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By Jeff Discher | Agent in San Diego, CA

Secrets of home staging to get TOP DOLLAR!!

Like most of us, you probably want to get the most for your home! Who doesn't? If there were simple steps you could take in your home to add a few more bucks to your bottom line, wouldn't you?

In my 10 years of real estate experience and after listening to both sellers and buyers, I have came up with some of the easiest and best ways to self stage your home to impress buyers and get the most for your home.

Herea re a few secrets:

1. Keep it clean. Sounds easy but when your in the middle of moving or just haven't done that spring cleaning, it becomes a big deal. Keep it clean from top to bottom. Keep all the windows clean and ledges dusted, clean carpets and get rid of all smells. And PLEASE make sure your bathrooms are clean enough to eat off the floor.

2. Remove clutter. One of the comments I hear the most from buyers is how much "stuff" sellers have. It's a distraction away from the better qualities yoru home may have. Take down all personal items including family pictures and trinkets. Buyers want to picture themselves living in the home, not living in someone elses. You don't have to throw your things away, just hide them for now.

3. Nuetral colors. Your favorite colors may not be someone elses favorite colors. Paint is reletively cheap when it comes to selling a home so if you can, try to paint the walla a nuetral warm color. Allow the potential buyer to imagine their own colors on the walls. Plat it safe and it will pay off!

4. Neccessary repairs. Try to make any repairs that may be seen through a walk through or come up in an inspection during escrow. Most repairs can be done quickly and fairly inexspensively. You don't want to enter escrow and have the buyer realize the house has not been taken care of and cancel. At a minimum they will pick away at the offered price and ask for reductions and credits for repairs. It's typically cheaper for you to do them yourself or hire a handyman.

5. Boutique style bedrooms. Make the bedrooms feel comfortable and fresh. Make sure your bedding is new or always clean. Keep windows open and make sure all your shoes and clothes are put away. Google best hotel suites for ideas.

6. Minimal furniture. Again, try to keep furniture to a minimum. Larger pieces make a room feel small and pieces too small make a room appear cluttered. Think simple!

7. Awesome lighting. Make sure all light bulbs are in working condition and lights for that matter. If you will be home during the showing or right before, turn on every light in the house. Even if it's day light.  Good lighting cannot be spared!

So there you have it! Sounds simple, but most people ignore these quick fixes that could potentially net them thousands of dollars. Make sure you go throught his check list prior to listing your home for sale.

If you are considerng selling your home, please contact me for a free consultaion. I would be more than happy to help you get TOP DOLLAR! Jeff Discher, Realtor, 619-887-2800

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