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By Kathy Doyle | Broker in Malibu, CA
  • What's on Expert Realtor Kathy Doyle's Desk?

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     Kathy Doyle Estates is a premiere brokerage firm, located in Malibu, California. Kathy Doyle is the founder and visionary for the company’s seamless marketing and transaction process. With over a decade of real estate experience, Kathy has unique access to local markets and clients that stretch across the globe. Kathy began in the luxury market, and continues to be a leader in Southern California luxury real estate. With a background in finance, she also has a proven track record in commercial real estate. She is dedicated to each listing, and every client: her expertise is utilized in every aspect of the real estate process: from marketing to escrow. A leader in sales at Coldwell Banker in the past, she started her own firm so that she could direct the marketing of the beautiful estates she represents: with harmonious and artistic design that stand out from the other listings on the market.

    The key to my desk is clean space. I like to keep its surfaces clear of clutter, and run most of my business electronically. I keep things of inspiring beauty in my office, so that I stay focused and on task at all times. In real estate you are always on top of several things at once, so it is important for me to keep a peaceful work environment.

    I run my business utilizing my Mac computer and iPhone. Everything is synchronized, so that I have full access to my business while on the go. While at a showing I stay up to date with my staff, and have full access to my emails, calendar, and contacts at all times.

    The homes I sell are works of art. They are the convergence of beautiful surroundings with stellar design. My hope is that I can find the space for each client that will allow them to be inspired each day, and to find the perfect match’s for the homes that I list. For me to stay in-touch with my company’s mission, I need beauty around me, to keep me inspired every day. That’s why I love this photograph of the young boy bowing to the elephant, and I also keep a round quartz sphere on my desk that was a gift from a client. It keeps me focused, happy, and busy working for my clients, because I know how much the work that I do matters in their lives.

    In order to run a paperless office, I keep my scanner operating at all times. This allows me to keep all the important documents electronically and allows me access to them from anywhere on the globe. The technology available today allows me to have access while keeping all documents confidential and protected. This is crucial for me in all my real estate dealings, and it’s how we keep Kathy Doyle Estates running smoothly.

    I like to look at homes from my area, and I have a great collection of coffee table books including Beachfront Malibu Homes and The Legendary Estates of Beverly Hills. I also love, Beach Houses from Malibu to Laguna, and The Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows: The First 100 years.

    There is nothing that inspires me quite like the beautiful Pacific Ocean. The view from my office brings tranquility at all times. It’s much easier to put in a long work day when I have such a beautiful view to keep me going.

  • Kathy Doyle Speaks about Malibu Real Estate and Beverly Hills Real Estate Markets

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    1.  If money was not a object, what is the most special property for sale in your market and Why?

    In Malibu, the peak of luxury real estate is when you can live in harmony with the stunning scenery that surrounds you: the beautiful bluffs and the pacific ocean. My preferred properties give you the opportunity to enjoy the scenery to the fullest, becoming a part of the world you live in. That’s why my favorite luxury listing on the market today is the beachfront architectural masterpiece on 32852 Pacific Coast Hwy. http://www.hauteresidence.com/estate/32852-pacific-coast-highway-malibu-ca-united-states-2/

    It’s sliding glass walls open to invite the ocean air in at the touch of a button, the stone exteriors are harmonious with the beach and surrounding hills. The giant pool, deck, and roof, make for amazing entertaining opportunities on the sea and under the stars.

    2.  What is the hottest area in your market today?

    The most coveted, and talked about area of Malibu Real Estate is Carbon Beach, or “Billionaire’s Beach”. And with Oracle CEO Larry Ellison buying another property on Carbon, the talk is unlikely to subside any time soon. The area is exclusive, the homes immaculate, and the neighbors are elite.

    But if you are looking to be a Malibu local, and desire a small community vibe I recommend buying in Malibu West. There are some great family neighborhoods such as Pointe Dume and Malibu Park, as well as lots of local small businesses. It takes no time to feel right at home in this laid-back, uber friendly community.

    3.  Do you have a iPhone, Android, or a Blackberry?

    At our office we both the iPhones and the Blackberry. The scheduling features of I-cal are great, and the Blackberry is great for writing emails on the go. They are extremely good for staying in touch with all of our clients as well as setting and completing tasks.

    4. What are your plans as a real estate agent in the next 10 years?

    We are a large presence in the luxury real estate market all over Southern California. We strive to continue selling beautiful, inspired properties all over Southern California. We also see the company adding more elite agents to the team and brand of Kathy Doyle Estates.

    5. Who or what inspired you to get into the real-estate business?

    My background in finance met my love for beautiful environments when I found real estate. I truly believe that the energy of your surroundings have such an effect on your daily life: from staying productive to being happy. It all starts at home, and I was really inspired to help people find the properties that will make them feel the most at home and allow them to move in the world at their best.

    1. When clients come to you with an idea of what they want, how do you help them refine their criteria prior to finding a match?

    For my new clients I ask a lot of questions so that I can hone in on what environment they are looking for in a home. Not only do they want a master bedroom suite, but I ask questions that gage what level of formality they want in their home, vs. comfort or family feel. By the end I will know what kind of architectural style they are suited for and which neighborhood would best fit their needs. I preview properties myself before bringing clients out to look at the homes. I also am a big fan of thinking outside the box. If I have a client that is set on Beverly Hills, but I find their dream property type on Sunset Blvd, I will show them the property. There might be something unique about the home that will surprise the buyer and excite them!

    2. What is the most important thing you look for when purchasing a home for yourself?

    Beyond looking for a bargain, the most important aspect of purchasing real estate for myself is finding the place that makes me happy and lifts my spirits. I am drawn to inspiring environments: ones that bring you close to the outdoors and beauty of the natural world. I like a home on a large lot: plenty of space to take in my surrounding. I currently have my eye out for new properties in my favorite areas.

    3. If you had to choose one piece of advice for first-time home buyers, what would it be?

    To let go of your fears and anxieties. Buying a home is not as difficult as you think it is. If you have a great real estate agent, they will patiently walk you through all the steps and make buying your own property a completely seamless process.

    4. If you were not selling real estate, where would you be today?

    If I weren’t selling real estate, I would be a developer for real estate properties. It is my favorite business in this world, and I can’t imagine not being involved in it somehow.

    5. What would you say is your most proud accomplishment as a real estate agent so far?

    My favorite accomplishment is recently listing a stunning property in the Santa Ynez Valley near Santa Barbara. The home must be seen to be believed: one of the most beautiful properties I have ever listed. The home’s interiors were decorated by the famed Michael Smith who also decorated the White House in 2008. The interiors are both welcoming, homey  and impeccable at the same time. It is one of the premiere properties in Southern California and I am proud to be listing it.

    1. What local amenities does this area have to offer (parks, community center, recreation programs)?

    Malibu has tons of opportunities to experience the outdoors: from surf lessons at zuma beach, to horseback riding and hikes in the Malibu Mountains. There are also great cultural opportunities such as the Malibu Chumash Village and annual Chumash Festival that honours the area’s indigenous heritage, the Malibu Wine Tour, and the famous Chilli Cookoff. There is great shopping at the Malibu Country Mart, and a great selection of healthy grocery available: from the long-standing PC Greens to the soon to open Erewhon Market. Because it is a community that stretches across 25 miles of coastline, there are very diverse areas of Malibu, with unique offerings to the area. There is a variety of great restaurants with even greater views, bars and lounges, and local businesses that cater to Malibuan desires to live full and healthy lives. Charity is a big part of Malibu social life, with fettes happening year round hosted at stunning local properties.

    2. Can you describe the local school system, and what type of education children get here (private, public, charter – focus on sports, the arts, etc.)?

    The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District serves Malibu with three elementary schools: John L. Webster Elementary School, Juan Cabrillo Elementary School, and Point Dume Elementary School: they are widely seen as the best public education available in the greater Los Angeles area. Private schools include: Calmont,Our Lady Of Malibu (Catholic), Colin McEwen High School, New Roads,and St. Aidan’s School. Malibu High School provides secondary public education for both middle school (grades 6–8) and high school (grades 9–12). A California Distinguished School, the highest state-wide award given, MHS consistently ranks among the country’s top public schools. Besides regular college-preparatory, honors, and Advanced Placement (AP) courses, the school is one of a handful in California that provides extensive resources for Special Education students.Pepperdine University is a nationally recognised university. Malibu is also served by Santa Monica College, a community college in the nearby city of Santa Monica to the south.

    3. What is the community culture like (i.e. private, gated, urban, diverse, etc)

    Malibu’s community culture is laid-back and centered around the outdoors and healthy living. Many homes and neighborhoods are gated: as privacy is a prized commodity in this city of the famous. In the public arena, the culture is friendly and welcoming. It is easy to mix and mingle at the local coffee shops, restaurants, salons, and saloons.

    4. What is transportation like to the area’s major surrounding cities, or within the city?

    In Malibu most people use the main artery: The Pacific Coast Highway to reach nearby Los Angeles to the south or Ojai and Santa Barbara to the north. There are also many canyon routes that connect to Woodland Hills, Agora, and become the arteries to reach the valley and hollywood. There is occasional bus service, but most get around by car.

    5. Is there a strong political presence or community leader involvement in this area?

    Malibu is quite diverse politically, and as a community usually comes together around charitable causes rather than political ones. Heal the Bay and the California Wildlife Center are popular local charities in Malibu.

    6. Are there any local traditions that bring the community together? (sports events, charity events, sales, holiday celebrations)?

    The annual Kiwanis Chili Cookoff and Fair is a huge tradition in Malibu, and all the locals come out for it. The Los Angeles Food Event, The Nautica Malibu Triathlon, The Malibu International Film Festival, the Malibu Marathon, and the Veterans Day Public Ceremony at Pepperdine University are very popular annual events. There is a weekly farmers market, and an annual fundraising party for Heal the Bay that is very widely attended. Malibu is also a very popular destination for the 4th of July and Labor Day, with many of the homes along it’s exclusive beaches throwing fetes.

    7. What is the job market like or major industries that are at the core of this area?

    The service industry is the largest employer in Malibu: catering to the fine tastes of the local residents and providing always friendly and laid-back service. There are many high achieving entertainment and business execs that live in the “Bu”, and there is one famous outcropping on Carbon beach called, “dealmakers rock” because of the legendary handshakes that have taken place there.

    8. What are some thriving small local businesses that make an impact in the community?

    Two of my favorite small businesses in Malibu are the One Gun Ranch and Sunlife Organics juice bar. One Gun Ranch is a local Malibu farm that supplies the farmers market as well as PC Greens with tons of local, organic, produce. They use the biodynamic farming principles and offer family education services. You can even stop by their produce stand on your way through town if you chose. Sunlife Organics is the amazing juice bar on Heathercliff that provides fresh, organic, nutritious and delicious juices and smoothies. A great place to meet other health-minded Malibuans.

    9. Please note any Key Listings you have in your area:

    Malibu: http://www.hauteresidence.com/estate/32852-pacific-coast-highway-malibu-ca-united-states-2/

    1. What local amenities does this area have to offer (parks, community center, recreation programs)?

    Beverly Hills is the exclusive city in the center of Los Angeles, that is famous for its real estate and its high end shopping. Most famous for Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills offers a variety of other landmarks that keep it one of the most sought after places to live in Southern California. The Beverly Hills Library features gorgeous art-deco architecture and sunlit reading rooms. The city is home to the Academy of Motion Picture Sciences (the folks that host the Oscar awards) which has a 1,000 seat theatre that offers screenings and events year round, Beverly Gardens Park, a 9-11 memorial garden, the gorgeous City Hall and Civic Center, Farmers Market, historic Greystone Estate, and the legendarily beautiful Virginia Robinson Gardens. There are also several top-notch hotels that provide great ambiance, food and service to many of the Beverly Hills Locals.

    2. Can you describe the local school system, and what type of education children get here (private, public, charter – focus on sports, the arts, etc.)?

    Beverly Hills is served by Beverly Hills Unified School District, which includes four K-8 schools (Hawthorne, El Rodeo, Beverly Vista, and Horace Mann), Moreno High School, and the Beverly Hills High School. Beverly Hills High School’s Performing Arts Department is “nationally famous for the quality of its musical and theatrical productions and for its famous alumni,” and the school claims that the department “is highly visible in the industry, with casting directors, writers and producers attending performances and visiting classes to speak with the students. KBEV-Channel 6 is a student-run television channel that began in 1974 and is the longest running high school news program in the country. Highlights, the school’s newspaper, has also won numerous awards for its reporting and writing. Beverly Hills also has several private schools. Good Shepherd School, is a part of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Other Beverly Hills private schools include Beverly Hills Preparatory School, Harkham Hillel Hebrew Academy, Emanuel Academy of Beverly Hills, and Page Private School.

    3. What is the community culture like (i.e. private, gated, urban, diverse, etc)

    Beverly Hills’ community culture is refined and elite. People drive the best cars, and have gated properties, with landscaping a key element of their homes. Private gardens create lush paradise’s for the people of Beverly Hills. The powerful mix and mingle at the local luxury hotels, and shop in the high-end retail that abounds across the city. There are many internationals who live in the Hills, and chic is one word to describe those who live here.

    4. What is transportation like to the area’s major surrounding cities, or within the city?

    Expect to see the best of the best of cars whipping around Beverly Hills. The Los Angeles bus system runs along the main arteries of Wilshire, Santa Monica, and Sunset Boulevards.

    5. Is there a strong political presence or community leader involvement in this area?

    Beverly Hills is home to high end donors of both parties, and is nearly always a stop on the fundraising campaigns of all major candidates. The city tends to come together around common charities: mostly having to do with finding solutions to major health challenges, especially considering the large presence of Cedar Sinai Hospital (a major research hospital) inside Beverly Hills.

    6. Are there any local traditions that bring the community together? (sports events, charity events, sales, holiday celebrations)?

    Beverly Hills traditions include Music in the Mansion, at the Greystone Estate. The popular farmers market, the annual Rodeo Drive Car Show, and the bi-annual Beverly Hills Art Show- Affaire in the Garden are must-attend events in the community. Ice cream Sunday events held by Rodeo retailers in September are popular, along with the many events from wine tastings to charity auctions held at the city’s various 5 star hotels and restaurants.

    7. What is the job market like or major industries that are at the core of this area?

    Beverly Hills largest employers are from its famous hotels, the Hilton, the Wilshire, and the Penninsula. Many of the top Agencies also make their home in Beverly Hills, as well as several high profile financial firms. High end retail is huge, and many deals are made over lunch or drinks at any of the 5-star hotels in town.

    8. What are some thriving small local businesses that make an impact in the community?

    The American Tea Room is a fantastic place to enjoy an afternoon cup of tea with good friends or business partners. They also have an incredible selection of loose-leaf tea to buy and take home. My other Beverly Hills Favorite is the M Cafe. They offer wonderful vegan and organic food, sushi, gluten free pastries, and cold pressed juices. It’s a fabulous place to get a healthy lunch.

    9. Please note any Key Listings you have in your area:

    Brentwood/Beverly Hills:


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