earth Day participants around the world are planting 1 million trees, drawing up plans for green schools, and celebrating sports through Athletes for the Earth.

    Grow Life – Please tell us what you did today to contribute to a great cause.

    RealtyGo_Green Real Estate Communication_Reduce_your_carbon_footprint
    RealtyGo - Your Real Estate Listings Best Friend!
  • A QR Code with out a MobileURL is like an email with no subject! Would you open it?

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Scottsdale  |  April 18, 2011 1:47 PM  |  3,182 views  |  No comments
    Would you send an email without a Subject line or title? If you did, chances are the receiver may not open it, or it may go straight to spam or junk mail. QR Codes share a similar 'potential problem' If the user has no idea what they may be scanning to their mobile device, they may think twice and skip it all together.

    Emails with out a subject line are like QR Codes with out a MobileURL_RealtyGo_Trulia_blog
    TAGing a qr code with a MobileURL aka 'KeyWord' / 'Unique Name' that is similar to your business or what the end user can expect to be lead to by participating in your promotion, is helpful and very similar to assigning a Subject to an email. In addition, MobileURL can be used to search for your business and real estate listings at a later time, giving consumers an easy way to remember you and the real estate listing they were originally drawn to, much like a website URL is used to search for your online business and company. The MobileURL simply goes a step further in providing specific information, photos, video, text for a specific promotional item like a home for sale, custom lot , vacation rental, etc.. . You can see in the image below, the MobileURL is AZLANDBANK - used in searching for the listing and the agent and/or lister on RealtyGo's website and within major search engines like Google,Youtube,Yahoo, and Bing.

    QR Code TAG with MobileURL AZLANDBANK_RealtyGo_Trulia_blog

    Placing a QR Code within your real estate advertising is a smart way to encourage immediate interaction from the viewer. Usually an interested real estate buyer, in which you have captured their attention with your real estate ad or promotion.

    Take a look at some ads placed by agents using QR Codes in premiere advertising magazines like Homes & Land

    Real Estate using QR Codes_RealtyGo_blog_Trulia
    A QR Code with out a heading doesn't really stand out, plus an end user may think, well since its not labeled it probably just goes to the website. Don't give potential buyers a reason not to participate in your advertising promotion, you paid for it, you may as well get the most out of it you can. Assign a MobileURL, to give the consumer a better understanding of what or where they may be taken to once they scan or text using your Mobile TAG. RealtyGo is the only company offering a Name for your Mobile TAG and QR Codes, so end users will start to realize they are going to be taken to potentially a lot more valuable information about the listing and lister. Including photos, video, contact information, auto scheduler and more!
    QR Codes in Homes and Land magazines_RealtyGo
    We are glad to include the link to the above qr code so you can view the website URL the qr code is bridging to when scanned. Link
    The Realtor has a fantastic website, showing all of her real estate listings, photos, contact info etc.. She has provided icons of Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Yelp. Sandra has done a great job with her online appearance, website promotion and marketing. I would be willing to bet she paid good amount of money for this website also. The costs to construct such a website is in the thousands of dollars, very expensive, not to mention the ongoing costs associated with updating, editing, adding and modifying; content, photos, videos, etc, to keep up with current technology. Technology like Smartphones, iPads, Tablets. Who do you think pays for websites to be upgraded so their compatible with end users Smartphones, iPads and other PDA enabled devices? You do! The agent incurs all the carrying costs of such modifications and management.
    This is why we created RealtyGo.
    For $9.99 a month, you can have an internet presence that looks as good if not better then expensive custom designed websites. Don't spend a lot of money paying someone to build and constantly modify your website. Use RealtyGo instead and rest assure your listings will always have the most current and dynamic technology available for easy to use and best promotion practices.
    RealtyGo enables you to add, edit and archive new content quick and easily. Yes notice we said archive, this is important, because RealtyGo does not delete your old listings, they dont fall into the black hole known as the internet. All your previous listings are archived, and your MobileURL / QR code / MobileTAG all continuously work as one, creating an online resume of sort. All linking back to you and your professional business information, providing potential clients and new business all of your listings and real estate information history you have earned. Old content is not necessarily bad or useless content. RealtyGo's system will keep your real estate listings ranking efficiently within all major search engines, such as Google, YouTube, Yahoo and Bing, using technology, powered by our own custom software.

    RealtyGo even goes a few steps beyond you typical web presence.

    Your listings all receive a Unique MobileURL or KeyWord associated with each listing. The Key word is used by potential buyers and end users to retrieve immediate information about your listing(s). When your listing sells or your finished with the listing, you then archive it and assign a brand new listing to your MobileURL/QR Code/Mobile TAG (all the same thing)

    One major benefit of RealtyGo is Best SEO or Search Engine Optimization. We have designed our software to TAG each and every one of your listings, nicely organizing them enabling major search engines to index them properly for Best SEO and search engine ranking. RealtyGo provides search engines with the city, state, zipcode, address and even the neighborhood, offering the most current and relevant listing information every day. This way when someone is searching for real estate on the internet (which 87% of buyers now doTrulia NAR )in an area close or similar to where your real estate listing is, they will see your listings first and be able to easily navigate regardless of the device they are using to view your listing(s).

    When People search for real estate on the web, they tend to search by location (we're all familiar with how popular google maps is) and often times is exactly where they would like to live, either by entering the zip code, city, state or even neighborhood. RealtyGo categorizes and nicely organizes all your real estate listing and relevant info exactly how search engines like to have, offering premiere placement and best page rank when an online search is performed.

    RealtyGo makes it easy to download a PDF or even take a quick screen shot or photo of your QR Code, to use on craigslist. This will enable investors and interested partys to take your listing with them on their mobile phone, or they can contact you from within the listing once they Scan or Text for more info. Consumers can also watch Youtube videos, see you social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Yelp, etc.. .
    Craigslist Post Ex:
    Craigslist post on realtygo blog trulia using qr codes for quick response and mobile tagging
    End users, potential buyers, interested consumers can scan your listing and now they have it on their mobile device and can take it with them, forward to a fried and contact you from within your RealtyGo mobile listing. You can also place your Mobile TAG within almost any listing website like Zillow, Realtor, VRBO, FSBO, Oodle for easy promotion enabling end users a more efficient way to see all of your relevant listing and business information. If you decide to change your listing or you close the listing and want to assign a new property to your same mobile TAG, your ad will still be relevant and will always show your most current and archived listings, photos, contact info, etc.. . Making sure that if a consumer is looking for you, or liked some one of your previous listings, they can scan or text the same code-"mobileURL" and will get all your current information and listings.

    RealtyGo also provides easy to read analytics, which show how many times consumers have requested information about your real estate listing(s), the time of day, date, notes that may have been left, survey feedback and more. The Analytics are easy to read and you can print or email them to clients to show how effective your promotion of their real estate listings is. Banks also like to have analytics, and will be more likely to give a listing to a broker/agent if they have analytics and additional methods of promotion and tracking.
    RealtyGo_Real Estate Sign with QR Code Mobile TAG and Mobile PDA Phone

    For about .33 cents a day ($9.99 a month), you can utalize all the services that RealtyGo offers in one simple and easy to use application. Auto Scheduling, enabling end users and other real estate professionals to see your available time and dates for viewing and previewing your listings. We even provide signage, stickers, vinyl, etc for you to start using your Mobile TAG right away.

    Take a look at our Youtube channel to see videos users have submited recently, and how they are using QR Codes for their real estate listings. Submit your video and automatically be entered in a chance to win a Free MobileURL / Mobile TAG for life.  Submit video URL from Youtube to info@realtygo.co

    RealtyGo - Your Real Estate Listings Best Friend!
    RealtyGo MobileTAG image for twittergo_qrcodes_SMS/MMS
    Thank you for taking the time to read. Please forward to a friend or real estate professional that can benefit from using RealtyGo for their Mobile real estate listings and dynamic mobile web presence.
  • Agents pass this on to your clients, "Thou shall know thy neighorhood boundaries"

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Sacramento  |  April 11, 2011 10:00 PM  |  2,624 views  |  No comments
    Agents pass this on to your clients, Thou shall know thy neighorhood boundaries

    It’s so important to know exactly where one neighborhood ends and another begins. Misunderstanding neighborhood boundaries can have a dramatic impact on perceived property value. When dealing with a short sale situation, loan modification, property tax reduction, bankruptcy, or really any transaction, it could really backfire if the decision makers for your loan or legal documents do not take into account important market boundaries.

    Let’s look at the map below as an example. The area traced in red is a portion of the Central Oak Park neighborhood in Sacramento, while the area traced in blue is known as Tahoe Park West.
    Understand neighborhood boundries as a Realtor_RealtyGo_blog_Trulia
    Both of these areas are really separate neighborhoods despite being right next to each other (divided by Stockton Blvd). There is actually a huge difference in property value between these two areas as indicated on the trend graph below. The median price level throughout most of the past year in Tahoe Park West hovered around $150,000, while the median price level for Central Oak Park was closer to $60,000.
    Neighborhoods so close are still seperate_Respect neighborhood boundries_RealtyGo_blog_Real Estate_Trulia

    It’s easy to imagine how online valuation websites (like Zillow or Cyberhomes) or even inexperienced real estate professionals might make sincerely wrong value judgments by looking at all sales within a 1/4 mile radius or some other parameter that does not encapsulate the true neighborhood. That’s why it’s so important to work with professionals who really understand the local market.
    Special thanks to Ryan Lundquist
    RealtyGo - Your Real Estate Listings Best Friend!
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  • Did you know that the average server produces the same emissions as a 15 mpg SUV?

    Posted Under: Property Q&A in San Francisco  |  April 11, 2011 9:04 PM  |  6,030 views  |  No comments
    Did you know that the average server produces the same emissions as a 15 mpg SUV?
    GreenApple hosts many websites on its shared and reseller web hosting servers. That means a lot of servers, and a lot of carbon emissions. So we asked ourselves, what can we do to be part of the climate change solution? We took steps to minimize our environmental impact at the office, but still we weren't satisfied. We then switched to 36% more efficient servers, but still we weren't satisfied!

    All of our shared and reseller servers are now 130% wind powered!
    That's right! 130%! We're not just neutralizing our environmental impact, we're reversing it!Green server power_RealtyGo_blog_Trulia
    GreenApple host has purchased certified Renewable Energy Credits representing 130% of the electricity used to both power and cool every last one of our shared and reseller servers!

    What makes GreenApple’s program so special?
    If you’re thinking about switching to green hosting, good for you! Green hosting is an important step in dealing with climate change. But be aware, once you start asking some questions you’ll find that not all of the so called "green" hosting options out there are nearly as green as they claim to be. GreenApple’s program stands out from the pack for a number of reasons.
    GreenApple is using renewable energy to both power and cool their servers, whereas a number of green hosts only offset the electricity used to power their servers. That represents a big difference, because servers generate a lot of heat. For every watt of electricity that a server uses, 1-2 watts of electricity are typically required to cool it. What that means is GreenApple is investing in about twice as much renewable energy, on a per server basis, as those green hosts only using renewable energy to power their servers.

    GreenApple has invested in Green E-certified Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). That means that all of GreenApple’s RECs are verified, tracked and monitored. GreenApple wanted to go green the right way. GreenApple can’t very well build a windfarm in our downtown data center, so it’s doing the next best thing and greening its energy at the source with rock solid RECs coming from Texas and Montana Wind Farms.

    RECs, CERs and VERs - Oh My!
    RECs aren’t the only offsetting option out there, there are also Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) and Voluntary/Verified Emission Reductions (VERs). The main difference between the three is this: each REC represents 1 additional megawatt of North American wind power, whereas each CER or VER represents one metric ton of reduced or avoided carbon dioxide emissions. CERs and VERs can be generated from a whole range of projects (fuel switching, forestry, changes in industrial processes, etc.), but RECs can only be created by the production of renewable energy.
    So why do RECs make the most sense for GreenApple's web hosting? RECs enable GreenApple to green it's energy right at the source and support the development of clean power, rather than simply paying another company to not pollute.

    GreenApple has also put in place natural resource and recycling policy plans. We recycle all staffReuse_Reduce_Recycle_RealtyGo_blog_Trulia aluminum cans, plastics and cardboard products. We also have implemented water conservation with our office and many of our telecommuter employees homes. When possible we encourage staff to ride their bicycles to work. We even have company wide bike outings, as well as work to support local bicycling initiatives in the State of Montana.

    Finally, I should emphasize that the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits only represents GreenApple’s most recent step toward sustainability. Prior to the REC purchase, GreenApple had already begun the process of reducing their environmental impact at the office and in travel (recycling, minimizing paper use, etc.), and recently switched to higher efficiency servers and office PC's like the Apple Mac Mini's and Mac Mini Servers as well as other low energy certified servers from HP and IBM.

    GreenApple has also taken another big step in purchasing Carbon Credits (CERs) from theCarbon Free Partner_RealtyGo_blog_Trulia CarbonFund to cover all personal PC and home office spaces for our telecommuting employees, which is all of our web developers / programmers - how's that for going green!
    Click to see one of our GreenAppleâ„¢ Telecommuter SOHO CarbonFund policies..

    What can you do to minimize your impact on the climate?
    Well, for one thing you can switch your online strategy partner and web hosting provider to GreenApple, if you’re not already a customer of ours!
    Beyond that, there are myriad ways to go green in your personal life. Most of them are totally painless, for example turning off your computer at night, rather than leaving it in sleep mode. Many of them will save you money in the long run, for example using compact fluorescent bulbs instead of incandescents.
    For a quick start, check out CarbonTracker's list of 11 simple steps you can take to minimize yourEPA_Green_Power_RealtyGo_blog_Trulia impact on the climate. For even more information, the Environmental Protection Agency has a ton of info on the subject.
    GreenApple is also a member of the EPA's Green Partner Program!

    RealtyGo - Green Real Estate Communication
    RealtyGo_Green Real Estate Communication

    Scan the QR Code now to see our Demo for 'Green' Real Estate Communication
  • Ok, this may be a little much to grasp - The Point is, When search engines see you are “hanging” out with quality, websites

    Posted Under: Home Buying in Los Angeles  |  April 11, 2011 8:17 PM  |  2,728 views  |  No comments
    "When the search engines see you are “hanging” out with quality, sites they will naturally assume you have good content as well!"Quality BackLinks, not quantity, make google love your website_RealtyGo_blog_Trulia
    Most website owners know they need to improve their link popularity and want to increase backlinks to their site. These are links that come from other sites and point back to your website. Search engines look at the number, quality and relevance of these links when they determine where your website should show up in the search results. There are of course other factors that also go into this decision, but make no mistake anchor text, backlinks and great content are absolutely essential to any SEO campaign.

    Most of the information you will find on the internet will point you to what you should do to increase backlinks, however there are some things you should not do as well. Avoiding these practices can often be the best search engine optimization techniques you could have. Here are a few of the top things to avoid when you work to increase backlinks that point to your website and otherwise optimizing your site for high search engine rankings.

    Voting to Increase Backlinks
    When websites place a link to your site on their site this is seen as a vote of confidence to the search engines. You would think that the more votes your site receives the better, regardless of where they come from. However, when sites with low reputations are voting for your site it rather nullifies the effect. Look at it like advice from your mother, bad company corrupts good character. When the search engines see you are “hanging” out with quality, sites they will naturally assume you have good content as well. This is the best way to increase backlinks to your site, think quality over quantity every time.

    Relevant Anchor Text Backlinks
    Increase backlinks with sites that are relevant to your sites content. Always try to avoid establishing links to your site from sites that do not fit into your niche. Irrelevant backlinks are pretty much worthless, they are seen as a tiny vote of confidence but smack more of spam than anything else. Besides having less value with the search engines irrelevant backlinks do your site no good organically either. A backlink from a skate boarding site to a house painting site simply does not make sense, to visitors or the search engines.

    If you are going to place, anchor text backlinks you want to also pay attention to a sites PageRank. This is a complicated algorithm that takes many things into consideration to come up with a numerical value for a website. There are more than 500 million variables and two billion terms to come up with a websites ranking in importance.

    Links that point to your website from a site with a low PageRank is similar to linking with a site that has a poor reputation. This relationship will not hurt your websites credibility with the search engines but it also won’t help to improve your search engine rankings either when it comes to search engine results, which is completely counterproductive. Increase backlinks by creating link relationships with sites that have relevant content and better PageRank than your site, or at least as good as yours.

    Selling or Buying Links
    Purchasing links is still done and can work to a degree however; search engines such as Google definitely frown on the process. It would not be surprising if Google figured out a way to exclude these from their algorithm in the future. Beyond this issue however is the problem of where the links you are purchasing are coming from. We have already established that low PageRank, poor reputations and non-relevant sites do not make for backlinks; you could be getting all of the above when you purchase links.

    One very often overlooked aspect of link building is getting keywords into the anchor text. Backlinks to your site should always contain the keyword or phrase you are trying to rank for in the anchor text. This is critical to your SEO efforts and should not be overlooked.

    Link Age
    Search engine optimization is an ever changing thing, over time the formulas used to determine which site will rank on the search pages will vary. Link age is one factor that has been given more weight than it might deserve. The idea is that the older the domain hosting a backlink the more weight it may have. This is good in theory, which is why many people are attempting to purchase older domains. RealtyGo never discards your old content, we enable you to archive the content and use the same dedicated page and "Unique Name" for new content such as new real estate listings. Our system is designe to increase your rank position consistently, regardless of how many times major search engines change up their magic formula for searching. Everything is based on Algorithms and mathmatics, trust us we have definitely got you covered in these two departments.

    Before you go to great lengths to purchase older websites with the idea that you will cash in on link age you should gauge the other criteria of the link. Content on the site, relevance of the content and reason behind the links placement are all important to consider as well. Don’t go to great lengths to obtain aged links instead look for quality when trying to increase backlinks.

    It may seem complicated to climb the search engine results ladder and it can be a frustrating experience. The process is ever changing and evolving as search engines become more sophisticated. One of the best pieces of SEO advice you could get is to always remember why you are building your site, anchor text, backlinks and content; for people. Make real people the focus of your efforts and the search engine results will follow. Time is a key factor when you increase backlinks, but if you will exercise patience and good sense, the results will follow.

    RealtyGo does all the heavy lifting for you. We have already created the most dynamic and efficient patent software for real estate and any type of real estate listings. Our platform is wide open, you can link all and any of your websites, social circle links, sync your twitter, facebook, blog within your dedicated pages on your Mobile RealtyGo page. We also enable you to link all your dedicated pages, for different listings, together so end users get all your real estate listings, not just the one they are in front of. Try it out today, you will like how easy it is to use, if you have ever had to enter a listing in the MLS, RealtyGo will be a snap. We also provide Mobile TAG which helps you post your listings to other sites like Zillow, Craigslist, Realtor.com, etc.., by simply displaying an image. End users can click the image, Scan the image, or Text message providing them all your current and relevant up to date information right on the spot. They can even auto schedule an appointment to meet with you from their mobile device.

    RealtyGo - Your Real Estate Listings Best Friend!
  • I want to Fire my Agent! I feel like he's not doing enough, what can i do?

    Posted Under: Home Selling in San Francisco  |  April 10, 2011 3:32 PM  |  2,952 views  |  No comments
    We found this article listed on google; First Page, First Post..,

    Link - How can i fire my real estate agent?
    How can i fire my real estate agent? RealtyGo_Trulia_blog

    "I don't think my real estate agent is doing enough to sell my house and I want to fire him, what can I do?
    I am in a three month contract with my real estate agent at four percent commission and I want to fire him because I don't think he is doing enough to sell my house. He is always making me excuses that the market is slow but I know my house can sell because my house is beautiful. I've already had my house listed with this guy for over a month now and I haven't even gotten an offer on it yet! My agent keeps telling me that he has put it on the MLS and realtor.com and sent out flyers for my home and spoken with other agents about it but I don't think that is enough. He has only done six open houses for my house and it seems like he wants to do them only occassionally now and I want him to keep doing them because I don't feel he is doing enough to sell my home. What can I do to fire him? I am in a three month contract with him but wish to fire him now. Isn't there anything I can do?"

    In a down economy, Buyers and Sellers are not as 'easy going' as they once were...
    Down economy_RealtyGo_blog_Trulia

    In the post above, you have a concerned home owner upset that their home has not yet sold. It use to be good enough to tell you clients things like, "your listings is on Realtor.com, in the MLS, I've let other Agents in my office know about it, i even sent out flyers in different zip codes around the area, etc.. ." These days buyers and sellers want more, they want proof! Proof that your actually getting traffic and interested parties looking at their real estate for sale. If you have done all the things that typically get a home sold for your client, and their home is not selling, there is no one to blame accept you as the agent, even though it may not be you at all, the home may be overpriced, poorly decorated, older then first time buyers may want, etc.. . So how do you prove to your clients that you are working diligently and trying to sell their real estate every day. You provide Analytics, traffic reports of who has been looking, the time of day, with what type of application, scan, text, email or call. With additional stats and analytics you can prove to your clients that you have been doing a valid job in promoting their listings, you can even put together additional strategies showcasing how you intend to convert leads into sales.

    RealtyGo QR Code_Trulia_blog_Analytics and more!RealtyGo provides valuable Analytics for each listing you have created. Place your mobile TAG, consisting of a QR Code or Text message information extraction application on all your real estate promotions, signs, marketing and social networking sites. Offer accountability by showing clients where traffic is coming from, maybe its from your monthly news letter, or a magazine ad you placed specificly for the listing, some great internet affiliation like RealtyGo. Prove to your clients you are going above and beyond traditional real estate advertising methods. Once you have analytics, showing how many times potential buyers have viewed a listing, comments they have left in the 'notes' section, and actual conversions from 'lookie loos', to scheduled appointments to preview the real estate listing, you can then sit down with your client and share these easy to read Analytics, recommending different strategies/possibilities to get the listing closed. If consumers are viewing the listing, and no one is making an appointment to see it, this could mean it needs some updating, the price is too high, or you might even get lucky and get a consistency of comments in the 'notes' area, expressing what a majority of consumers didn't like about the home. Analytics can make your real estate job much easier, giving you additional factual information about your listings to share with clients.

    You can even use Analytics to show other 'similar' clients how your methods of tracking and reviewing consumers comments and actions helped you close similar listings, giving you a leg up as the preferred agent and expert in the geographical area. RealtyGo's Mobile TAG does a lot more then just give consumers immediate information, photos, pricing,etc.., about your listings. The MobileTAG enables you to collect valuable information about potential customers and new clients, proving your marketing strategies are working or not working. You then know if you need to restructure your advertising methods. Find out which methods are bringing you the most traffic, saving you money and time in the future by getting rid of costly ads that may not be working. Client will also appreciate the fact that you are using real data to support your actions and advertising and will feel comfortable knowing you are doing everything you can to get the listing closed.

    Let your clients and new customers know you are part of the solution, offering 'Green' real estate communication by assigning a mobile TAG to your listings, cutting down on excessive printing and ink use from traditional real estate flyers and promotions.
    Mobile real estate TAG from RealtyGo_ Green Real Estate Communication

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  • Twitter 101: RT, HT, OH, ETC.., Lets get started!

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    Twitter FAQ; RT, HT, OH, ETC...

    Twitter RT means ReTweet

    RT is an abbreviation for ReTweet, which is like Repeat. It’s like forwarding, but for Twitters instead of emails. If you see something really cool from one of the people you follow, you may want to ReTweet it so that the people following YOU (and not the original person) can see it.

    "RT is slang, not a system function. Twitter doesn’t do anything special if you put in the RT."

    Why don’t people follow me back?

    Just because you follow someone doesn’t mean they’ll turn around and follow you back. Some people are paranoid because they think you’re a twitter spammer, or maybe you don’t have your Twitter profile set up completely. Here’s a few pages where I explain why I follow people back – or don’t follow them back.

    Top 10 Reasons I'm not following you on Twitter; by Brent Ozar @BrentO

    Top 10 Reasons I *AM* Following You On Twitter; @BrentO

    Adding more info to your twitter profile!

    When someone views your Twitter page, they make a snap decision whether or not to follow you.  People want to know in a matter of seconds if you’ve got something interesting to say or valuable information they can use to make their own twit feed more interesting and relevant.

    Unfortunately, sometimes your most recent Tweets have less relevant articles that may not be related to what you usually Tweet about.  Maybe you’ve been on vacation or selebrating a recent life changing event, or you’re talking about the plane crash on the Hudson.  People would have to scroll through a page or more of your history to figure out what you do and what you Tweet.

    Our Twitter profiles don’t help much, either – they give us only a handful of characters to describe ourselves, and sometimes that’s not enough.

    My Twitter Sidebar
    The fix is to make your own Twitter background image that tells visitors more about who you are and what you do. Included a few lines about what you Tweet, easy ways to contact you and your QR Code.

    You can choose whether or not to tile your picture, and what color your page background is. A QR Code is awesome, becuase it instantly makes your twitter background interactive with end users. Now people that want to know more about you can scan your QR Code and get relevant real estate information, your listings, contact info and social networking links, etc.. .

    Before QR Codes A drawback to just having an image of your self or company logo is that it was just an image, not interactive(like a QR Code), so if people click on it or tried taking a picture of it nothing happens. Since Companies like RealtyGo, now you can have a fully interactive image that initiates a call to action from the viewer, giving them all the information they could possibly need to know to interact with you in the future. And remember your in control of the information behind the QR Code, you can Add, Edit, Update, Delete and promote new ideas and real estae listings all the time by simply editing your account within RealtyGo.

    Twitter OH is an Abbreviation for OverHeard

    If you hear something funny or insightful with your ears (as opposed to reading it on Twitter) and you want to repeat it, you can prefix it with OH. Generally, this is used anonymously, not for quoting people, so you tend to read things that might be personally embarrassing to whoever actually said it.

    "This is slang, not a system function. Twitter doesn’t do anything special if you put in the OH."

    Using Twitter Through Your Company Firewall

    If your company doesn’t allow access to Twitter through their web filtering systems, check out NutshellMail. It’s a free service that sends you a periodic “highlight reel” of your Twitter, Facebook or MySpace activity via an email. You can reply to the email and update your status or reply to tweets.

    Even if your company DOES allow Twitter, it’s not a bad idea to try out NutshellMail just so when they run web reports it doesn’t look like you’ve been sitting around tweeting all day. Plus it helps you confine your Twitter use to short bursts, because you can pick exactly when you want the emails to come in. I get mine at noon (just before I break for lunch) and at 3:30pm, just after the busiest part of the day, on Twitter.

    How to delete messages from Twitter

    You can only delete your own tweets – things that you’ve posted, not things that someone else has posted. When you’re on Twitter.com, and you’re looking at one of your own tweets, you’ll see a trash can icon when you hover your mouse over the tweet, and/or select delete.

    Twitter isn’t like email where you have to worry about cleaning out your in-box. The list of Tweets you get will always keep coming, and they’re always archived on your Twitter home page. It’s like trying to drink from a firehose: you have to stop trying to drink it all in, and stop trying to “keep up”. You won’t be able to do it.

    Instead of deleting your old tweets or your read tweets, you’ll want to learn to use the tabs in Twitter’s web page, OR use a Twitter program that runs on your desktop to help you filter it all. If you’re using the web page Twitter.com to read your tweets, then check out the @Replies tab. That gives you a recap of anyone who’s started a tweet with your name, even if you’re not following them. Which reminds me….

    How to Send a Message To Someone Who Isn’t Following You

    Want to tell someone a secret, but they’re not following you? Well, uh, you can’t, because you can only direct message people if they’re following you.

    Instead, send them a reply – this works even if they haven’t sent you anything first. Just start a message with @"their-name", like @RealtyGo, and ask them to follow you so that you can send them a direct message.

    Another method is to send them a reply and say, “Please direct message me your email address so I can send you something private.” Since you’re following THEM, they can direct message you with their email address without the entire internet seeing it.

    Twitter Manners for Following and Followers

    When someone follows you, you don’t have to follow them back. Don’t feel guilty. Take a look at their Twitter page, see if what they’re saying interests you and decide whether or not to follow them back. There’s no rules on Twitter, and don’t worry if someone gets offended because you don’t follow them back – they’re probably not the kind of friend you want anyway!

    I like to think of it as newscasters: I watch the news on TV, so I’m kind of “following” the newscaster. However, the newscaster wouldn’t bother following me, because I’m not doing anything newsworthy. (At least, I hope I don’t end up on the news!) I’m not offended that the newscaster isn’t following me back, and you shouldn’t be offended if you follow someone who doesn’t turn around and follow you back. Spammers take advantage of guilty feelings.

    Spammers On Twitter

    Spammers will try to take advantage of you by following you, then hoping you follow them back. If you get a new follower, and their only tweet says something like “Get a Free Macbook Air!” or “Lose Weight Fast!” then they’re probably a spammer. They have automated systems that go out and follow thousands of people in the hope that a few will follow ‘em back just out of guilt. Don’t get suckered into it – all they’re trying to do is push advertising tweets into your Twitter stream.

    Over time, Twitter has gotten better at trying to catch these types of spammers before they get too far. There’s a limit now that you can’t follow more than 2,000 people because the spammers were just trying to follow everybody, and taking the Twitter server down. Speaking of which…

    What’s the Fail Whale?

    Twit Whale, Twitter is overloaded, RealtyGo_Trulia_blogWhen Twitter’s servers get overloaded, they show a cute picture of a bunch of birds trying to lift a whale out of the water. This is more load than the birds can handle, obviously, so they’re going to fail.

    When you see the Fail Whale, it’s time to take a break from Twitter for an hour or two. Something big is happening, and Twitter’s going to take a little while to recover from the pressure. This seems to happen during major events like earthquakes or when Twitter gets mentioned on TV.

    The Fail Whale was created by artist Yiying Lu.

    Using Twitter to Update Facebook

    If you use FaceBook, you can have Twitter automatically update your status on Facebook whenever you post a tweet. It’s free – just go to the Facebook Twitter application setup page, log in, and give it your Twitter information. Facebook will ask if you want to update your status automatically whenever you post a tweet, and you’re all set!

    If you use more social networking services like Flickr, LinkedIn, MySpace, Friendster and so on, then consider using Ping.fm to update your status. When you post a message on Ping.fm, it automatically posts that message across all of your social networking sites.

    Ping is only used for posting, not for reading, so it may not make sense at first. Here’s how I use it: when I sit down at my computer in the morning, I post a message on Ping.fm saying what I’m up to today. That way, the message goes across all my social networks. Then I go into Twitter, and I use Twitter as I normally would. When something really big happens, like if I get news that I want to share with everybody on all my networks, then I’ll go back into Ping.fm and post another message, but otherwise I only go there when I’ve got something important to say and need to spread it to all my social network links with ease.

    How to Search Twitter

    To search Twitter, go to http://search.twitter.com and type in what you’re looking for. It does more than just search, too: it stays on top of hot Twitter topics, things that a lot of people are mentioning.

    Twitter Hash Tags (#)

    Hash tags or pound signs (#) help to designate topics that people might search for – especially when they want to distinguish the word from a common phrase. In the example above, BrentO (me) tweeted about a conference in Seattle. The problem is that the name of the conference is PASS, which is a very common word. If people just searched for PASS, they’d get results about passing a test, passing a football, passing a policeman at high speed, yadda yadda yadda. That’s why we start certain terms with # tags.

    Anytime someone uses the phrase #PASS in their tweet, it will be much easier to find in search.twitter.com than if you just searched for PASS, because the word PASS will bring back all types of match topics - like football passes or people saying they’ll take a pass, etc.. .

    Advanced Tip: at search.twitter.com, you can set up an RSS feed for any given search phrase. This helps you stay on top of news when you’re interested in a specific topic. You can also find hot hash tag topics at Hashtags.org, or look up hash tag definitions at Tagref.

    "This is slang, not a system function. Twitter doesn’t do anything special if you put in a # phrase."

    #FollowFriday – A Twitter Tradition

    On Fridays, people post a tweet that includes a list of other people they think you should follow. If you like following one person, and if they list other people on #FollowFriday, then you might like following those people too. It’s like book recommendations from a friend. Here’s an example:

    #TCOT – Top Conservatives On Twitter

    Tweets that have #TCOT in them are politically conservative. The #TCOT Report is a web site styled to look like the conservative pundit Drudge Report site, but it’s driven by people who tweet with #TCOT.

    Twitter HT means Heard Through

    If you found out about something through a Twitter user, and you want to name ‘em by name, you Heard it Through them. This is different than RT, because it usually means you heard it in real life, not over Twitter.

    How to Shorten Your Links for Twitter

    Twitter posts can only be 140 characters long, and sometimes we want to post longer URLs or post URLs along with a long description. You can shorten long URLs with a service like TinyURL.com or Bit.ly. People aren’t trying to hide or obfuscate their links (usually, anyway) – they’re just trying to cram more info into 140 character "Tweet"

    Marking a Tweet as a Favorite

    When you hover your mouse over a tweet on Twitter.com, you’ll see a star icon. Click it, and the star will light up, indicating that this tweet is one of your favorites.

    Dont let your Real Estate listings be as complicated as your Twitter activities! RealtyGo takes care of all the heavy lifting, by organizing, promoting, categorizing, and offering an easy to use system for the lister of real estate and the end user requesting real estate information and more!

    If you have some interesting twitter trivia, please leave a post and share with the rest of the readers. Thank You 
    RealtyGo _ Your Real Estate Listings Best Friend!
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