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By Jennifer Wehner | Agent in Scottsdale, AZ

Top 10 Careless Home-Showing Wrongdoings

Jen Wehner’s “How To Present Your Home to Sell” Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to presenting a home to purchasers, some sellers are perplexed. Here's how to arrange your home and not construct a showing faux pas that may be a deal-breaker.
A leading choice real estate agent like Jen Wehner is exceptional when it comes to assisting you sell your home. She will asssit you through all avenues.

You do not want your potential buyers left with a cheap impression! If you do not want your buyer to run away here are simple tips to avoid calamity when a buyer is observing your home. Jennifer is your ultimate partner to walk you through all the steps to invite your buyers into your home.

You do not want to be obstructive and disturbing to the showing agent by having a enormous mistake like full liter boxes, filthy ovens or toilets.

A trusted and knowledgeable realtor like Jen Wehner will support you in being excited for cleanliness and presentation expectations for showing appointments professionally. A dedicated agent like Jen may even arrive early to a listing appointment to double-check that everything is in show-ready shape.

Here are the 10 most |commonplace|common|frequent responses from buyer's agents when asked about the worst mistakes they see when presenting for-sale homes to clients:

1. "Stalker Seller Syndrome"

One of the top crimes cited by buyer's agents was home owners still idle around when agents appeared with clients to see the house.blundering encounters. A massive put off could be the buyers finding sellers taking a shower, asleep in the bed, to even the "stalker sellers" who liked to chase buyers and the agent all over the home to see what they thought.

2. Pets

Many agents also cited the not-so-friendly dog and kitty occurances as a top offense. Even pets left in a crate can pose a distraction since they might make a racket the entire time others are in the house. Plus, if they seem mean, the buyer might not even step in the room.

3. Smells

A offensive odor can really turn buyers off. Common offenses include cooking smells remain around the home, such as garlic, fried bacon, or fish. Also on the list was cigarette smoke and animal smells.

Sellers get resistant to the smell that their pets have deposited on their property. Usually anyone opening the door will smell it immediately -- even if there are (candles|air fresheners|deordorizors trying to cover up the smell. If you have a pet, there will be an odor. A suggestion? Fresh Paint and clean the carpeting and curtains. Take the odor intently and do what is needed, even if it means replacing the carpet."

4. Wild Kingdom

Wild animals and pests gallivanting around is a undoubtly a way to send buyers running.

5. Odd home makeovers

Do-it-yourself disasters were also frequent, like doors opening the wrong way or messy paint jobs. Also, rooms not being used for their intended purposes can confuse buyers, such as an office being used as a bedroom with no closet, Odd home makeovers leave the buyer distracted.

6. Playing Dirty

There are a number of offenses when it came to cleanliness: Dirty laundry piles, unflushed toilets, unkept dishes on the counter or in the sink, unmade beds, clothes scattered everywhere,soiled carpets, dirty air conditioner filters, and overflowing trash cans.

7. T. M. I.

Sellers should be careful not to leave in plain sight important documents that may pique buyers' curiosity. Some agents say they've seen personal information like bank and credit card invoices -even lender payoff notices-left in the open. Do not leave personal information left in plain sight.

8.Left In the Dark

Dark or dimly lit houses aren't showing the home in the best light, literally. Make sure rooms are well lit; curtains are letting sunlight in, lights turned on, doors left open, stairs and hallways illuminated. Don't leave your potential buyer in the dark.

9. M. I. A.

Keys missing from lockboxes. All too often, agents arrive at a listing appointment with their client only to find there's no key to get in. A discerning Agent like Jennifer will make sure this does not happen.

10. Your Name in Lights

Well, the home splattered all over with pictures of yourself and family. Distracting photos take the comfort and interest away from the buyer. Watch the photos displayed on the walls too, One agent remembers showing a family a home that had life-sized, nude photos hanging.. The clients were embarrassed and raced for the door covering their eyes.

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By Jennie Miller PLLC,  Thu Dec 6 2012, 08:48
These are great tips for home sellers.
By Torang | AATRealty,  Wed Jan 2 2013, 09:10
Great Info and thanks for sharing.

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