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By Phong D. Lam | Agent in Philadelphia, PA

Agents & Brokers, Please BEWARE of this Real Estate SCAM!!!!!

Dear Fellow Agents/Brokers,

I would like to bring a recent scam to your attention that I have caught in hope to help create some awareness to my fellow agents in the field so that you will recognize a fishy scam when this same incident occurs to you in the future.

There is this one scam artist named "Wang Jing" who sends out a Trulia message to me stating the following: "Contact me for real estate purchase. Thank you". The email address that he used was wang_jing@w.cn. That sounded like a normal buyer just requesting to get some assistance with his/her real estate purchase. So I sent him an email to touch-base with him regarding his real estate needs.

He replied back:


Good Day My Name, 
I am Mr Wang Jing I am currently the Chief Accountant Of (Chunlan Group Corp) I am retiring soon and I will be relocating with my family for Good,
after searching the Internet for a reliable real estate agent I found your address for your firm and its rating was so high and I have decided to
choose your firm to buy my permanent home the home will be a cash buy and I will fly to your country to view the property.

I will be in your location in 3 week and will update you I need a 4/5 bedroom, home of $600,000.00- $1.5 Million
in nice neighborhood in your city, nice view, with 2 garage, minimum of 3 bath please forward me some property photos or listings in your area.

I wait your mail
Wang Jing (MR.)
Chunlan Group Corp(Chief Accountant)
Private hot line: +86-187-450-98245."

So I sent him some home listings to review and to let me know if he is interested in any of them. He replied back with the following:

"Good Day My Name,  
I am interested in this property MLS #:5742365,
List Price:$692,000
Address:29 Roscommon Dr, Newtown Square, PA 19073,
 Please forward me a purchase contract agreement in docusign is an electronic way of signing document that would be faster, I will be in your location in 2 weeks time and will update you.
1. I will want to close on 29th of October, 2010
2. I want to put down $5,000.00 Earnest money + $245,000.00 down payment towards home.
3. I want to put contingency on inspection on the contract
I would like my stock broker in canada to forward a down payment of $250,000,00 Dollars to a law firm, for the property before coming , I want the funds to be available before my arrival, the home will be a cash buy.
Please I would want you to contact a law firm to represent me in the purchase also my stock broker can send funds directly to them to keep in trust account until I arrive in your country. i will be using the law firm for my closing let me know the law firm contact info, you can also tell them to contact me. let me know the law firm retaining fees and charges so  i can include all in the payment i will be sending to them.

I wait your response
Wang Jing (MR.)
Chunlan Group Corp(Chief Accountant)
Private hot line: 0086-187-450-98245

A week or two before I got the above emails from this guy, I've read on Blogs and Forums that there were some International scams going on, but I wasn't expecting to receive one. LOL..... The last email raised the most red flags for me. So I opened up our best friend, Google, and typed in his email address to do a search and there it is! Found a bunch of SCAM links associated with this So-Call-To-Be-Slick-Wang-Jing-Who-Should-Learn-How-To-Be-Wiser-In-The-Years-To-Come.

(Sarcastically speaking) He is so smart that without looking at the house at all, he is going to drop hundreds of thousands of dollars into the home. I think what this dude needs is uncle Bruce Lee to knock some sense back into him because he obviously doesn't have any IQ at all. He sure has a lot of time on his hands to be thinking of such a stupid scamming technique. What a joke..........

Anyways, I hope this blog will give my fellow agents in the industry some heads-up so that you won't fall into this guy's trap when you're the next chosen one on his list. Good luck to all and hope all is well!

Best Regards,

Phong Lam, CSM


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By Dave Lombardo,  Tue Oct 19 2010, 20:22
P, I got the same exact email this week!!!!
By Phong D. Lam,  Mon Nov 1 2010, 17:41
I'm glad that you notified Al and then called me to get more details on it. Glad that we caught the scam before wasting more time on that jerkface! =)
By Dejaniera Little,  Wed Nov 10 2010, 20:25
I got the email about 3 weeks ago...People will try anything...LOL
By Phong D. Lam,  Wed Nov 10 2010, 20:44
Yeah, it's ashame......... LOL..... Hope you didn't waste too much time on it.

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