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Supra Lockbox Guide: De-Programming Your GE Supra Lockbox

As a REALTOR® you have probably heard of and recognized the positives of hanging a GE Supra lockbox on your listing.  Easier access to buyer’s agents, higher closing prices, and shorter periods of time on the market are just a few of the noted benefits of a GE Supra lockbox.

Yet in spite of these benefits, it seems like the process of programming, deprogramming, and transferring ownership of a Supra lockbox has not been well explained.  In fact, one of the most frequent questions we have received from our REALTOR® customers is:

“What does it mean to deprogram my Supra lockbox and how do I do that?”

When a Supra lockbox is “deprogrammed“ this means the lockbox has no owner of record, is not assigned to any association’s MLS, and can freely be transferred to any new owner.  If you own a GE Supra lockbox, the programming and deprogramming is all done at your local association.

If your Supra lockbox is currently deprogrammed, all you need to do is take it into your local association for programming.  Your association has all the tools and software necessary for this programming and deprogramming to take place.  This “programming” is the point where a shackle code (your personal 4-digit code) will be assigned to your Supra lock box.

If your Supra lockbox is deprogrammed you do not need to fill out any transfer of ownership forms.

We hope this helps clarify any of the confusion you’ve experienced with Supra lockbox, and are happy to provide America’s REALTORS® with the deepest discounts anywhere on any GE Supra lockbox.


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Supra Lockbox Guide: De-Programming Your GE Supra Lockbox

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