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By Realtor in El Dorado Hills | Broker in El Dorado Hills, CA
  • Is a Short Sale right for you?

    Posted Under: Home Selling in El Dorado Hills, Foreclosure in El Dorado Hills, In My Neighborhood in El Dorado Hills  |  February 16, 2012 5:10 PM  |  325 views  |  No comments

    Are you stressed about your Mortgage Payments? Do you think your only option is Foreclosure? Are you considering "Walking Away". Is a Short Sale right for you? Millions of Homeowners are asking themselves this very question.

    It is projected that over 20,000,000 Homeowners will have Negative Equity in their homes by this time next year.
    In other words, they will owe more on their homes than they are worth. From many Homeowner's Prospective, why should they keep paying on a home that's depreciating in value, when they can rent the same style of home for less.
    These are difficult times that call for difficult decisions.

    I have sold many homes through the Short Sale process and understand the stress associated with this decision. That is why I am offering this Free Ebook, "Should I Short Sale My Home" to hopefully answer questions you may have and assist with the process.
    The process is long but with an experienced agent like myself, you can be on your way to a less stressful life.
    Author: Jill Berni, Realtor/Broker
    Oak Tree Real Estate Services
    Picture is at El Dorado Hills Town Center
  • Does Moving up Now Make Sense?

    Posted Under: Home Buying in El Dorado County, Home Selling in El Dorado County, Financing in El Dorado County  |  February 16, 2012 4:35 PM  |  324 views  |  2 comments

    It Might.

    Ask yourself these questions to help you decide whether you’re ready for a home that’s larger or in a more desirable location. If you answer yes to most of the questions, it’s a sign that you may be ready to move.

    1. Have you built substantial equity in your current home? Look at your annual mortgage statement or call your lender to find out. Usually, you don’t build up much equity in the first few years of your mortgage, as monthly payments are mostly interest, but if you’ve owned your home for five or more years, you may have significant, unrealized gains.

    2. Has your income or financial situation improved? If you’re making more money, you may be able to afford higher mortgage payments.

    3. Have you outgrown your neighborhood? The neighborhood you pick for your first home might not be the same neighborhood you want to settle down in for good. For example, you may have realized that you’d like to be closer to your job or live in a better school district.

    4. Are there reasons why you can’t remodel or add on? Sometimes you can create a bigger home by adding a new room or building up. If you’re simply not interested in remodeling, then moving to a bigger home may be your best option.

    5. Are you comfortable moving in the current housing market?  If your market is slow, finding a buyer may take longer, but you’ll have more selection and better pricing as you seek your new home.

    6. Are interest rates attractive? A low rate not only helps you buy a larger home, but also makes it easier to find a buyer. There are still downpayment assistance programs available to help First Time buyers buy your home.

    7. Can you afford a Higher Mortgage Payment? The fact is with housing prices and interests dropping, you may be able to have a larger home with a similar payment to what you have now.

    If you've answered Yes to the majority of these questions, your next step is to talk to a lender and find out what you can qualify for. A Realtor typically has Mortgage lenders they can refer you to. After a Pre-qualification, talk to a Realtor about what larger homes in your desired area are selling for to determine if you can make a move up now. This information is usually offered Free.

    Author: Jill Berni, Realtor/Broker

    Oak Tree Real estate Services

  • Rocklin Beauty 3998 Rawhide Rd

    Posted Under: Quality of Life in Rocklin, Home Buying in Rocklin, Home Selling in Rocklin  |  February 14, 2012 3:00 PM  |  347 views  |  No comments


    If you are, a must see is 3998  Rawhide Rd,  Rocklin, CA  95677.

    Totally refurbished,  7 bedrooms, 5.5 baths and 4 car garage.Billiard room, Home Theater, Office, and exquisitely designed Kitchen overlooking the well placed pool. Private yard area and Sport court. Everything depicts the Luxury of a million dollar home. An entertainers Delight. Not a Shortsale or REO.


    Call me for an appointment to see this wonderful home.
    Jill Berni, Broker, oak Tree Real Estate Services
    916 933 0555
  • Is VA Financing Still Viable?

    Posted Under: General Area in El Dorado Hills, Home Buying in El Dorado Hills, Property Q&A in El Dorado Hills  |  February 13, 2012 12:35 PM  |  365 views  |  No comments

    I have noticed an increase in the number of Vets contacting me for home purchase
    asking if VA Financing is still an option. Many are local and quite a few are relocating
    to our area.

    Is VA still an option.?
    The answer is yes!

    VA is an excellent benefit that all Vets should consider. VA is still a zero down
    program and interest rates are hovering around 4%. With rates and property values
    so low, many Vets find their mortgage payment could be equal to or less than the
    rent they're paying.

    I met with a couple on Saturday who wanted to use VA Financing. The lender determined
    that a purchase Price of $350,000 would give them a payment of approx. $2,000 per month
    which was exactly the amount of their current rent. This was wonderful news for them
    as there are many homes in El Dorado Hills and surrounding areas available at $350,000
    or less.

    Is there a downside? yes.

    Our market has a large inventory of Short Sales and Foreclosures. These are as-is
    purchases which means the banks will not make repairs or give you inspections.
    VA does require that the home be in fairly good condition and have a Termite/Dry rot
    clearance. The bank won't supply you with this clearance, so the cost will be yours.

    An experienced Real Estate Broker will know what VA will and won't accept as far
    as property condition. This does mean that your choices of homes
    could be reduced by using VA.

    There is the tradeoff of No Downpayment and having the full inventory of homes available.
    Only you, the buyer, can make the decision to use your VA Benefit or not.
    I advise talking  to a lender to get a comparison between VA, FHA and conventional loans
    to make an informed decision before you start to look at homes.

    its a wonder time to buyer a home!


    Posted Under: Home Buying in El Dorado County, Home Selling in El Dorado County, Foreclosure in El Dorado County  |  February 10, 2012 12:16 PM  |  372 views  |  No comments

    Do you think it may not be the right time to Buy a Home?

    Think again.

    706 Residental Properties were sold last year through the Multiple Listing Service in
    El Dorado Hills. Almost 2 per Day. This is a thriving Market and we are off to a Wonderful

    At the time of this writing, February 9, 2012, There are 238 Residenital Properties for
    Sale and 81 in escrow waiting to close just in El Dorado Hills alone. Our entire County is
    a very desirable place and offers the opportunity to own a Home in a Community where
    buyers couldn't afford in the past.

    I purchased my home in 1981 and have seen the growth of El Dorado Hills. Our growth
    hasn't been just in housing, but also Amenities. When I purchased, there was Raleys
    and the 76 Gas Station. Nothing else. Now we have wonderful Dining, Entertainment,
    shopping and Recreation opportunities. 

    Do you think it may not be the right time to sell a home?
    Think again.

    706 Buyers bought last year and 81 are already in escrow just in El Dorado Hills. Buyers
    want all types of housing and and its a great time to sell. If you're considering a Short Sale
    but aren't sure. Read Section 580e of the California Code which offers an arsenal of protections against Deficiency Judgments. I have sold many homes through this process and the Banks want to co-operate because its cheaper than Foreclosure.

    If you have questions regarding Short Sale, Click here to receive my Free 100 page Ebook,
    "Should I Short Sale my Home".

    Author, Jill Berni, Realtor
  • Enjoy your January at Folsom Lake Recreation Area

    Posted Under: Quality of Life in El Dorado Hills, Home Buying in El Dorado Hills, Home Selling in El Dorado Hills  |  January 30, 2012 2:41 PM  |  371 views  |  No comments
    I had a picnic at Folsom Lake on Sunday. Who would believe we're still having sunny days
    to enjoy our beautiful lake. We walked in at the levee entrance at Sophia Parkway and
    GreenValley Road in El Dorado Hills and found we weren't the only ones with the same idea.

    Some boaters, families, individuals with dogs, Whipperwils, Seagulls, Geese and a lone Loon populated the lake. Hikers, Cyclists, Equestrians, and nature enthusiasts alike enjoy the many trails.
    One of the popular trails leads to Brown's Ravine in  Folsom Lake State Recreation Area that is home to the Folsom Lake Yacht Club and Folsom lake Marina, also located on Green Valley Road in El Dorado Hills.

    Although only the brave would go swimming Sunday, the peacefulness of the day drew
    so many. The water level is low and provided wonderful opportunities to explore what
    may typically be hidden such as foundations of old Gold Rush buildings.  There is also the hope
    of catching a hungry fish or just laying back and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

    Whatever appeals to you, El Dorado Hills and Folsom Lake can offer Recreation and
    relaxation. Come to our area and check it out.

    courtesy of local Real Estate Broker, Jill Berni, El Dorado Hills, CA
  • “Top 50 Steps Jill Berni takes to Relentlessly Market Your Home Fast For Top Dollar”

    Posted Under: Home Selling in El Dorado County  |  June 23, 2010 12:30 PM  |  443 views  |  No comments

    “Top 50 Steps Jill Berni takes to Relentlessly Market Your Home Fast For Top Dollar”

    1.)Research tax records to verify full and complete legal information is available to prospective buyers and buyer’s agents on MLS (Multiple listing Service)  

    2.) Pre-listing inspection   to suggest constructive changes to your home to make it more appealing, to show exceptionally well and help it to yield the greatest possible price. 

    3.)    Provide you with home showing guidelines to help have the home prepared for appointments. (i.e. lighting, flowers, soft music, etc.)

    4.)   Contact neighbors within a one mile radius, who may know of a friend or family member who may be interested in your home. 

     5.)  Assess the Seller's immediate concerns. 

    6.)  Obtain information that will help the team to prepare the listing, advertising and marketing materials.  Questions will include: What type of improvements have you made to your house in the past five years?  What other features (Type of cabinets, flooring, decks, pool, fireplaces, etc.)

    7.) Prepare seller by instructing them to gather home information:

         Have a current tax bill, two sets of keys.  One set of keys will be inserted in the lockbox; the other set will be kept at the Berni Teams office, in case there is ever a problem letting Buyers in to view your Home.

    8.) Take inside/outside Pictures and Video for MLS, and Web Ads.

    9.) Using the information gathered in the initial meeting and tour of the subject property, to determine the market value of the property. 

    10.) Research competitive properties that are currently on the market.

    11.) Research competitive properties that have sold in the past six months.

    12.) Call agents, if needed, to discuss activity on the comparable properties they have listed in the area.

    13.) Enter the Seller's name and address in computer system to keep Seller informed of market changes, sales trends or anything that may affect the value and marketability of their property.

    14.)  Strategically price home to enable it to show up on more MLS Searches.

    15.) Prepare an equity analysis to show seller expenses, closing costs and net proceeds.

    16.) Provide and explain the State of California mandated (SPDS) Seller Property Disclosure Statement that seller will complete, that will be presented to the buyer of your home. .

    17.) Take full color digital photographs of the inside and outside of your home for marketing flyers, advertisements and the Internet.

    18.) Electronically submit Comprehensive listing information to the Sacramento/El Dorado/Placer, Nor Cal Multiple Listing Services, Nationwide Relocation, and all Bay Area Realtors. Ongoing exposure to our Network of over 1200 active Real Estate agents in Northern California.

    19.) Set up home Warranty, if you choose, to provide to potential buyer as a marketing tool.

    20.) Install hi-tech lockbox to allow agents to show your home conveniently. Write remarks within the MLS system specifying how you want the property to be shown.

    21.) Search the MLS System for Realtors most likely working with interested and capable buyers matching your home, then fax or email copies of your home listing information for them to review immediately.

    22.) Maximize showing potential through professional signage.

    23.) Create compelling flyer to insert in brochure box posted on sign.

    24.) Target market to determine who are the most likely buyers willing to pay the highest price possible.

    25.) Create a property brochure showing features and lifestyle benefits of your home and area for potential buyers. Add to brochure box to attract those passing by.

    26.)  Use other marketing techniques; such as offering free reports to multiply chances of buyers calling in, discussing, pre-qualifying for and touring your home.

    27.) Help Seller prepare the Homeowner’s Information Sheet which includes information on utilities and services the buyer will need to know when transferring after closing.

    28.) Obtain a financing sheet with several financing plans to educate buyers on methods to purchase your home.

    29.) Advertise home to my qualified buyers and previous clients in my database.

    30.) Create an online Internet property feature page at www.Realtor.com

    31.) Submit a crisp, clean digital montage of photos complete with personally written remarks detailing your home - available to hundreds of millions of people via my websites and linked to several other sites.

    32.) Deliver copies of advertisements and marketing material of your home to you for your review.

    33.)  Log in all home showings to keep record of marketing activity and potential purchasers.

    34.) Follow up with all the agents who have shown your home to address any  Questions or concerns.

    35.) Discuss qualifications with prospective buyers to help determine buyer motivation, ability to purchase and probability of closing on the sale.

    36.) Provide Open Houses at your request

    37.) Handle paperwork if price adjustment needed.

    38.)  Receive Offer (if coming from another agent) and review important details of contract to determine best negotiating position.

    39.) Educate & explain all aspects of the legal sales contract, all counter offers, lead based paint, Water Testing, Septic inspection, open Escrow, verify buyers prequalification, verify earnest money deposit.

    40.) Negotiate highest price and best terms for you and your situation.

    41.) Our Highly trained office staff to process & track entire closing process.

    42.)  Coordinate scheduling of appraisal and supply comparable sales if needed.

    43.)  Coordinate scheduling termite inspection.

    44.)  Coordinate scheduling of Home Inspection with other REALTOR and handle contingencies if any.

    45.)  Coordinate and review with you any buyer requested repairs and assist cooperating agent with any problems that may arise relative to the inspections.

    46.) Coordinate closing and possession to help ensure a smooth closing.

    47.)  Set up Final Walk through of your home for buyers and their agent.

    48.)  Assist in scheduling the signing of closing papers.

    49.)  Arrange transfer of home (keys, warranties, garage door openers, community pool keys, mail box keys)

    50.)   Help you relocate out of area with highly experienced agents across the globe - you are sure to have the highest quality agent to help you on both sides of your move to make it worry and stress free. 

     Plus you get a Free video like this, of your SOLD Home to take with you share with future generations:

    Is there any question why The Berni Team often sells homes for 100% of asking price ?  You can see why this, “50 Step System” is so effective

            24Hr recorded message gives details:

                         1  866 866 6662 x1234


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